Stephanie has a B.A. in History, and minor in English from Simon Fraser University. She is also a qualified EAL instructor. Her specialty has been supporting middle and high school students in Humanities and English composition. She has also worked with students internationally on English acquisition.

Meghan E.

Meghan received her Bachelor of Education degree from York University in 2018, and she now specializes in teaching students in the Primary-Junior grades. Meghan continues to look for new opportunities to grow as an educator by taking additional courses in Math, Writing, Special Education and staying up to date with new teaching practices and resources. She has also taught remedial reading programs and SSAT preparation courses. Meghan’s philosophy of education has evolved alongside the growth of our education system. She believes in the importance of student voice and creating learning environments where students feel safe and reflected in their learning. Outside of school Meghan enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys traveling, reading, sports and assisting in community outreach. Whether it is as a teacher, coach, or mentor, Meghan has encompassed the role of an educator in many different settings and has enjoyed every moment. Her knowledge and training have allowed her to become an exceptional educator and valued member in her community.


Amanda is currently doing her Masters in Environmental Studies at York University. Her research looks at integrating more environmental education into mainstream schooling. She believes that this will allow students to learn nature-based coping strategies and for students to be able to practice mindfulness in the classroom.

She has a passion for teaching math and understands that it can be a struggle for some students. She tries to make the lessons as engaging and relatable as possible so students are able to make personal connections with the material. Amanda’s passion for teaching grew as she became more familiar with environmental education and the importance of building a positive relationship with nature. Her ultimate goal is to create a learning environment where her students feel like it’s okay to make mistakes and ask questions.


Rupesh has 10 years of experience in tutoring. He has assisted students from various curriculums all across the globe. His extensive knowledge of the subject matter and distinctive teaching style makes him stand out from others. He is passionate about teaching, and his hard work & dedication always result in his students’ success.
He follows the technique called “ALBERRT” to teach his students.
A = AMICABLE. (It indicates that he deals with the students in a friendly manner, allowing him to build a friendly relationship with the students and better understand their needs.)
L= LAYMAN’S (He believes that explaining things in layman’s terms makes them easier to understand.)
B= BASICS (Focusing on the fundamentals and strengthening them helps students tackle advanced and difficult-level problems.)
R= REPETITION (He usually happens to repeat the concepts in different ways until he makes sure that the student has fully understood them.)
R= RATIFICATION ( It means he always asks for confirmation whether the student has understood the concepts properly or not then only he moves ahead.)
T= TEST ( He always conducts tests, including surprise tests.) So that he can determine whether the student is progressing in his studies. It also aids in revision.)


Angelina studied mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Due to her strong performance there, she was hired by the math department to help tutor and mentor students in Calculus II. Through this opportunity, she fell in love with tutoring specifically and being able to help students 1 on 1. From there, she began tutoring independently with even more success. Angelina has helped students get into U of T, Waterloo, UBC, and more. Students, with her help, have moved up whole letter grades and improved significantly on standardized testing. Aside from tutoring, Angelina is also working on research and plans to obtain a master’s degree in educational psychology or cognitive science.

Angelina grew up moving around between different countries and experiencing different school systems. For high school, she attended an international school in Thailand where she obtained an IB Diploma. She always loved math and science but one of the best parts of high school and university was always being able to share that with others. Now, working as a tutor, it is incredible to not only continue sharing that but to see the students’ she always believed in achieving their goals.


 Rupesh has a master’s degree in business analytics and he completed his undergrad in electronics and communication engineering. He has been guiding students in mathematics , physics, and chemistry (IB, IGCSE, AP, SAT, and other curricula) for the last 10 years. He has expertise in tutoring the IB curriculum and has guided hundreds of students across the globe.

Harry S.

 Harry has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto and has nearly completed a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Toronto.Harry has been tutoring students ages 10 and up for 8 years. In that time, he has taught everything from grade-school math all the way up to 3rd year university physics, chemistry, math, and statistics.

In addition to his 8 years of experience as a one-on-one tutor, Harry has 5 years of experience tutoring students online, and 2 years of experience teaching classes of 30 students.

Harry’s teaching style uses a student’s understanding of the concrete world around them as a springboard for learning math. He starts by giving his student a concrete problem to solve. Once they’ve solved it correctly, he changes the problem slightly and asks them to solve it again. He then challenges his student to find similarities between the two solutions and generalize any patterns they see. Then he and his student discuss how these abstract patterns relate back to concepts his student might be learning in class.

This technique has proven an essential arsenal in Harry’s tool kit for teaching math, especially to younger kids, and Harry hopes to continue to hone it as he exposes more and more students to it.


Joey-Lynn (Joey) recently relocated from Vernon, BC where she was teaching Mathematics at Okanagan College. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics (Western University); Masters in Education (University of Western Australia); and TESL Certificate (Teaching English as a Second Language). She has over 18 years teaching experience including 12 years living and teaching students in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan). She loved living and working internationally and she feels this experience helped cultivate a unique style to her teaching methodology.

In her free time, she enjoys endurance sports, CrossFit, yoga, skiing, travelling and reading. Joey and her husband are excited to make Calgary their new home. Joey cannot wait to help inspire students to have fun learning; discover their passions; and achieve their academic goals.


Daniel is a certified member of the Ontario College of Teachers, with qualifications for Primary, Junior and Intermediate levels. After completing his Bachelor of Health in Psychology at York University, he proceeded to get his Masters of Science in Education from Medaille College. He then went on to receive a Human Resources Management Certificate from Seneca and an AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Elementary 6-12 Diploma from the Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia.
Daniel has been teaching for over ten years and has experience with a wide variety of age groups in both public and private schools throughout Toronto and the GTA. He has also taught SAT, SSAT and ACT prep courses. He strives to inject his love of science and the written word into every lesson he teaches. He believes that being able to build a rapport with students, and create a safe and positive learning environment, facilitates success for all students on their way to becoming life-long learners. Daniel is an avid reader, a lover of all animals and an amateur photographer.

Meet (Krishna) B.

Krishna has a strong command on teaching students using the socratic method and has received overwhelmingly positive results in his career. Krishna has been the head of the Science and Math department at a private school. Krishna aims to provide an in-depth education for students that stimulate understanding of the material on a foundational level. Krishna combines his teaching with various models and art-based learning experiences which stimulates a deeper understanding.

He is a creative and innovative thinker with experience teaching students from different ethnic and educational backgrounds. He has the ability to accommodate children with different learning styles

Krishna’s educational background includes a Honours Bachelor of Science where he specialized in Human Biology.