Abigail M.

Abigail has a passion for education and has been a tutor for two years now, specifically teaching French, English, and Math. She is a University of Toronto graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (with Distinction) and is now pursuing her Masters of Teaching (Junior/Intermediate) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, also at the University of Toronto. In addition to tutoring, Abigail has many other teaching experiences. She has worked as an Emergency Supply Teacher, a Summer School teaching assistant, and an administrative support with the Upper Grand District School Board. She is also a swim instructor and loves teaching all age groups in and out of the pool. Abigail now lives in Toronto and enjoys running, hiking, camping, and exploring the city.



Elisheva B. is an Ontario Certified Teacher with the Toronto District School Board. She grew up in Toronto and completed her Masters of Teaching at University of Toronto, Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE). Her research focused on how teachers can support the social and emotional wellbeing of students with learning disabilities in the classroom. As well, she also completed a Honours Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Family, Community Social Services and Social Service Work Diploma at the University of Guelph-Humber. It was through completing social work practicums in Toronto schools that Elisheva gravitated towards working with children and supporting children with exceptional needs. She has completed her Special Education part 1 qualification to enrich her learning and understanding around supporting students with exceptionalities. Elisheva has taught visual art and drama to junior and intermediate students, and in doing so, has helped them build their self-confidence, creativity, and public speaking skills. She has supported the development of reading, writing, vocabulary and math skills to primary, junior, and intermediate students through actively working in TDSB schools. As a teacher, Elisheva takes a strength-based approach by encouraging student accountability, curiosity, and exploration through the learning process. On a personal level, she enjoys exploring nature and all things that have to do with the arts such as music, dance, visual arts, and embroidery. Elisheva is looking forward to being a part of your child’s educational journey.









Stephen is an Ontario Certified Teacher, with an undergraduate degree in History and Sociology from Queen’s University, a Masters in Teaching from the University of Toronto, and a Masters of Education from the University of Vancouver Island. Born in Toronto, Stephen grew up in Peterborough, and after completing his teacher education spent six years living and teaching high school History and Law in British Columbia. He considers teaching an incredible profession for the connections and bonds he’s made, and the ability to help his students both academically and with exploring their aspirations for the future. This mindset has pushed him to meet people from all over the world, and fostered a love of travelling to learn more about other cultures and their day-to-day experiences. Having taught professionally in Canada and South Korea, Stephen has experience in supporting his students with all forms of academia, specializing in essay-writing, persuasive vocabulary, and writing in the third-person. He truly thinks teaching should be fun, rewarding, and will invest the time and effort to make it so.




Abdulahi has been quite the globetrotter from an early age. He was born in Mogadishu, Somalia; raised in Chicago, America; socialized and educated in Toronto-Windsor, Canada, which he now refers to as home. To date, Abdulahi has lived in five different countries (America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates) and traveled to 55 others.

Abdulahi received an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science and Environmental Science, and also a Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor. Additionally, he completed many international language certificates. Prior to making the transition back to Canada, Abdulahi taught internationally at prestigious private schools for nearly a decade. These schools followed the Ontario, Alberta and IB curricula and framework.

As an extremely passionate educator, Abdulahi’s teaching experiences have helped him refine a personal teaching philosophy and pedagogy in education that combines the importance of inclusion within the classroom, ongoing feedback, respect, and creating meaningful student-centered lessons. Abdulahi’s defining characteristic as an educator revolves around the joy, pleasure and passion that he receives from teaching beyond the required curriculum. He branches off into various learning atmospheres by becoming actively involved in the development of the whole child. The ‘light bulb!’ moment in students and seeing everything begin to click for them provides him with an immense pleasure and continuously drives his passion and pedagogy as an educator. It is important to nurture a child’s creative abilities to develop a sense of themselves, understand others and the world around them, and navigate information so that they can confidently take risks and solve problems. Reflection and introspection are fundamental components of Abdulahi’s pedagogy and also his own personal growth and commitment to lifelong learning.


