Milagros Ccorimanya is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She grew up in Peru, and moving to Canada at the age of 14 allowed her to experience what it is like to begin a new school, learn a new language, and establish herself within a new culture and country. Milagros prioritizes inclusivity and acceptance for all her students and consistently reminds them that their unique self is a gift to the world. She is a mom of two boys, and it was during her first pregnancy that Milagros discovered her passion for teaching and working with children. She then decided to pursue her passion and began her journey as a teacher. Milagros has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has recently completed the Bachelor of Education program at York University. Milagros has worked in a kindergarten classroom as an Early Childhood Educator for the past five years, and she has also completed two practicums at Christ the King Catholic School and St. James Catholic Global Learning IB School. In addition, she has done a tutoring program early in May for the Dufferin Peel District School Board. During these experiences, Milagros has learned to create a safe and consistent environment for students to learn (both in-person and online), and she always strives to make learning fun. She always reflects and considers what is best for the students. Milagros intuitively attends to each student’s needs and demonstrates the perfect balance of consistency and flexibility. Milagros believes that by building a strong relationship with her students, she is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning. As a mentor, Milagros continues to develop strategies for working with children. She finds these experiences enjoyable and extremely rewarding.