Arina graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Arts in Economics. During her studies, she was given an opportunity to teach undergraduate-level macroeconomics and econometrics. However, it was much earlier that Arina discovered her love for showing people the beauty of quantitative sciences. Before moving to Toronto, Arina used to teach Calculus, Linear Algebra and Statistics at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Working in tandem with world-class professors, Arina helped her students gain a profound understanding of such rigorous courses and achieve astonishing results.
Nowadays, Arina enjoys leading a data science Bootcamp, helping young professionals to dive into the field of IT. However, not only does Arina have experience working with adults, but she also tutored math following the Ontario Curriculum and computer programming. Regardless of age, skills and situation, Arina always tries to find a personalized approach to a student and designs materials with respect to their needs and interests, as she truly believes that pure curiosity and enthusiasm together with confidence and understanding of the subject are central to reaching full potential.
In her spare time, Arina enjoys learning languages – apart from English, she also speaks Russian, Norwegian and Spanish. She also competes for the UofT Nordic Ski team and occasionally teaches ski technique to young athletes.


Kristina recently obtained her Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction from the University of Calgary. She is
goal-driven, ambitious and eager to learn and share her knowledge and academic experience with students. She has over two years of teaching assistant experience in Managerial Accounting and MBA Business Technology courses at the University of Calgary. She has extensive tutoring experience working with junior high and high school students primarily in math. Kristina loves supporting students work towards their goals to reach academic success to their highest potential.


Sarah has over 20 years teaching experience with high school students in a variety of subjects, including mathematics, physics and science.


Shabnam is a theoretical physicist with a PhD from Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy. She has worked as a researcher in different universities and countries. Before moving to Toronto, she lived in Singapore for more than six years and worked as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Quantum Technologies. She has taught undergrad students at universities such as Bilkent University, National University of Singapore and Yale-NUS college. In early 2019 she transitioned from academia to entrepreneurship. Currently she is a Co-Founder and Director of a start-up in Toronto.

In addition to her teaching experience at university level, she was a Math and Physics tutor right after finishing her high school until she became a PhD student. She has her way of simplifying scientific subjects for students to help them learn gradually and develop their logical thinking and problem solving abilities. Even in her entrepreneurial role she enjoys working with the interns a lot.

Shabnam has travelled to several countries and has friends from many different nationalities. Canada is the fifth country that she lives in. In her free time she enjoys cooking, exercising and dancing. When music plays she cannot stand still.


Aaron grew up in Toronto, going on to complete an Undergraduate Degree majoring in Life Science with a minor in Mathematics at Queen’s University. He is currently finalizing his MSc at Queen’s University as well, where he was afforded the stellar opportunity to conduct his research floating in zero-gravity in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency. Having recently completed a graduate research fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Aaron is currently a PhD student in bioengineering at the University of Toronto, trying to program human cells to act like microscopic computers. 
Aaron has a wealth of experience in teaching science at the undergraduate level, and looks forward to engaging his high-school students, getting them excited about all of his favourite subjects! Having taken all science and math courses in high school in addition to leading a successful undergraduate career, Aaron knows how challenging it can be for students to juggle many subjects. As such, he looks forward to not only teaching, but to sharing his strategies for staying organized, working independently and thinking critically.
In his spare time, Aaron loves downhill skiing, making fresh sourdough, and cooking spicy food. If it’s summertime, you can also find him in the garden tending to his peppers which he uses to make his world-famous hot sauce! Although the Ontario curriculum unfortunately doesn’t cover that, he is glad to give some advice! Altogether, Aaron is looking forward to building a rapport with his students and mentoring them in a positive learning environment, helping them to achieve their academic goals.


Arvin is an Ontario Certified Teacher.  She completed her B.Ed and B.A.H in Computing and Film at Queen’s University. During her education and work experience, Arvin developed strategies to teach students of various ages and settings. While specializing in teaching primary junior students and artists in community education, Arvin has practiced tutoring for years, worked in overseas camps, and has worked as a teaching assistant in university. She speaks Mandarin and English, and also has exchange experience in Japan. Coding, photography, film-making, and practicing various forms of art and music are some of her favourite activities. She has been practicing to incorporate these passions into her teaching. She believes that students benefit from character development through cross-curriculum education, and continues to support her students learning in their personalized ways.


