Kevin Wawrzyn believes that knowledge is the greatest gift you can give others. He started tutoring in 2018 and through years of experience, he developed various methods helping students understand even the most complex concepts. Kevin uses technology and graphical methods to explain the laws of Math and Science in the most effective way. To reach an even broader audience, Kevin has recently opened a youtube channel, where he proves that science surrounds us every day and it can be both useful and fun. His academic background in Biomedical Sciences (Ryerson University) makes him specialized in natural sciences as well as math and statistics. In his free time, Kevin plays piano and enjoys biking.

Nisha C.

Nisha has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. She has over 10 yrs experience tutoring and 3 years experience as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Ryerson. Nisha currently works in Finance at TD Bank and gives back to her community regularly by volunteering at non profit organizations such as, Big Brother’s Big Sister’s, Jump Math and Habitat for Humanity.

Josh M.

Josh has been a Math and Science teacher and tutor for nearly a decade in the GTA. He graduated with a BFA from Pennsylvania State University before studying Biophysics at York University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario and is currently teaching math, science, and arts production with the TCDSB.

Josh has spent the last several years teaching courses such as MDM4U, MCR3U, MHF4U, MPM2D, SPH3U/4U, and even the new streamlined math curriculum, MTH1W. Josh has extensive experience working with and differentiating instruction for students with exceptionalities, as well as for gifted students. He is a strong believer that any student can achieve their fullest potential with the right guidance.


I am a high school vice principal, teacher and instructional coach specializing in Mathematics and Physics. I bring 20 years of teaching experience in high school math, empowering kids to gain confidence and improve their mathematical ability so that they can become life-long learners confident to handle the challenges of the work place, or post- secondary education.
I specialize in provincial exam prep (Pre-Calc and Applied 12) but am willing to work in any level of math.
I have many hobbies including sports (hockey, golf, basketball), learning languages (I am self taught in Italian and Greek), and music (I play guitar).

Farah N.

Farah is a working professional in the field of Biomedical Engineering, and she also holds a Masters of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering.
She has vast experience tutoring, ranging from high school to third year university students. She has taught subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Math.
Farah understands that every student learns differently and always tailors the lesson to the student. By combining her knowledge with her passion to teach, she helps students improve their performance and confidence. Her mission is to ensure that her students succeed and achieve their full potential.

Dylan B.

Dylan has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Ottawa. In both degrees, he graduated Magna Cum Laude. His teaching credentials consist of both Mathematics and English in the intermediate and senior division. In addition to his degrees, Dylan has studied in courses consisting of content in algebra, calculus, statistics, and economics

Before joining Prep Academy Tutors, Dylan spent 2 years in a Teacher’s Education program at the
University of Ottawa. His teaching placements were at York Street Public School and Adult High School. His first placement in intermediate primarily tested his abilities in classroom management, and differentiation in Mathematics. His second placement with adult ELDs primarily tested his abilities to communicate to students with significant gaps in knowledge. Dylan presently works as an online grading teacher for Rosedale Academy, which is a global high school with many partner schools around the world

Dylan is a firm believer that the purpose of education is not mere memorization of facts, but rather to acquire a deep and lasting understanding of the subject that is both applicable to everyday life and allows for personal growth.

Tamar R-T.

My name is Tamar Richards. I hold a Ph.D. in Environmental Science, M.Sc. in Atmospheric Science, and B.Sc. (honors) in Physics. I am a certified teacher in Senior and Intermediate Mathematics, Environmental Science, and Physics. Tamar has several years of teaching experience and taught a variety of courses in science and mathematics.


Majid has a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and over 12 years of teaching experience in an academic settings. He started his teaching journey as a lecturer in a post-secondary institution in his home country, Iran. He has tutored high school to university levels since 2017. He is very passionate about learning and enjoys helping students in Math, Physics, and Engineering courses reach their academic goals.


He considers himself to be a lifelong learner and has acquired a love for website design as a hobby as well! It is his firm belief that learning is a two-way journey, and as much as he teaches his students, he learns from them in return.

Majid volunteers his time at a local public library and as a soccer coach. He does both in-person and online tutoring and has extensive experience using online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms.

Michelle V.


Michelle is an Ontario certified teacher in the intermediate-senior age group (Grade 7-12) for Mathematics and Science-Physics. She completed a double honours degree in Mathematics and Physics with a minor in American Sign Language before becoming a teacher. One of her goals is to be inclusive with her teaching, and help every student enjoy their learning experience.

During her undergraduate degree, Michelle learned American Sign Language (and was exposed to many other signed languages). She hopes to use this knowledge in her teaching, and would be happy to work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, as well as any others who would benefit from visual or hands-on communication. Michelle has certificates in communication (CDAC webinar) and mental health literacy (uBC) and actively works towards better education and opportunities for all students.

In her free time, Michelle enjoys indoor gardening, bullet journaling, board games, and video games. She loves to solve puzzles and uses these skills and ideas through her teaching (and learning) to help make learning fun for everyone


Kristina recently obtained her Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction from the University of Calgary. She is
goal-driven, ambitious and eager to learn and share her knowledge and academic experience with students. She has over two years of teaching assistant experience in Managerial Accounting and MBA Business Technology courses at the University of Calgary. She has extensive tutoring experience working with junior high and high school students primarily in math. Kristina loves supporting students work towards their goals to reach academic success to their highest potential.