Alex K.

Alex works with advanced-level students, teaching various topics in mathematics.

Presently she is completing a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics specializing in quantum information at the University of Waterloo. As well she holds an Hon.BSc (Mathematics Specialist) from the University of Toronto.

In her capacity as a graduate teaching assistant, she lectures, runs tutorials and office hours for undergraduate mathematics courses at the University of Waterloo. For those students planning to pursue a STEM education, she can provide academic and career guidance.

In her spare time, she works on experimental physics research projects at the Institute for Quantum Computing developing quantum sensing technologies.

Akshata P.

Akshata is a passionate tutor and a dedicated learner of the above academic disciplines. Akshata is presently a university student in pursuit of an engineering degree at the University of British Columbia. Akshata has taught English, Math, General Sciences, and other subjects to students from first to university level for the last 2 years. Furthermore, she helps student find their academic goals through rigorous practice and skill-enhancing word problems. Akshata has worked for a non-profit organization in India called HelpAge India in the field of helping disadvantaged senior citizens with their involvement in the community through working with neighboring schools and the growth of digital awareness and education for senior citizens that would love to be closer to their friends and family.
Akshata would want to teach students that making small mistakes in solving word problems is a big component of the learning process and teach them that there is better development from students making the problems themselves and pushing them to the limits to find the best opportunity for them to not only learn from their mistake however possibly teach others in perseverance and find the right solution.
Akshata was a competitive swimmer in upper-year high school. Nowadays, she loves to swim, play badminton, table tennis, and other sports in her free time, hone her skills through new endeavors, and approach new environments. “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” is what she stands by.

Harry S.

 Harry has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto and has nearly completed a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Toronto.Harry has been tutoring students ages 10 and up for 8 years. In that time, he has taught everything from grade-school math all the way up to 3rd year university physics, chemistry, math, and statistics.

In addition to his 8 years of experience as a one-on-one tutor, Harry has 5 years of experience tutoring students online, and 2 years of experience teaching classes of 30 students.

Harry’s teaching style uses a student’s understanding of the concrete world around them as a springboard for learning math. He starts by giving his student a concrete problem to solve. Once they’ve solved it correctly, he changes the problem slightly and asks them to solve it again. He then challenges his student to find similarities between the two solutions and generalize any patterns they see. Then he and his student discuss how these abstract patterns relate back to concepts his student might be learning in class.

This technique has proven an essential arsenal in Harry’s tool kit for teaching math, especially to younger kids, and Harry hopes to continue to hone it as he exposes more and more students to it.


Hello! My name is Justin and I am an aspiring teacher currently studying at the University of Winnipeg. I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Math, with a minor in Physics. I enjoy both subjects greatly. I love teaching, learning, and building connections with students. I have experience working with students grades 5-8, but enjoy helping students in middle school and high school. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and tinkering with computers.

I look forward to meeting you!


Hello! I am Jordan (he/him), or Mr. Lasuik if you prefer. I received both my Bachelor and Master’s of Science at the University of Manitoba. My main areas of study were Physics, Math, and Philosophy. I am currently getting my Bachelor of Education to become a teacher, though I already have years of teaching and tutoring experience that I gained while working for the UofM. I specialize in middle and high school education, as well as university level classes.

I like to think that above all I am a friendly person who is easy to get along with. This has always been an asset to me in helping my students learn. I believe that students need to want to learn if they are going to succeed in doing so. Having someone who can make the learning process as stress free as possible is very important. I always tailor my tutoring so that my students are pushing themselves without wearing themselves out.

I keep up on current research in the field of education so I am always learning new and better methods of teaching. I want to make sure my students are getting the very best education that they can. I find that tutoring is quite different from teaching in that you get the chance to adapt your teaching style quite precisely in order to fit the unique needs of your student, and that is what I find so amazing about it. Every student can do well when they are given the opportunity to do so!


Zaid is a knowledgeable tutor with years of experience who values developing a caring and professional relationship with clients. Zaid has a background in Aerospace Mechanical Engineering and Engineering work experience along with experience teaching Senior years Math and Physics classes.

Felicia C.

 Felicia is a Naturopathic Medical Graduate. She completed her doctorate degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, after completing an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at Brock University. She grew up in the Niagara Region and moved to Toronto to pursue her passion for natural health and wellness. Throughout her education, she was dedicated to not only her own studies, but to helping others in their educational journey as well. She spent time tutoring students in math and science classes, being a teaching assistant for various courses and running a science camp with her community. She was a mentor in many different roles and enjoyed working with students to aid in a better understanding of content, sharing her experiences and helping them develop better study habits for future success. These opportunities fulfilled her love for sharing knowledge with others and allowed her to exercise her teaching skills. She prides herself on being organized, dedicated and approachable, allowing her to build a strong, growing relationship with students, which is the foundation and one of the most important aspects to her personally. In her free time, Felicia is learning to speak Spanish and enjoys reading books, crocheting and exploring nature. She is also a fully self-taught musician, able to play piano and guitar to accompany her vocals. This is her creative way to express herself as an individual.


Simon holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Calgary, a Master degree of Physics, and a Bachelor Degree of Physics both from the University of Lethbridge. While in university he taught first year Physics classes and labs as an academic assistant which made him appreciate teaching.
As a certified teacher by the province of Alberta, he has taught elementary, junior high school, and senior high school Math and Science. His direct tutoring experience comes from working casually one-on-one with kids from his local community.
Simon believes that each student is unique. He views his tutoring as a supportive relationship between tutor and student, and understands the importance of such support to any student’s progress.
He also enjoys, cycling, Manga drawing, and Origami. On the weekends you can usually find him spending his time with friends and family.


Judy is currently a teacher candidate completing her Masters of Teaching degree at OISE, University of Toronto. She has undergrad degrees in mathematics & psychology from U of T and can tutor all math courses from G7-G12. Judy has classroom experience teaching High School mathematics during her practicums and is passionate about math. Her own experience in Junior High & High School with kind and supportive math teachers inspired her to become a teacher herself. Judy has been actively engaged in volunteer and work opportunities related to education and has worked with students with diverse abilities and learning needs. She’s looking forward to helping students boost their academic skills and confidence in Math.


 Kevin Wawrzyn believes that knowledge is the greatest gift you can give others. He started tutoring in 2018 and through years of experience, he developed various methods helping students understand even the most complex concepts. Kevin uses technology and graphical methods to explain the laws of Math and Science in the most effective way. To reach an even broader audience, Kevin has recently opened a youtube channel, where he proves that science surrounds us every day and it can be both useful and fun. His academic background in Biomedical Sciences (Ryerson University) makes him specialized in natural sciences as well as math and statistics. In his free time, Kevin plays piano and enjoys biking.