Nick is a Grade 5/6 teacher at a private school downtown Toronto and has 4 years of teaching experience. Nick has a Bachelor’s in Education from Queen’s University, specializing in Primary Junior. Nick has an undergrad degree from the University of Ottawa with a Major in Geography and a Minor in Sociology.


Aparna has a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University and is an experienced professional around three (3) years in Business Analysis, Teaching Assistant and Customer Services; with about two (2) years of volunteering work as an Airframe Designer. She has knowledge of Canadian employment legislation, including the Employment Standards Act, WSIB, Human Rights Code and OHSA. Alongside she provided technical guidance support with very limited on the job training to over fifty (50) complaints daily with 95% resolution accuracy in a fast-paced environment along with multitasking, competence and courteousness. Aparna has a consistent track record of achievements and is a collaborative team player skilled at working with professionals to develop a cohesive and successful implementation of product release. She also trained ten (40) analysts and everyday mentoring sessions along with two (2) weekly meeting sessions; took business requirements, current and future state process designs and translated them into process flows. Within a span of 9 months, she was promoted as a Production Lead to lead a team of thirty (30). In addition to the education, she is a Microsoft Office Specialist for Office Excel; she has an exceptional understanding of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook); also highly skilled in using Internet browsers (Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and other tools.


She is a quick learner and has shown the ability to digest large volumes of information. Aparna has demonstrated the capability of articulating information and ideas in both the verbal and written forms. She works in a very well-organized way and has many other aptitudes and competencies as well. I am sure that she will establish productive relationships with your child. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. She always has positive energy and motivates others and places herself as a model. She is meticulous with keen attention to detail. She always tries to give the best and achieve success in everything she does and also for those who work with her. She is reliable and very professional. She works in an organized way and has very good time management skills as well.


Holly is a teaching candidate from the University of Toronto working towards her Masters of Teaching while studying mathematics. Holly was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario but attended high school on the west coast for a couple of years. Holly originally discovered her passion for teaching back when she was a grade six student and was inspired by her homeroom teacher who showed her not only that she could do math, but that math was awesome. Since then, Holly has found a deep passion for mathematics and teaching. She hopes to inspire kids the same way her homeroom teacher inspired her. Since then, Holly has oriented her life to gain experience working with kids; this has included working as a snowboard and ski instructor, gymnastics and trampoline coach and a camp counsellor. Holly loves the arts; she loves to sing, act and do photography. She also has done both rowing and swimming competitively. Holly loves to volunteer, especially when it involves baking or animals; her favourite animal is a dog! Holly just got a new puppy who is a rescue from Manitoba; her name is Gracie. Holly not only focuses on ensuring the academics concepts are understood but works to help kids build confidence in their academic abilities. Holly sustained high averages throughout all of her academic career across all subjects and has consistently been on the honour roll. She is also received several awards for academics and effort, including the University of Toronto Book Award. Over the years, Holly has supported many children of different ages to improve their reading, writing, vocabulary, geography, science and math skills. Holly believes that by building a strong relationship with her students, she can better meet their needs and grow their learning. Holly also recognizes the importance of seeing every child as unique and supporting each student emotionally and academically to help them become their best possible self. Her main goal is to create an environment that fosters positive mindsets and support, where learning is fun, exciting and enjoyable. Holly hopes to make this goal a reality with every child she meets.


My greatest passion in life is teaching and I believe the art of teaching is an art of assisting discovery. I was born and raised in India, and experienced great success at school and at university due to amazing and unforgettable teachers. I was awarded a Ph. D. in Statistics in June 2019. This is the foundation of my commitment to helping out my students, whatever their abilities may be. I have been tutoring and teaching for more than 5 years in various settings – tutoring small and large groups, teaching in universities, and doing private individual tutoring in home settings. I am a structured academic demonstrating proven success in fostering student learning outcomes through creative delivery methods.