Vatsal is a Data Scientist by profession and a passionate teacher and leaner. He is currently working as a Data Scientist at TD Bank where he is responsible for building analytics capabilities for capital markets. Vatsal is a gold medalist in Mechanical Engineering and completed his master’s in Industrial Engineering from University of Toronto in 2019. As a master’s student he has been a Teaching Assistant for undergraduate level courses in mathematics and statistics. Being passionate about teaching he was also engaged in tutoring high school kids, from Ontario grade 7th through 12th, and has volunteered for NGOs focused on educating underprivileged kids. Vatsal believes in holistic and character-building education which enables students to connect theory with the real world around them, and follows a pedagogy that helps students connect the dots. Apart from teaching, Vatsal loves to hike and is ambitious about learning to fly a fixed-wing glider. He is also trying to lead a car-free life to do his part at curbing pollution and help our environment heal itself.


My name is Cassandra and I am a Primary Junior Ontario Certified Teacher. I am a graduate of both Ryerson University and York University respectively. I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education with honours, a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies and a Bachelor of Education. I am a huge advocate for hands-on learning because I believe that the act of learning is done best when the experience is an enjoyable one. I am a huge fan of literature and the arts so I try to incorporate different elements of the arts into my everyday teaching practices. When working with students, I try to form meaningful bonds with each individual child to really get to know how they learn best and how I can help them reach their full potential. Outside of teaching, I am a lover of cats, I have one of my own named Luna who I’m sure will end up joining some of my tutoring sessions! I love to cook and try out new recipes. look forward to working with you and your child(ren) in the near future!


Shelby is an Ontario Certified Teacher who grew up in Toronto, and completed her degree in Biology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. After graduation she headed to North Bay to obtain her Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University. Shelby is currently working towards gaining new skills and certifications within the teaching community. In this she believes that learning never stops and should be a lifetime activity. She feels that learning processes of students differ and that no two people learn the same way. Through volunteer work with people with disabilities she was inspired in her understanding that everyone can work to succeed and that success is measured individually. She primarily teaches general science up to grade 10, grade 11 and 12 biology as well as geography from grades 4-12. She is also certified to teach math from grades 4-9. Shelby grew up with a deep love of art and nature which inspired her to study biology as her post secondary degree. While working as an art counselor and swim instructor she found a passion for teaching that inspired her to pursue this as a career. She discovered that helping her students reach their goals and overcome challenges was a reward unto itself. It is through teaching that Shelby has been able to foster her love of science and make connections between many of the different subjects. In her spare time Shelby enjoys crafting, reading and baking.


Nicholas currently works in the clinical research world within the healthcare industry. He has grown up in Toronto completing a BSc in Biology, MA in Health Communications/Policy, and a PhD in Health Management. Aside from the healthcare industry, Nicholas has recent experience as a lecturer and grader for university courses.
Prior to all his professional endeavours and most importantly, he was a camp counsellor for the City of Toronto summer camps where he discovered his passion for working with children of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Nicholas has supported many groups of children throughout various City of Toronto programs; after school program, pottery instruction, as well as skating lesson instructor. As a mentor Nicholas continues to develop strategies for working with children and helping them achieve all their goals and more.


Aditya Venkatesh is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson University working on designing next generation aircraft cabin interiors. He has a masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University and a bachelors degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University, USA. Since his masters program, Aditya has been a Graduate Assistant (GA) for various aerospace engineering undergraduate courses, during which he has enjoyed fostering students to get the most out of their semester so they can develop their skill set. As a GA, he discovered a fondness of teaching and is excited to extend his expertise to high schoolers as well. With experience as an invigilator at the Ryerson University Test Center that caters to students with academic accommodations and accessibility needs, Aditya is equipped to handle any student on their learning journey. He even has experience delivering online material since following that format as a GA since March 2020. In his spare time, Aditya enjoys cooking, comedy, and documentaries.


Simon has a Masters Degree in Education focused on Curriculum and ESL from Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia. After volunteering as an ESL and ECE teacher, Simon gained a passion for supporting families new to Canada – particularly as they transition between different international school systems.

