Mirza B.

Mirza completed his Master of Arts degree in Political Science (with a focus in political theory and international relations) at McGill University. Prior to that, he graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Political Science and International Development Studies. He is currently working as a legal assistant at an immigration and refugee law firm. He has previous experience as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant at McGill University.

Mirza is an attentive, patient, and passionate educator. He seeks to demonstrate to students the value in what they are learning and its transformative potential in their lives, meaning he works to make learning content relatable to his students. He also understands the value of individual learning and therefore approaches a student’s education according to their specific needs. His prior educational and professional experiences have equipped him to support students studying history, law, politics, philosophy, and English.


Trisha Lee is a graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson), where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies, with a minor in Sociology. She is currently in the first of two years at York University for Bachelor of Education. She will become an intermediate/ senior Teacher with the qualifications to teach Family Studies and General Social Science courses. Trisha has a background and passion for working with children and youth with disabilities and learning exceptionalities. She worked at the Geneva Centre for Autism for many years in the Group Services department as a Shift Leader. During her time at this organization, she had the pleasure of working one-to-one with individuals to learn and complete the goals set out by the families. She created strong rapport with the clients and families, through communication to help them achieve their goals and succeed to the fullest. Outside of work Trisha enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as reading and exploring nature. Trisha is currently a volunteer in an after-school program, where she helps students from grades three to eight with their homework and reading skills. She really enjoys helping others to understand material they may have learned in school and caters to the various learning styles of the students she helps.

Akshata P.

Akshata is a passionate tutor and a dedicated learner of the above academic disciplines. Akshata is presently a university student in pursuit of an engineering degree at the University of British Columbia. Akshata has taught English, Math, General Sciences, and other subjects to students from first to university level for the last 2 years. Furthermore, she helps student find their academic goals through rigorous practice and skill-enhancing word problems. Akshata has worked for a non-profit organization in India called HelpAge India in the field of helping disadvantaged senior citizens with their involvement in the community through working with neighboring schools and the growth of digital awareness and education for senior citizens that would love to be closer to their friends and family.
Akshata would want to teach students that making small mistakes in solving word problems is a big component of the learning process and teach them that there is better development from students making the problems themselves and pushing them to the limits to find the best opportunity for them to not only learn from their mistake however possibly teach others in perseverance and find the right solution.
Akshata was a competitive swimmer in upper-year high school. Nowadays, she loves to swim, play badminton, table tennis, and other sports in her free time, hone her skills through new endeavors, and approach new environments. “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” is what she stands by.

Wayne D.

Wayne is a certified teacher with 30 years experience in both private and public schools, grades 6 through 12. He has a BA in Social Sciences (History/Geography) from Trinity Western University, a teacher’s certificate from UBC and an MA (Environmental Education) from Royal Roads. Wayne is a patient, supportive educator with a healthy sense of humour. He connects easily and naturally with his students and encourages them to be independent thinkers who read and research skilfully with a critical but open mind. He has led workshops on fostering critical thinking in the classroom and has trained teachers to accurately and fairly mark essay questions. Wayne is an effective writing coach and has many years experience with the Ministry of Education marking provincial exams in history, geography and social studies.


Bianca is an Ontario Certified Teacher since 2017. She grew up in Mississauga, moving to Hamilton, Ontario to complete an Undergraduate Degree at McMaster University and receiving a B.A in Humanities and a minor in religion. As well, she completed a Post Graduate Diploma, a Master of Science in Education in Buffalo, New York. Bianca grew up with a deep love of travel and took the opportunity to explore the world following the completion of her degrees. Since she was a young girl, Bianca discovered her passion for teaching and working with children. During the summer months, Bianca normally tutors student for the upcoming school year and continues to work with them throughout the year. In her spare time Bianca works one-on-one with children ranging from 6 years through middle school. She has taught almost all grades kindergarten through to grade 8 and while teaching, still supports students through tutoring. She has supported the improvement of their reading, writing, vocabulary and math skills. Additionally. Bianca has over 10 AQs (additional qualifications) and believes that all are life-long learners and is constantly building and adding to her career as an educator. Bianca believes that by building a strong relationship with her students she is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning.

Joseph-mina L.

Joseph graduated with honours achieving a double major in the department Languages and Literature & Religion and Culture. Joseph has also completed additional qualification courses in mathematics, SSAT prep, and special education. Joseph has dedicated himself to the world of education and recognizes that education should be authentic, contemporary and student centred.


Karolina Fila is a recent graduate from York University with both a Bachelors of Education and Bachelors of Arts degree. Her teachables are in language and humanities courses, however she is also available to assist with mathematics from grades 1-10.
During her French teaching practicum, Karolina worked with students from kindergarten to grade 8. Here she used a variety of teaching styles that included individual studies, student-led group discussions and pairs. Each lesson focused on introducing new vocabulary words and was built on prior knowledge. The fundamentals such as grammar, conjugation, sentence structure and oral communication were introduced and reviewed with each grade, so that by the end of the year, the intermediate classes were creating presentations and writing short paragraphs on their own.
Karolina’s practicum for her History teachable took place in a High school and focused on the grades 10-12. Here she created interactive lessons that included open-dialogue, technology and developing important writing skills. Karolina prepared students for seminar presentations and assisted with writing essays and creating proper citations for research papers.
Karolina also enjoys playing sports and traveling. She believes that playing sports and participating in extracurricular activities is essential for successful studies and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Karolina participated in summer language programs both in Quebec and France, where her passion for teaching French became even more evident. She tries her best to incorporate the francophone culture into her lessons through music, videos and literature.