Angie Xhoxhaj

Angie is excited to expand her role with Prep Academy as a Franchise Support Manager. She has a double honours degree in English and Child and Youth Studies with a minor in Psychology and has worked in the classroom for various school boards. She has 8 years of experience as an office administrator, and one year of experience in human resources for the same company. In her free time Angie loves to read classic literature and go on nature walks with her two dogs.

Raemyn Cheema

Raemyn is excited to be joining the Prep Academy Tutors team in the role of Franchise Support Manager. She has been working with Prep Academy since 2020. Raemyn is a certified teacher who is familiar with the curriculum guidelines and expectations over various grade levels, and she specializes in teaching English and Social Sciences. Raemyn majored in Educational Studies and graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education degree. Raemyn is passionate about creating a safe, inclusive, and better educational experience for students. In her free time, Raemyn enjoys watching hockey, traveling, reading, and spending time with her family.

Carly Dougherty

I am the founder and CEO of Prep Academy Tutors (formerly Write at Home Tutoring ) where we bring qualified teachers into your home and provide thorough weekly reports based on our collaborative goals for your child.

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree at Western, I completed a M.DPE from OISE, U of T and was employed for 3 years at OISE running an infant developmental lab, before embarking on my tutoring business.


Our mission at Prep Academy Tutors is to attract and build a network of franchises made up of people who recognize the importance of community, and share a passion for education and business. We strive to deliver the educational tools required for students to not only build self confidence, but achieve higher levels of academic excellence and success.

Adrian Dougherty

Adrian is a seasoned executive with more than 18 years experience building, leading and motivating teams in a diversity of industries: Waste Management, Capital Markets, Manufacturing, Interactive Gaming and Equipment Rental Solutions.

His strengths include developing and executing on strategy, growing revenues, fine-tuning operational efficiencies to produce consistently profitable revenue and cross-enterprise collaboration to devise and implement initiatives that impact bottom and top-line results

Ellie Routledge