Flynn R.

Flynn has completed two degrees at UBC Okanagan, a Bachelor of Human Kinetics and a Bachelor of Education, with a goal of working with students in the classroom.  Flynn has always been determined to educate and grow her pedagogy and hopes to further develop her skills with one-on-one education.  Her experience includes running summer camps, working at multiple out-of-school cares, and creating a career for herself as an educator.  Since December 2021, she has been working in School District 23 as a Teacher-on-Call.  Her passion for educating children grows with every experience.  Flynn’s focus as an educator is to create lifelong learners; to work alongside the student, listen to their needs and find a suitable style of learning for the individual child.  She aims to encourage a growth mindset and confidence with her students.  Flynn is thrilled to help each individual student reach their full potential.

Barry K.

Barry holds a Doctorate in Physical Chemistry specializing in Material Science. During this time Barry participated in the development of lithium ion batteries at the laboratories at General Motors. He continued his research of lithium batteries at the University of Oklahoma as well as teaching  chemistry. Barry went on to hold the position of Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Utah State University.

Barry taught at the University of Alberta, and has four years of experience teaching High School Chemistry. Barry has years of experience tutoring students. Subjects include High School Chemistry and Math for grades seven to nine.

Grace G.

Grace (she/her) has a master’s of English Literature from the University of Alberta and completed her undergraduate degree with a double major in Classical Studies and English Literature from the University of British Columbia.

During her time at UBC, Grace created and facilitated an undergraduate seminar course in Indigenous Literatures, a teaching experience that was enriched by her experience as a tutor and substitute teacher in Yellowknife for students from junior kindergarten to grade 12. Now, returning to Yellowknife from Edmonton after completing her graduate degree, Grace is enthusiastic to apply her experience in the field as a literacy and writing tutor.

Born and raised in Yellowknife, she is always excited to return home and join in on festivities like Folk on the Rocks and the Old Town Ramble and Ride. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cross-country skiing, and travelling.


Janelle G.

Janelle has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Prior to moving to Kelowna, she obtained an Advanced Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba. She has also recently completed her 5+ Certificate from Queen’s University with a focus in Special Education. She is currently lending her expertise to a number of schools in Kelowna as a Teacher on Call.

Janelle is passionate about being a life-long learner and inspiring her students to be curious about the world around them. She enjoys running, snowboarding and playing volleyball in her free time as well as getting lost in a good book. She loves working with children one-on-one and providing them with learning opportunities to accelerate their academic progress. Janelle is looking forward to making meaningful connections with families in Kelowna.

Nicholle T.

Nicholle has a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia Okanagan. She has worked with students at all levels from grades K-12, although she primarily teaches grades K-6. Nicholle is currently a Teacher on Call and has worked at a number of schools in Kelowna. She has a zest for learning and encourages all of her students to stay curious and to keep a growth mindset. Nicholle is passionate about helping students succeed and feel confident in their learning. She tailors her teaching to meet students where they are at and works with her students to set goals and make a measurable plan to accomplish them.

In her free time, Nicholle enjoys hiking in the beautiful Okanagan, getting lost in a good book, and letting her creative side out through painting.