Carolyn P.

My name is Carolyn Paschen and I am a lifelong learner and teacher. I come from generations of teachers who were dedicated to being a part of student learning. I taught in Boulder Valley Schools for 21 years before I retired in 2018. Literacy is my greatest passion. Helping children discover the joy that comes from reading and writing is something I have missed since I retired. I look forward to working with children as a tutor at Prep Academy.

Brenda K.

Brenda Kahn graduated from NYU with a degree in political science. After college, she followed her passion for music, was signed to Columbia Records, recorded several albums, and toured across the US and Europe.

After starting a family in 2008, Brenda transitioned from her professional music career to teaching. She fell in love with teaching when she ran a tutoring company in Center Valley, PA that helped students with reading and writing challenges. She also expanded her educational offerings to include middle school creative writing workshops and elementary special ed support.

In 2018, her family relocated to South Salem, NY where she taught middle- and high-school English and History at Fusion Academy in White Plains, NY.

Fusion Academy caters to students with learning differences, and Bren excels at finding creative learning paths for students with special ed needs including ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, giftedness, ASD, and anxiety. In 2021, she was promoted to Director of Homework Cafe at Fusion, where she was responsible for helping students hone their executive functioning skills, while working with teachers to adopt and tailor best teaching and learning practices.

In 2022, Brenda’s family relocated to Boulder, CO. She is thrilled to be working with Prep Academy Tutors where she will continue to foster joy, creativity, and connection with every student.

Nazeer S.

Nazeer graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in neuroscience. He completed his medical degree at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Throughout his academic career, Nazeer tutored students on a wide range of subjects from chess to graduate-level biochemistry.

In addition to his academic success, Nazeer was also a practice squad player for the men’s and women’s basketball teams at the University of Kentucky. Playing point guard helped him understand the value of having a strong support team and looks to assist future generations through teaching and making the world a smarter place.


Andrea A.

Andrea is an enthusiastic and experienced language teacher who is fluent in English and Spanish. Andrea grew up in Nicaragua and moved to the United States to pursue her education. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Naropa Universityand an MBA in Global Business from Adelphi University. Also, Andrea has lived in Bhutan and Northern Spain, which broadened her cultural understanding, especially when it comes to the Spanish language.

Andrea is passionate about teaching, learning, and helping others improve their language skills because knowing how to speak a second language opens a world of new opportunities.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys painting, travel, entrepreneurship, and learning French (her first second language).


Red C.

Red grew up in Buck County, Pennsylvania as one of eight siblings. From a very early age, Red was either helping or being helped with schoolwork. This was Red’s introduction to tutoring.

Always curious about the world around them, Red studied Earth Science and Policy and received a Bachelor of Science at Penn State University, gaining expertise and confidence in many areas of math, chemistry, geology as well as written and verbal communications.

Red has always enjoyed learning and teaching, especially after they saw other students around them struggling so they decided to do something about that.

During Red’s four years working at the Penn State Learning Center, they tutored hundreds of fellow students. They also served as a student representative to the Penn State Faculty Senate, where they often presented student interests to the university.

In addition, Red worked for six months at a living-and-learning organic farm and conservancy in Puerto Rico, where they introduced children to STEM-related conservation and work as part of an afterschool program.

They are currently completing their master’s degree in Sustainable Food Systems at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Red enjoys helping the next generation of writers, scientists, engineers, and other vibrant peopleachieve their academic and professional dreams.