Paul holds a Bachelor of History from the University of Calgary as is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education from St. Mary’s University. He has worked with students from K-12 and specializes in effective student engagement strategies. Paul is currently an elementary school volunteer, a piano teacher, and a passionate history enthusiast.Paul tailors his teaching style around the belief that learning gaps develop as a result of elements that are external to a student instead of their capabilities. As a result, his approach to teaching focuses on identifying and removing hurdles so that students can learn to enjoy achieving their goals independently.

Paul is an energetic individual who is excited about the field of education. He enjoys the process of one-to-one relationship building with students and takes pride in their success.


Paul has a Masters degree in Engineering and a Teaching diploma. He has taught mathematics, physics and computer programming/robotics from the grade 10 to the third year university levels in both Alberta and British Columbia. His many years of teaching experience combined with his one on one tutoring experience will benefit each of the students he works with as Paul loves to demonstrate the relevance in all he teaches.


Lucy has a bachelor of science degree from McGill University with a major in pharmacology and a minor in psychology. She has a 3.78 GPA in the last two years of her degree. Currently, Lucy is pursuing a bachelor of secondary education degree at the University of Alberta, with a major in chemistry and a minor in biology. She is one semester away from completing her education degree.

Through her volunteer work and student-teaching, Lucy has directly taught Chemistry 20, Biology 20, and Science 10. Throughout last year, she worked online helping high-school students proofread and improve their writing through Zoom meetings. She also worked in elementary settings to assist with math, reading, and writing tasks. She values clear communication with students and families, and catering her teaching style/pacing for each student.


Vivian graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor’s in Education and holds an Alberta Teaching Certificate.

Vivian’s passion for education has driven her to take on many roles. As a pre-service teacher, she provided support to children in various learning environments such as in schools, at a community center and online via Zoom. During this time, she primarily worked with children who spoke English as a second language. Once she became a certified teacher, she had the opportunity to run her own classroom, teaching pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children full-time.

Vivian is currently working in early intervention as an Education Coordinator, providing support to pre-school aged children with special education coding. When she is not working with the little ones, she is a substitute teacher with the public-school division where she enjoys teaching all subjects to all elementary levels.


Madeline has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education specializing in early childhood education. She is a recent graduate from the University of Lethbridge and is in the process of obtaining an Alberta teaching certificate for Grades K-12.
Madeline has teaching experience with a variety of grades from kindergarten to grade 9. She has spent the last four months as a grade 2 elementary generalist for a Fine Arts focused elementary school here in Calgary. Madeline has further enhanced her skills by teaching a grade 3 literacy intervention group.
Madeline is a current substitute teacher for the Calgary Board of Education. She is looking forward to working one-on-one with students and being a part of their learning success.
Madeline is a firm believer in a student focused approach that considers and adapts to varying student’s needs. She is skilled at determining the best way to engage and motivate her students while also assisting them in developing their confidence as learners


Carli has a Bachelor of Education with a specialization in Early Childhood Education from the University of Calgary, as well as a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Psychology from Mount Royal University.
Carli has experience tutoring all elementary school subjects and is passionate about helping students reach their full potential. She finds working one on one to be very rewarding and best of all, she strives to make it fun and engaging.


Gabrielle’s lifelong ambition has been to shape young lives. She is currently obtaining a Bachelor of Sociology at the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Education. A fully bilingual quick learner and a problem solver, Gabrielle assists in a Francophone classroom where she provides one on one support to a variety of students. She particularly loves young children and looks forward to further honing her craft while fostering a love of learning and a love of languages in her students. Gabrielle’s warm personality and ready smile makes her a magnet when it comes to the attention of her students.


Benjamin has graduated from the University of Calgary and will be receiving his Bachelor of Arts in English and Bachelor of Education within 2022. He has 3 years of continuous experience in teaching multiple grade levels both within a traditional classroom and remotely in a digital space.

While his areas of expertise are focused on the humanities, he remains competent in any subject matter at an elementary level. As reading and writing are how he spends much of his free time, he is confident in the support he can provide for related subjects, especially in the upper grade levels.

Benjamin has a firm belief that learning is integral to the human experience and so his teaching philosophy centers on cultivating a lifelong love of learning within the student that will propel them to success both within and beyond the classroom.


Kieran is a pre-service teacher at the University of Calgary, recently having completed his Bachelor of Arts in communications and culture and is now entering into the final year of his Bachelor of Education program, specializing in the secondary English language arts. Though trained specifically in the area of ELA, Kieran’s academic interests and professional practice extend far beyond the one discipline and into the humanities more generally; more specifically, Kieran has both tutoring and teaching experience, with the Alberta Programs of Study, in secondary English language arts, social studies, and career and technology foundations (CTF). Much like the matter he teaches, Kieran’s approach to tutoring is a multidisciplinary one and one that values the diversity of all students and their unique learning habits. In addition to his professional practice, Kieran spends his time volunteering with school communities across Calgary, working towards building and enhancing the learning experiences of all students.


Paige is a 2nd-year University of Waterloo student studying mathematics. She completed her primary and secondary schooling in French immersion and has a DELF B1 certification.
Paige has significant tutoring experience both in person and online and enjoys seeing the learning progression that her students experience. Paige has always enjoyed teaching others and looks forward to a long career in teaching.