Simon focuses on grammar as the foundation of reading and writing. By zooming-in on sentences and zooming-out to see the connected meanings needed to complete complex assignments, Simon helps students improve basic grammar, plan clear writing, and understand exam questions under pressure.

With extensive experience working in international and ecological education in rural and urban areas, as well as with students who have a first language other than English, Simon also researches best practices in language education methods to support all types of learners.

Simon grew up in Brockville, Ontario, and attended MSVU and Saint Mary’s University in Halifax Nova Scotia. He has 12 years experience as an educator and holds TESL Canada Level 3 and CELTA teaching certificates. In his free time, he likes to cycle, snowboard, and read.

Michael I.

Having graduated from York University’s Bachelor of Education program in 2020 Michael is now working as a supply teacher within the Toronto District School Board and York Region District School Board. He is qualified to teach Language, Math, Science, History, Geography, Art, Social Studies, and Physical Education up to grade 8, and specializes in Arts and English for senior students. Michael also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre performance and, over his 9 years working in the arts, has performed and taught Shakespeare to students of all ages, worked within First Nations communities, and performed in interactive theatre pieces with students addressing relevant problems effecting their lives. Putting students at the centre of their learning and finding ways to connect them to curriculum – thereby growing their curiosity – is what excites Michael most. From there, he believes that building from their previous knowledge and developing learning goals together is an effective way to empower their drive.

Michael has traveled to China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and across Europe and he brings his passion of exploring other cultures to his pedagogy. In every lesson there is a chance to reflect the society in which we live. He is a lover of the environment, books, movies, and videogames, and usually has much in common with his students.



Jessica is an Ontario Certified Teacher, with four years of teaching experience in a variety of different grade and skill levels. Growing up in Toronto, she has always had a passion for education and learning. Being the eldest grandchild of a very large extended family meant there was always someone to tutor or help with school work. Upon graduation, Jessica moved to Waterloo to pursue her Honours History degree at Wilfrid Laurier, and then to Oshawa’s University of Ontario for her Bachelor of Education. Throughout her education, Jessica fostered her love of travel, visiting many countries around the world. Her teaching career so far has given Jessica the opportunity to teach in both high school and elementary, and additionally, an extended time period teaching in an Essential Life Skills classroom. This experience has especially shaped her view of education, working to support math and literacy skills for students with a wide range of specialities. In her spare time, Jessica has always enjoyed playing as a goalie in ice hockey leagues, as well as beach volleyball in the Summer. She believes that these experiences, coupled with her natural love of learning, help her to meet the diverse needs of each learner with the goal of personal success.


Alex is a Research Fellow at the University Health Network with a PhD in Molecular Virology, and an Honours Bachelor with double majors in Philosophy and Biology. Through both his undergraduate and graduate studies he tutored at-need high-school and university students on a volunteer basis in the subjects of chemistry, biology, and writing. His interest in teaching also manifested as a TA for introductory and advanced university-level cell biology, during which he decided to a pursue a life in academia, both as a researcher and educator. He believes in the power of models and metaphors to make scientific concepts accessible to students, who can be more receptive to new theories if they contain familiar mechanisms. Outside of academia, he preserves his interests in philosophy and literature, reading widely, and writing.


Safiya is a certified member of the Ontario College of Teachers and has a B.Ed from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE-UofT). She also completed her undergrad at UofT where she specialized in French: Teaching French as a Second Language. Following graduation, Safiya spent three years in Switzerland playing hockey semi-professionally, working with young Swiss children, in their homes, teaching them French and English through every day activities and excursions.

Returning to Canada, Safiya volunteered with Big Brothers/Big Sisters with the same young girl for four years while working at Porter Airlines as a French-qualified Flight Attendant. Today, Safiya works as a manager at Porter in Operations/Crewing, where she continues to use French for business relations or facilitation. Never letting go of her passion for hockey and mentoring, Safiya also coaches part-time with the UofT Women’s Hockey Team, reliving her glory days from when she played on the team during undergrad. Her enthusiasm, warmth, patience and dedication to young people and their success is what makes working with Safiya an exceptional and rewarding experience.