Chithra is an exceptional educator who completed her Masters in Teaching from OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) at the University of Toronto in 2021. Her academic journey began with a psychology degree specializing in child development from York University during her undergraduate years. With an extensive and diverse teaching background, Chithra stands out as a remarkable teacher who leaves a lasting impact. Having mentored and tutored more than 50 students, Chithra’s dedication to education is evident. She has enriched young minds as an English language instructor in Thailand and as a primary school teacher within the Kativik School board situated in Nunavik, Quebec. Notably, during the summers, Chithra assumes the role of Director of Academics for Eli Camps, an international language camp hosted at Victoria Campus, University of Toronto. Her commitment to personal growth is evident, as she consistently pursues courses in pedagogy and curriculum development, ensuring her teaching methods remain current and effective. Notably, her expertise extends to innovative techniques in literacy and mathematics instruction. Chithra’s classroom is a hub of creativity and engagement, fostering an atmosphere where students genuinely relish the learning process. Recognized for her innate empathy and compassionate demeanor, both parents and students admire her natural ability to connect on a personal level. Chithra possesses a unique talent for tailoring lessons to cater to the diverse array of learners under her guidance. Above all, Chithra’s unwavering dedication is rooted in her commitment to providing every child with the exceptional education they deserve, tailored to their unique potential.


Amelia Rutledge is an Ontario Certified Teacher who completed her Master’s degree at the University of Toronto (OISE) in primary/junior education and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Waterloo. Amelia has a strong passion for working with kids to explore their curiosities about the world and provide engaging, and hands-on learning opportunities. She has worked with Let’s Talk Science as a workshop facilitator, created and implemented camp programming, supported the Natural Curiosity outdoor inquiry program, and excelled in Ontario classrooms as a teacher for the past 2 years. Amelia is a qualified primary/junior educator with a specialization in Reading Part I. She deeply values evidence-based approaches to learning, that are specific to each student’s learning needs and goals. Her strengths lie in supporting students with curriculum content, helping students identify their strengths and goals, supporting organization and planning skills, and collaborating with parents and the student to create an impactful and unique learning plan. She also has a strong academic background in math and sciences and can help support senior students in these subject areas.


Shreya as an educator brings with her a wealth of experience in the classroom with a career spanning over 5years. She pursued graduation in commerce from India while also conducting tutoring sessions as she wished to contribute to the academia of young minds. Right after graduation, she was placed with one of the big four auditing firms but felt that teaching has been her calling all along. Hence, she decided to strive towards her passion and pursued teacher education program from New Delhi, India and on completion landed an opportunity to teach in one of the reputed private schools there. Through her creative bent of mind, she employed innovative teaching strategies to ensure active and experiential learning in her classes and adopted the hands-on learning approach. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and baking which allows her to rejuvenate and bring a fresh breath of air. Currently, she is engaged in providing after-school programs like Public Speaking, Young Entrepreneurs, Money and Finances in schools across Toronto. Her commitment towards making a difference in the lives of young ones is exhibited through her volunteering stints with Toronto schools. Shreya is also Ontario College of Teachers certified.


Sophie is a passionate high school English and French teacher who strives to build positive relationships with her students to support their success. She grew up in Hamilton and completed her undergrad at McMaster University, doing a double major in French and English & Cultural Studies. Her love for travel took her on a year abroad in France during her third year, and for teachers college she went abroad to Cardiff, Wales. As a teacher, she is constantly looking to expand her experience and knowledge, such as completing a workshop in Digital Anti-Racism Education led by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women.


Godwin is an Ontario Certified Teacher. Born in Lyon, France, he absorbed French as his first language. Godwin moved to Toronto to complete his studies, where he graduated with honours from the University of Toronto, receiving his Bachelor of Education. He has always been interested in how children develop, which is why his undergrad is in Early Childhood Education. Godwin is a well-seasoned traveller as he has worked on cruise ships and is now married to a Flight Attendant. All of this travelling as made him appreciate different cultures and languages. Godwin has been a teacher with the TDSB for 10 years, teaching all the subjects, with a focus on French. He has completed multiple French as a Second Language AQs, including the French Specialist AQ. He also does a lot of the sports coaching at his school, getting teams ready for tournaments. In his spare time, Godwin enjoys playing and watching sports, reading and spending time with his two sons and wife. Godwin brings a solid background, working with inner-city youth, he understands how to cater his lessons to diverse needs.



Jasmine is an Ontario Certified Teacher. Growing up in Mississauga, she went to the University of Guelph where she received her B.A in Psychology with a minor in Marketing. With her lifelong goal of becoming a teacher, she then went to the University of Ottawa to complete her Bachelor of Education. Learning and seeking new knowledge continues to be her passion as she is completing her Master of Education at the University of Ottawa. Jasmine has always taken on leadership and mentoring roles in the jobs she had throughout High School, University, and Post-Grad. Working in various positions such as a ski instructor and a nanny, she has had experience working alongside and developing skills in children of all ages. She is excited to continue working as an Occasional Teacher with the YRDSB this upcoming school year. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys listening to podcasts, going on hikes, and spending time with friends and family, as well as her cat!