Lester has taught mathematics for the past eight years in both public high schools and middle schools.  He currently teaches Accelerated Math at Ponus Ridge Middle School. He has taught or tutored all levels of math from Elementary (Singapore Math) through Calculus. Lester attended Carnegie-Mellon University where he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Duke University.  In addition to teaching math, Lester tutors elementary, middle school, and high school math as well as many of the standardized tests including the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and the ISEE.  Additionally, Lester has created enrichment programs for elementary and middle school students.  He believes in building relationships and empowering students with give and take instruction and discourse with the end goal of building self-reliance and confidence.  


An educator for eight years in Canada, the US, China, and the UAE, Ammarah has taught STEM subjects and standardized test preps. The international experience she has gained over the years has made her adept at developing and delivering plans that reach students with unique learning styles. Ammarah is a passionate teacher with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and truly enjoys the STEM subject area.


Sarah has over 20 years teaching experience with high school students in a variety of subjects, including mathematics, physics and science.


Nick is a Grade 5/6 teacher at a private school downtown Toronto and has 4 years of teaching experience. Nick has a Bachelor’s in Education from Queen’s University, specializing in Primary Junior. Nick has an undergrad degree from the University of Ottawa with a Major in Geography and a Minor in Sociology.


Amber is an Ontario certified Primary, Junior, and Intermediate Teacher. She grew up in Vancouver and Toronto and earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto. As well, she obtained a Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa with great distinction, and she is currently pursuing a Master’s of Education in Studies in Teaching and Learning. Amber grew up with a deep love of teaching, language, and culture, and took the opportunity to continue teaching as her career. She has taught students from K-12 for the past 7 years and has diverse experience in teaching ESL students, students with multiple exceptionalities, and as well as various subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Science, Geography, and Visual Arts. She has also tutored standardized exams such as SSAT, IELTS, and College Admission Assessments and taught English in South Korea. As a professional mentor, she continues to develop instructional strategies for working with children and accommodating their needs. Amber also enjoys learning about each of her students’ interests and strengths to help students learn effectively.


Nick Patel is a math and science teacher. Nick began on his teaching path in the winter of 2002 when he began working with the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education at New York University.  He earned his BA and MS degrees from New York University with a concentration in biology, chemistry, economics, and general science, and obtained his teaching credentials in science education from Fordham University and City College of New York.  In Nick’s words, “To me, teaching fulfills a higher purpose.  Knowing that the future leaders of this world will face many coming challenges, teenagers and young adults must immediately be guided in such a way that will prepare them for the coming challenges that humanity faces.”  Nick has been actively involved in the education sector for almost fifteen years, teaching in private and public schools, and providing services to educational institutions in the greater New York City area.


Prior to pursuing her career in teaching, Stella graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Kinesiology. Throughout her undergraduate degree, she worked and volunteered in a variety of classrooms and youth groups, which contributed to her passion for teaching children and her love for learning. During her Bachelor of Education at York University, Stella had the opportunity to work with students with various academic and behavioural challenges. She later completed her Master of Education at York University, where she took specialized courses in math, literacy, and special education.

Stella teaching career with the YRDSB has allowed her to gain important insight on creating engaging and academically challenging lessons for students. This experience has contributed to her flexibility and attentiveness to her students’ individual needs. Stella’s background in kinesiology has also helped her to maintain a passion for teaching math and sciences up to the grade 9 level. 

Stella also has a strong interest in both personal and professional development. She regularly attends workshops that facilitate her understanding of crucial educational values such as self-advocacy, inclusivity, organization, and mentoring. Stella attends annual literacy conferences to ensure her approaches are current and feed the needs of her students. 

Stella’s passion for creativity, commitment to growth, and investment in inclusive education is what she feels allows for an exceptional learning experience for students. She looks forward to collaborating with you and your child in the pursuit of lasting academic success!

When she’s not teaching, Stella loves cooking, baking, staying active, and watching all the box-office hits.


Katherine is an Ontario Certified Teacher at the Intermediate/ Senior level. She graduated from Western University with a Bachelor of Science with Hounours Specialization in Genetics, before starting her journey towards her Master of Teaching at the University of Toronto OISE. Katherine is qualified to teach all science and mathematics subjects at the intermediate level as well as senior biology. She has experience working with the public and private schools in Toronto, working with grade levels 7 – 12. In addition to teaching, she remains active in the community by coaching the Eco Team at schools and teaching swim and aquatic fitness classes. The best part about teaching for her is to see the “aha moments” from students and share the real-life applications in math and science!


Katherine is an educator who strives to get her students excited about math and science, particularly through the use of games and puzzles. She has a background in biological research focusing on women’s and infant’s health, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and a Master of Science in Reproductive Physiology, both from the University of Toronto. Katherine began teaching during her graduate studies and hasn’t stopped since!

Upon completing her degree, Katherine focused on teaching full-time, becoming specialized in the instruction of elementary and secondary students possessing some type of learning difference or exceptionality. Katherine employs highly interactive, kinaesthetic, and creative teaching methods to engage all learners, and has successfully prepared over 30 students for standardized tests, including the SSAT, SAT, and ACT.

More recently, Katherine’s enthusiasm for creative problem-solving and love for all things STEM inspired her to learn computer programming and take on a new career in software development.


Karl is a practiced educator with quite a variety of experiences in teaching, tutoring and education in general. Growing up in Newcastle/Bowmanville, Ontario, Karl’s first teaching experience was teaching martial arts to students of all ages, skill levels and ranks. It was there that he first learned the truth to the idea that everyone has a unique style of learning.

Later attending York University for a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Karl had the opportunity to become a PASS (Peer Assisted Study Session) Leader, a program where the leader would facilitate a study group for students in the leader’s assigned course. The PASS Leader would perform as a model student, attending classes and taking notes, even though they had previously taken the course and earned a high grade. Facilitation of this study group did not involve tutoring or re-lecturing any material, but instead was to provide the students with study and learning tools to carry forward into their studies in later courses while also providing insights to the relevant course material. It was here that Karl learned the value of facilitation in all forms of education to allow students to develop the skills for independent study.

After graduating from York, Karl went on to the University of Guelph to complete his Master’s of Science in Physics. Part of the responsibility of being a graduate student is working as a Teaching Assistant, which was an awesome experience. Karl taught tutorials, and even some lectures in classes such as Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Physics and Solid State Physics. In this position, Karl further practiced facilitation to once more give the students the confidence in themselves and each other rather than relying on the teacher for answers!

Since graduating from Guelph, Karl went on to numerous other teaching and tutoring positions outside of post-secondary academics. Karl had a contract position with TAIE international institute to teach grade 12 Advanced Functions to 50 ESL students, split between two classes. There, he learned how to properly structure a full high school course, including assignments, tests and other evaluations. Karl is also a trained SSAT coach, and he enjoys guiding students through the test-taking process. His most recent experience has been as an educator at Reptilia Zoo, where he ran birthday parties and tours for people of all ages to teach them about reptiles and their conservation. In his spare time, Karl spends lots of time with friends and family. He also enjoys running role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, where he gets lots of practice with improv and creative writing!

With plenty of private tutoring experience in addition to these experiences, I am confident and excited to help anyone I can succeed in their studies. With lots of practical experience in the field of physics as well, I hope that I might inspire some of you to pursue science like I did!