Joseph-mina L.

Joseph graduated with honours achieving a double major in the department Languages and Literature & Religion and Culture. Joseph has also completed additional qualification courses in mathematics, SSAT prep, and special education. Joseph has dedicated himself to the world of education and recognizes that education should be authentic, contemporary and student centred.

Zaineb A.

Zaineb holds her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Relations and Law from Kingston University. She is a graduate of the American University of Sharjah in Dubai, and from the Dubai International School (American High School Diploma).

Her specialities include: math (all levels, including calculus), science, English, French and Political Science. She taught math for five years to students in grades 7 to 11, and taught at the Harrow Primary School for three years.

She was a participant in both the Model United Nations and in many international public speaking competitions. She has been a member of both the My Voice Project for girls and the Kingston Society,

Zeineb’s charismatic personality coupled with her love of teaching and her ability to change her lessons according to each student’s style of learning, result in a stimulating learning environment.

Jasmine S.

Jasmine graduated from College Jean de la Mennais and Marianopolis College in Honours Commerce, where she was on the Honour Roll. She currently studies finance at McGill University.

Jasmine started tutoring at the age of 12 by tutoring her peers, and never stopped. She has tutored grades 7 to 11 and CEGEP students in math, French, science and calculus, and worked as a peer at Marianopolis, where she helped students with homework and exam preparation in calculus and economics, and the entire commerce curriculum. She previously tutored French privately for years, to both native speakers and second language learners.

Her specialties include: French, math (including calculus I & II), science, and economics at the Elementary, High School and CEGEP level.

She has experience coaching kids for badminton as well, a sport she has been playing competitively for 7 years. Jasmine’s approachable manner, high energy and passion for learning and teaching, makes her a fabulous choice for everyone. She is also quadrilingual!


Karolina Fila is a recent graduate from York University with both a Bachelors of Education and Bachelors of Arts degree. Her teachables are in language and humanities courses, however she is also available to assist with mathematics from grades 1-10.
During her French teaching practicum, Karolina worked with students from kindergarten to grade 8. Here she used a variety of teaching styles that included individual studies, student-led group discussions and pairs. Each lesson focused on introducing new vocabulary words and was built on prior knowledge. The fundamentals such as grammar, conjugation, sentence structure and oral communication were introduced and reviewed with each grade, so that by the end of the year, the intermediate classes were creating presentations and writing short paragraphs on their own.
Karolina’s practicum for her History teachable took place in a High school and focused on the grades 10-12. Here she created interactive lessons that included open-dialogue, technology and developing important writing skills. Karolina prepared students for seminar presentations and assisted with writing essays and creating proper citations for research papers.
Karolina also enjoys playing sports and traveling. She believes that playing sports and participating in extracurricular activities is essential for successful studies and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Karolina participated in summer language programs both in Quebec and France, where her passion for teaching French became even more evident. She tries her best to incorporate the francophone culture into her lessons through music, videos and literature.