Jorge is a student, tutor, and published author. He is studying Computational Applied Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of Calgary and has extensive experience tutoring, particularly in the maths and sciences.

Jorge strives to understand where each student is at and their unique learning curve. He works with his students to formulate a plan for their studies to help them reach their academic goals.


Shelley has a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a minor in Special Education. She taught full- time in both the public and private school systems until June of 2020.
Shelley’s teaching and previous tutoring assignments have spanned Grades 1-8 and include many years of teaching combined grades with supported integration of students with mild to severe needs.

The highlight of her teaching career spanned a period of several years where she was trained in the International Baccalaureate methodology whose focus was to teach children to develop critical thinking skills within the current subject matter.

The area of study was formulated by the teaching team as a question and then explored in depth largely through the 6 strands of language arts and fine arts in order that all children were able to demonstrate their learning in their preferred modality. Final projects would be carefully and thoughtfully written, designed and built.

Subsequently, other classrooms of children would be invited to come and celebrate the learning that had occurred thereby enhancing and reinforcing not only the quality of learning but the very important idea that learning is meant to be shared. The learners would self-evaluate as part of the overall measure of learning.

Shelley also gained training and experience in an RBC sponsored young entrepreneurs program that encouraged children to develop an understanding of the workings of the business world. From choosing a charity to which funds would be donated to determining products and services to be designed, built and sold, the children came to know that each child had a role/ strength that could be utilized to promote success in business.


Leisha is in her third year of the Education degree while simultaneously completing a Psychology minor at the University of Calgary. Her teaching experience ranges from being a teaching assistant in preschools to currently being an online K-12 tutor with the Werklund School of Education. Her specialisation includes Math, Science, and English Language Arts at the K-6 level.

Her major combined with her tutoring experience has given her a strong foundation of the Alberta Curriculum and the confidence to teach it. Additionally, she has gained a deeper understanding of working with online teaching platforms and Zoom, which complements her teaching as an online tutor. Utilising a student-centered teaching approach is a crucial lesson she has learned from her degree, and it is something she ensures to incorporate into her teaching.

She believes teaching is a privilege where one gets the opportunity to guide, support, and help students succeed through their educational experiences. Here, she intends to create a student-centered learning space where she can help students thrive in their journeys.


Yvonne received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary, specializing in Elementary Mathematics. She has been a classroom teacher for almost a decade, working in both public and private schools. Yvonne has taught all core subjects in elementary and middle school grades. Her personal interests include art and cooking.


Emily is working on her Bachelor’s of Education degree with a major in Elementary Education at Mount Royal University (MRU). She is currently double minoring in Spanish Language and Culture, and Indigenous Studies. She works hard to achieve academic success, and has achieved the Dean and President’s Honour lists every year that she has attended MRU. She recently completed a practicum placement in a grade 4/5 split, and was the music teacher as well for students in Kindergarten to grade six.


Matthew graduated from the University of Alberta’s Campus St Jean with a major in Social Studies and a minor in French Language Arts. He has taught French Immersion in Edmonton and Calgary for over 5 years, and has served as a tutor for over 10 years.

Today, Matthew is a law student at the University of Calgary. He remains highly passionate in working with students and helping them achieve their goals!


Fauzia has two masters in bioscience and a Bachelor of Education. With over ten years of science teaching and tutoring experience, Fauzia loves to help students learn science with love and passion. She has a wide array of teaching courses in general sciences, geography, environmental sciences, biology, and chemistry. She is an expert teacher helping students with AP and IB bio and chem.


Jad has a Bachelor of Science graduated with honors as well as a Medical doctor- MD degree graduated with distinction. Finally, Jad holds many certificates, first one accomplished at University of Toronto – Department of psychology (Managing mental health) and the second one is a training certificate in medical lab science/ quality officer. He is a teacher of Math, Chemistry, Biology and physics for more than 9 years. He also taught pre-med courses online during Covid19 (Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy and physiology).


Julie-Anne has an undergraduate degree from the Wilfrid Laurier University, with a Bachelors of Honours English and a minor in French and History. She also has her Bachelors of Education at the University of Ottawa, where she is a certified teacher, both French and English.

In Ottawa, she was part of the comprehensive school health program and organized and managed the website for this cohort and volunteered for the Mindfulness program. She worked with the French Public School Board in Sudbury and the Art Gallery of Sudbury, where she taught various age groups in art and in French. She has extensive tutoring experience in a wide range of subjects and grade levels.

In addition to teaching, Julie-Anne loves being outdoors, going for hikes and climbing. She has paintings sold in a Boutique in Montreal and continues to be an artist known as JABcolours. She has recently completed her Masters at the University of Calgary in Drama, specializing in Playwriting. She is passionate about helping others be their best selves and loves working with children.


Heather has a Master’s of Teaching degree and is qualified to teach in Alberta and Ontario. She has over ten years of experience developing and educating youth through academics and play. She is patient, efficient, and always works to ensure students are understanding the material. She believes that it is important to foster a love of learning and looks forward to helping students grow as learners.