Anna graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education, Secondary. While studying she was also a member of the Varsity Pandas Rugby Team. Balancing both playing competitive sport and being in post-secondary taught her many strategies on how to study properly and efficiently. She taught High School Sciences in Edmonton before moving to Calgary and entering into the field of Human Resources which also taps into her love for educating others in a different capacity. In addition to working, Anna enjoys coaching youth rugby.



Riley is working toward her degree Elementary Education at Mount Royal University and minoring in Linguistics. Although her primary focus is at the elementary level, she has experience working one on one one and in small groups to support junior high math students. Riley grew up competitively Irish Dancing in Calgary and for the past four years has been coaching beginner dancers. Riley’s passion for education stemmed from helping a classmate with autism. She saw the difference she was able to make for that student, and since then became passionate about making a difference in all children’s lives.







Brittany is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, while double minoring in History and Social Studies. She has her Early Childhood Education Level One Certificate and was elected to be the Professional Development Chair of her program’s Student Board for 2023/24. She has experience with ages 4-12 and with teaching styles such as Montessori and Reggio. Brittany also has experience teaching in assorted environments including Preschools, the Calgary Zoo, Hospitals, various Classrooms, and Before/After School Programs. She is especially interested in education that incorporates diversity, accessibility, and equity.

Brittany’s love of learning is deepened through reading, especially books about the history of the Canadian Fur Trade and Arctic Exploration, focusing on Indigenous perspective. She also enjoys outdoor activities or handwork crafts that remind her of her hometown in Northern B.C. As a tutor, she hopes to help students believe in their ability to achieve their goals.


Tahsin is a Junior Electrical Engineer with a passion for sharing knowledge. With a degree from the University of Calgary, Tahsin brings years of 1-on-1 in-person tutoring expertise in high school math, physics, and chemistry subjects. His practical teaching style stems from his professional work experience across diverse sectors including oil and gas, renewable energy, and aerospace.

Beyond their professional accomplishments, Tahsin is an avid sports enthusiast, and particularly loves basketball. Tahsin also loves to play chess and finds joy in watching movies and anime.

With a unique blend of practical expertise and a personable demeanor, Tahsin is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of engineering concepts while making learning math and science subjects enjoyable. He focuses on letting the student drive their own learning experiences by teaching them skills to make them successful in all areas of life, and think critically and independently.



Erin graduated from a thesis-based Masters program in Physical Activity Sciences at Université de Montréal, with a specialization in Sport Psychology. She is bilingual and completed the majority of this degree in French. Previously, Erin attended StFX University, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Human Kinetics in the Pre-education stream, with a minor in French and a pair in Fine Arts. She is highly knowledgeable in the French language and in the areas of academic and scientific writing. Her primary teachables include French, English, Health, Science, and Art. Outside of school, Erin is a competitive track and field pentathlete and heptathlete, with a diverse athletic background in soccer and hockey which she competed in for over 15 years.
Erin has experience working with children of all ages as a track and field coach, gymnastics coach, lifeguard and swim instructor, and Fit 4 Life Student Leader.


Colin has his elementary education degree from St. Mary’s university in Calgary. Colin has experience in a variety of settings and with a variety of ages including coaching junior high badminton at the City Champ level. Additionally, Colin has spent two years working as an education assistant for children with ASD. Colin has years of experience in the classroom and has a passion for strong teacher student relationships



Frohar is a certified teacher in Alberta and in British Columbia. She has obtained her bachelors in English from the University of Calgary, her bachelor’s in education from the University of British Columbia, and her Master’s in Education from the University of Ottawa.

Frohar has over 5 years of experience in tutoring. She enjoys tutoring because she loves to see the improvement and growth in her students. Frohar believes in catering her lesson plans to the different needs of different students for optimal results. This includes keeping in consideration different learning styles as well as teaching in multimodal methods so that the lessons are not monotonous.

When she is not teaching or tutoring, Frohar enjoys her time with her friends and family going on hikes or playing other sports.


David is a well presented and hard-working tutor holding a M.Sc.’s in construction project management, and two B.Sc. degrees in Engineering and Architecture Design, and more than 6 years of experience between lecturing, tutoring, design, coordination, and management in a wide geographic range including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. His passion about tutoring combined with hands on experience made him a suitable fit to be invited as seasonal lecturer, to teach undergraduate university students by several reputational institutions. David is currently focusing on tutoring Elementary, Junior high and high school students, and assisting our students in English, Math, Sciences, and Social Studies. He has extensive knowledge in tutoring Physics to post elementary and post secondary students. Beside teaching seasonally at the University of Calgary, David is currently working as a Government of Alberta Infrastructure Projects Manager.



Marika embarked on her teaching journey as a middle and high school teacher in public schools in South Africa, driven by her dedication to education and passion for guiding students. She further expanded her expertise by working as a college lecturer before deciding to move to Canada. This experience allowed her to refine her instructional skills and gain valuable insights into higher education.

For the past 17 years in Canada, Marika has had the privilege of working with numerous Grade 1 and 2 students, providing remedial support to enhance their reading skills. Witnessing the remarkable transformation of these young learners into confident and fluent readers has been an incredibly rewarding experience for her.
Marika’s expertise lies in guiding students to become proficient in writing essays and developing a deep comprehension of what they read. She possesses a unique talent for honing their writing skills, enabling them to articulate their thoughts effectively and express themselves with clarity and confidence.

When it comes to reading, Marika goes beyond surface-level understanding. She teaches students how to delve into texts, analyze them critically, and extract the underlying meaning. By employing various strategies and techniques, she instills in students the ability to comprehend complex concepts, identify key information, and make connections between ideas.

Marika’s approach to teaching writing and reading is highly interactive and engaging. She incorporates hands-on activities, discussions, and guided exercises to enhance students’ understanding and foster a love for these skills. She provides constructive feedback and encourages students to continuously refine their writing and analytical abilities, resulting in marked improvement over time.
Marika’s educational qualifications reflect her commitment to professional growth and expertise in the field. She holds a Bachelor of Education Management Honours and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of South Africa. Furthermore, she expanded her knowledge by pursuing studies at the University of Athabasca, focusing on English Literature and Composition.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Marika has sought certifications in various areas to broaden her skill set. She is certified in copywriting and digital marketing, demonstrating her ability to effectively communicate and engage with students in the modern digital landscape. She also possesses a diploma in interior decorating and is a certified image consultant and colour specialist, showcasing her diverse range of interests and talents.

Outside of teaching, Marika indulges in her passions for floristry, perfumery, fashion, and digital marketing. These pursuits enrich her life and contribute to her ability to connect with students on different levels.


Jenilee had a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology, as well as a Bachelor’ of Education. She is a certified teacher in Alberta and has taught science, math, and sports medicine at the high school level as well as grades 5 and 6. She has subbed all ages from K-12.