Laura graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in general mathematics, and a Bachelor of Education, specializing in early childhood education. Laura discovered her passion for math when she was in junior high school and she hopes she inspires an enjoyment of math in her own students. Laura works with students from KG to Grade 12. Laura believes in building positive and supportive relationships with her students so that she can meet each students’ individual learning needs, helping them find their highest academic potential.


Serena has a Masters degree in Education with a specialization in School and Clinical Psychology. She also has a Bachelor of Education degree with a specialization in Elementary and Special Education and a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology. She is both an Alberta and New Brunswick certified teacher, having taught in both provinces. She has many years of experience working with students with a variety of learning, social-emotional and behavioural needs in the forms of teaching, assessing as well as counselling. For the past two years when she was on a break from her PhD, she worked at a local school as the Gifted and Identified Needs Coordinator, Vice Principal and the school’s Guidance Counselor. She is currently working towards registering as a Psychologist. She hopes to continue her love for teaching and learning and is excited to continue her work with students!


Kaitlyn is an educator in her third year of teaching. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Education from St. Mary’s University in Calgary. Kaitlyn’s practicum experience was in grades KG, 1, 2, and 5, and post-graduation she taught grades 1 and 5. In addition to working with children in the primary grades, Kaitlyn enjoys supporting students in their English and Social Studies courses up to the Grade 12 level. Kaitlyn is particularly interested in developing students’ skills in English language arts, beginning with early literacy strategies and interventions up to essay writing in the higher grades.


Samantha is completing her Bachelor of Secondary Education in English Literature at the University of Alberta. She enjoys sharing her love of literature and language arts with students and helping them develop skills and strategies to find success in their coursework. She currently works one-on-one with several junior high and high school students. Samantha helps her students break down essays and navigate through the writing process.  She also collaborates with students to create individualized writing strategy plans. When she’s not teaching, Samantha enjoys spending time in the outdoors or curled up with a book, a cat and a cup of tea.


Gayathry is a pre-service teacher at the Werklund School of Education (University of Calgary), majoring in Secondary Mathematics. She chose the Secondary Mathematics stream because she wants to alter the common perception that math is difficult by building confidence and skills. She works with students to help them realize that they are capable of solving all types of mathematical problems by incorporating growth mindset tools and strategies. She believes that with appropriate teaching strategies and support, every student can excel to their highest potential.



Kristina recently obtained her Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction from the University of Calgary. She is
goal-driven, ambitious and eager to learn and share her knowledge and academic experience with students. She has over two years of teaching assistant experience in Managerial Accounting and MBA Business Technology courses at the University of Calgary. She has extensive tutoring experience working with junior high and high school students primarily in math. Kristina loves supporting students work towards their goals to reach academic success to their highest potential.


As a certified Alberta teacher with over 20 years experience teaching in the elementary grades and early literacy, Sonya is excited to be part of the Prep Academy team. Through her teaching vast experience, she strongly believes literacy is the foundation of academic success and has guided thousands of children to learn how to read and to read to learn. Years of teaching has grounded her belief that essential skills are fostered and developed through a cohesive team of dedicated parents, teachers, and most importantly, the child. Fluency, comprehension, phonemic awareness, oral language, and confidence are essential skills to develop and are taught with practice and patience in a fun, motivational learning environment where the child understands the importance and enjoyment of literacy. She and her husband are proud parents of 2 grown daughters.  Sonya believes in life long learning and is continuing her own education at Mount Royal University.  In her free time she loves to be outdoors; camping, hiking, skiing, and playing soccer with her team.


Jorden is a qualified Canadian teacher and taught internationally for 5 years. She has worked with students from grades KG to 6, including those with special needs. Jorden especially loves witnessing the boost in children’s confidence levels and the increased independence that results from learning new academic skills. She is particularly passionate about early literacy and numeracy development.



Cavell is a highly skilled and very experienced teacher. She has her Master’s in Curriculum Design and has been an Educator for over 20 years. Cavell is very passionate about helping children succeed and find their way to discovering how they can be a successful learner.
Cavell’s expertise covers a broad range of skills and her career has been vast and full of adventure. Cavell has been from one side of Canada to the other, as a classroom teacher, an Education Consultant for the Yukon, and as an Education Coordinator here in Alberta.
Cavell’s energy for learning and building relationships with her students shines through in every conversation. Cavell’s knowledge in curriculum allows her to be able to assist in many academic areas across a broad range of ages. She welcomes early learners as well as those children in the higher grades.



Nikhil has a PhD in Chemistry from University of Regina. He has extensive experience teaching chemistry as both a Teaching Assistant and an instructor. Nikhil provides one-on-one and small group chemistry support at both the high school and university levels. He is currently a Post-Doctoral Associate in the Dept. of Chemistry at University of Calgary. Nikhil enjoys sharing his love for chemistry with students and helping them gain a deeper understanding of its many applications.