Erin is an Ontario certified elementary school teacher that enjoys working at the junior and intermediate levels. She holds additional qualifications in special education, primary, junior, and intermediate mathematics, and senior geography. Erin has taught mainly in the upper junior and intermediate divisions but loves working with all age groups and levels. She loves to joke around and be sarcastic with her students while teaching and she believes wholeheartedly that every student can learn a subject no matter their capabilities. Erin loves doing crafts, is a Marvel fan, and loves the outdoors.


Catherine is an Ontario certified primary/junior teacher and holds a Master’s Degree in Adolescent Education for English. She has been teaching students from nursery up to grade 11 since 2006 and lived overseas for 13 years teaching at the primary level in Mongolia, Eritrea, Venezuela, and Vietnam. Catherine is committed to continuous professional development and has completed additional coursework in primary English, math and science. In her free time, Catherine loves yoga, scuba diving, playing the guitar, puzzles, and cooking. She also works as a freelance writer!


Dimitrios is an OCT certified teacher with 7 years of experience. During his time with the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board, he has taught a variety of grades and subjects. Dimitrios is certified in the junior/intermediate/and senior divisions. Although his specialty is music, he has had experience teaching mathematics, literacy, science, and social studies. He also has experience teaching virtually in an individualized, engaging manner to facilitate student success. Dimitrios believes it is his responsibility as a teacher/tutor to foster student growth through struggle and adversity, while at the same time praising and celebrating their achievements. The opportunity to be a role model and affect the lives of his students in a positive manner is something that Dimitrios takes great pride in. He is a part of many musical groups where he performs for different functions as well as enjoys watching sports such as football and soccer.


Mackenzie is in the Concurrent Education program at Brock University where she is specializing in elementary education. She has several years of experience working as a tutor with various school boards, where she has facilitated online literacy programs in addition to individualized support in math, science, and English. Mackenzie has also completed many educational placements and she was a peer mentor at Brock University. She enjoys spending time at her cottage with friends and family!


Laura has over 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience in a variety of environments, from elementary through to high school. She has also taught ESL locally and abroad. She has experience working with students within a wide range of learning abilities, and works compassionately with students wherever they are at. Laura holds a Masters degree, and is a certified Early Childhood Educator. She is interested in learning about and participating in efforts towards social justice.


Shivani is greatly passionate about teaching and sees herself as a life-long learner. She has been tutoring and teaching for 3+ years in various settings – tutoring small and large groups, private individual tutoring, and teaching in rural, suburban, and urban classroom and home settings. Shivani holds a Masters of Science in Physics, with an extensive background in mathematics and science.


Felicia is an English Instructor and Tutor with 10+ years experience teaching and working with students in Ontario. She has taught for the government, in private language schools and at the university level. She has experience teaching Academic English and IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge Test Preparation. Felicia holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Education, a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language and a certificate in Student Advising and Support all from recognized Canadian institutions. She loves working with students and creating individualized study plans that suit their unique needs.


Mallory has a passion for educating that encompasses language arts, French as a second language, humanities, and dramatic and musical arts. She is an Ontario Certified teacher with a Bachelor of Education from OISE at the University of Toronto. Her breadth of experience is conducive to any grade level and her all-inclusive approach is malleable to any learning style. Mallory is a performing musician and vocalist, restaurant management veteran, student drama and leadership coach, and passionate runner and hockey player.


Breanne Van Den Breemen is a fifth year Concurrent Education student at Brock University with teachable subjects in English and history. Breanne has experience teaching at the primary, junior and intermediate levels across all subjects, with a keen interest in social sciences and English. Additionally, she has a background in music. Breanne has a passion for working with students of all ability levels and has a high degree of organizational skills. She lives on a farm that her family owns and enjoys working with the animals on the farm in her free time.


An educator for eight years in Canada, the US, China, and the UAE, Ammarah has taught STEM subjects and standardized test preps. The international experience she has gained over the years has made her adept at developing and delivering plans that reach students with unique learning styles. Ammarah is a passionate teacher with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and truly enjoys the STEM subject area.