Talfryn is a certified teacher in both the UK and Alberta, boasting over 20 years of experience working with a diverse array of students across various abilities and subjects. Beginning his career with a strong foundation in Science and Math, he quickly diversified into teaching humanities at different academic levels.

His expertise extends to catering to the needs of both typical and atypical (LD) students, allowing him to customize approaches that bolster individual student confidence in their learning journey. Through his role as a learning coach, Talfryn has successfully supported students operating below grade level, adeptly closing learning gaps and fostering academic progress relative to their peers.

His proficiency in executive functioning skills has significantly contributed to alleviating student stress levels. By assisting them in effectively planning their study time, managing homework, and completing assignments, Talfryn ensures a manageable and structured approach to their academic responsibilities.





Maya received her Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Calgary and has over 20 years teaching experience in Alberta. Her focus has been elementary education in the areas of numeracy and literacy. She has experience working with students with diverse learning needs such as English as a Second Language, Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Emily is pursuing her Bachelor of Education at Mount Royal University. She is majoring in Elementary and minoring in humanities. She has completed two practicums and tutored in literacy during her second practicum. Emily currently works for the Calgary Board of Education as an Educational Assistant.

In her spare time, you’ll find Emily travelling the world (she loves backpacking) and more locally she loves to run, to hike, to rock climb and to challenge herself with many other physical pursuits.






Khadidja is a dedicated teacher candidate who is in the BEd program at Mount Royal University with a minor in Linguistics. She is passionate about teaching, especially when working with students who have learning disabilities. Her tutoring experience at CanLearn Society as a Reading Pilot as well as completing practicum in diverse CBE programs, such as the Pace Learning Program (PLP) and Montessori have equipped her with effective learning strategies that are personalized for her students. She holds an asset-based approach, highlighting students’ strengths to try to shift their focus from being stuck on learning obstacles to problem solving and practicing key skills that enable them to grow and thrive. She is a firm believer that learning is for all as she hopes to engage students in their learning to gradually build independence and confidence in their skills.


Sana is pursuing a Bachelor of Education Degree at Mount Royal University. Holding a Master’s degree in Law, Sana has chosen to focus her expertise on Elementary Education to fulfil her passion for educating and supporting children.
Throughout her academic journey, Sana has consistently excelled, earning a place on the dean’s honour roll list for every semester. With a passion for teaching, Sana has accumulated years of valuable field experience and practicum, working with students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Beyond the classroom, Sana has over a year of one-on-one tutoring experience, further demonstrating her commitment to fostering educational growth.
As a member of the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) and the Mount Royal University Education Undergraduate Society (EUS), Sana engages with the educational community on both professional and student levels. She is passionate about travelling around the world, delving into stories, and taking hikes for relaxation.
Sana’s teaching philosophy is centered around the core belief that building strong relationships with students and promoting inclusivity are integral components of effective education.



Hayley is an education and mathematics student at Mount Royal University working toward her certification. She holds a 4.0 GPA and has been placed on the Presidential Honour Role and the Dean’s List Honour Role. In addition, she has also received awards for achieving the top of her class and the top 15% of her faculty at Mount Royal University. Hayley has worked with a large range of learners in multiple subject areas and has experience tutoring in Mathematics, Science, and English. Hayley loves to learn and loves to share this joy with her students. She is a very enthusiastic individual and is excited to build positive relationships with her students!


Josie is completing her Bachelor of Education (Elementary) Degree at Mount Royal University. She is a 2019 SAIT graduate of the Architectural Technologies Diploma Program. Previously, she has tutored 10C mathematics and the Science of Reading. She recently completed one of her practicums in a Grade 1 classroom and equally loves teaching and tutoring students from grade 1 all the way to high school.

In her spare time, Josie enjoys playing ringette and volunteering to help those less fortunate.



Sarah is pursuing her Bachelor of Elementary Education with a double minor in Humanities and Elementary Health and Physical Education at Mount Royal University. Sarah has experience teaching grades 1-9 through her field experiences and practicums. She has completed courses in teaching literacy, math skills, inclusive education, and effective assessment. She believes that every child is capable of achieving academic success when given tools that support their individual learning styles. She believes in holistic education, which honours the entire child including their mental, physical, and emotional selves. She engages in reflective practice supported by up-to-date research within the educational field, communicating with her students and their parents on how she can adapt and improve to serve their needs better. Sarah is excited and honoured by this opportunity to connect with and support young learners.


Nicole carries two degrees from the University of Lethbridge. A bachelors degree of fine arts as well as a bachelors degree in education. She has been teaching in the Calgary Catholic district for a number of years and has extensive experience with one on one tutoring. Nicole draws on her experiences in theatre to deliver engaging learning opportunities for all of her students.


Sally is a Secondary School English Teacher from London, UK, specialising in High School level ELA, and analytical essay writing. She has been teaching in classrooms and tutoring for over 20 years. Now a Citizen of Canada, she has been tutoring Canadian students for nearly 10 years. She prides herself in enabling students to achieve and surpass their perceived ability, especially in exams.
When not giving glorious ELA sessions to students, or presenting classes for Teacher’s Pet in Calgary’s elementary schools, Sally can mostly be found outdoors.