Natalie T.

Natalie is obtaining her Bachelor of Education degree at Laurier University. She holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership. Natalie is trained in the science of reading and early literacy intervention. Natalie has a love for robotics, coding, LEGO, and Taylor Swift. She looks forward to working with students to help them learn and grow!


Brian N.

Brian N. is a current teacher at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute and Baccalaureate School (IB Program) in Kitchener, Ontario. He currently teaches grade 9, 10 and 12 math at the school, but has tutored and is comfortable with all Ontario mathematics content (JK- Calculus, IB and beyond!). His qualifications are as follows: Primary, Junior, Intermediate Senior Division Teachable, as well as Intermediate Mathematics and History, as well as Senior qualifications in Music. He is eager to come along side the PAT team and help students.

Yash S.

Yash, an accomplished educator, holds a Master of Engineering (M.Eng) degree in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Data Analytics from the prestigious University of Waterloo.

With a solid academic foundation in engineering, Yash has a wealth of experience in tutoring, primarily focusing on mathematics and science. His educational journey commenced as a Math and Science Tutor at Parth Institute of Science and Competition, where he embarked on a 16-month contract from April 2022 to July 2023. Yash excelled at creating informative materials and quizzes, ensuring an engaging and productive learning environment. His teaching approach involved positive reinforcement and personalized guidance to navigate challenging subjects.

Yash further honed his teaching skills as an Online Math Tutor for a group of 12 students based in the USA, serving from March 2021 to April 2022. Over the course of a year, he provided comprehensive mathematics instruction to students in 8th, 9th, and 10th grades. Yash’s innovative teaching methods, utilizing real-world examples and fostering student engagement, received commendation from both students and parents.

Beyond his offline teaching experience, Yash has been an accomplished educator on the Wyzant platform since May 2019. Specializing in various subjects, including elementary maths, GRE math, GMAT math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and geometry, Yash consistently adapts his teaching strategies to meet individual students’ needs and learning styles. His dedication to helping students grasp complex mathematical concepts, create customized lesson plans, and monitor student progress is unwavering.

Yash combines his engineering background and passion for teaching to inspire and empower students on their educational journey

Nisarg B.

Nisarg B. is a graduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University, pursuing his Master’s in Applied Computing right after obtaining his Bachelor’s in Information and Communication technology and minors in Computational Science. Having worked as a teaching assistant during his third and fourth year of bachelors, he discovered his skill and passion in teaching and spreading his perspective of all the knowledge he had.

In a world where most people find boredom in technicalities, mathematics and sciences, he instead finds joy in discovering how these core truths hide everywhere around in nature and just require a different perspective to be spotted.

Nisarg looks forward to working with students and helping them understand and build concepts not just for their curriculum, but for a lifetime filled with practical challenges!



Edward Y.

Edward has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University. He is currently a 1st Year Junior/Intermediate Teacher Candidate at Wilfrid Laurier University with a teachable in Physical Education. He enjoys watching and playing sports in his free time. Edward is a caring and patient person who will work hard to help your child achieve their academic goals.




Sofiya R.

Sofiya is a passionate and innovative educator. With multiple years experience teaching and tutoring primarily ESL students up to the secondary level, in Languages, Math and Social Sciences, Sofiya closely follows the Ontario revised curriculum. Sofiya attended the University of Waterloo for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology major, with co-op’s in education across the globe that greatly fine-tuned her communication capabilities.




Morgan M.

Morgan holds a Bachelor of Applied Science of the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Education from Wilfrid Laurier University. She also holds an OCT certification in the Primary/Junior divisions. Her aim as a tutor is to foster positive learning environments where students are provided with individualized support and empowered to build self-confidence and growth mindsets.

Stephen M.

Stephen has an Honors Degree in Atmospheric Chemistry with a minor in Statistics. With over 15 years of educational experience, Stephen is currently working for the WRDSB as an itinerant coach In this role he supports Educators in increasing their capacities to deliver dynamic educational experiences to a wide range of students.

Damian K.

Damian graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in astrophysics. He is currently completing a Masters of Education program at the University of Toronto. He loves to help students achieve their goals in all sections of high school math and physics.

Alexandra V.

Alexandra has a B.A from the University of Waterloo, a M.A from Carleton University, and a B.Ed from Lakehead University. She completed her Master’s degree in Religious Studies. Alexandra has over 10 years of experience working with children and has been teaching for 3 years now. When she is not working, Alexandra enjoys reading National Geographic magazines and playing with her two golden retrievers.