Keira is an Ontario Certified Teacher who is qualified to teach Kindergarten through Grade 12. Keira graduated university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with a Major in French Studies. Prior to completing a francophone program during her undergrad, she participated in the French Immersion program in elementary school and high school. In addition to this, Keira completed two University French Immersion month-long programs in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. Keira has tutored for 8 years, and has tutored students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in the French language. She hopes to share her love of French with others. Her goal is to build her students’ confidence in the French language.

Keira loves working with children and students. Before she became a teacher she instructed preschool programs at a community centre. As well, she is an Ontario Certified Gymnastics Coach and instructed gymnastics classes for students aged 3-11 for several years. Keira has a passion for teaching and learning. She tries to create a positive and supportive environment for students by encouraging her students to ask questions and by letting them know that it is okay to make mistakes while learning. Mistakes are expected, respected, inspected, and then corrected! Keira enjoys connecting with her students and learning about their interests and hobbies.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching French films, painting and drawing, and spending time with her friends and family.



My name is Daniel. I am qualified to teach Grade 4-8, as well as Grade 9-12 Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Law. I have additional qualifications in special education, religion, and autism. I have experience working with students in the Moderate Communication Program and the Planning for Independence Program in the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board. I also have virtual teaching experience working with special needs students in the Halton Catholic District School Board as I have had IEP students with autism in many of my online and in-person classes. I also have diverse teaching experience as I have worked with students from grades 2-11 in the Halton Catholic District School Board. I am now a permanent teacher with the Hamilton – Wentworth Catholic District School Board. As a tutor, I am experienced in delivering customized learning plans designed to address each student’s needs. I strive to support students in developing self-confidence in their academic abilities, and work hard to improve their study habits with the goal of achieving academic success.


Helen is a retired French teacher who has worked with the Toronto DSB for 35 years (still substitutes there). Teaching is her dream job so she considers herself very fortunate. It’s where she shines. Helen is a lifelong learner and has no intention of stopping. She attended the concurrent education program at York University, graduating with both her B.A. in French and B.Ed with French teaching qualifications. She has completed several AQs, including P1 and P2 Reading. Even though Helen has predominantly taught French, there was much more teaching/learning happening than just language teaching. Helen feels the most important thing she can do for her students is to make connections with them and meet them where they are at. This would naturally lead to setting students up for success no matter how they feel about their progress. Helen loves language and she wants to instil that in her students. She is most passionate about reading because reading is a means to acquire knowledge and knowledge is power. Helen want all her students to feel empowered to follow their dreams and reach their goals.

Being a lifelong learner and retired, Helen is able to give more time to the many interests and hobbies that she has. She volunteers for Habitat For Humanity She and her dog are a therapy dog team visiting seniors and schools, hospitals and summer camps. She is a certified children’s yoga teacher and after retirement, she worked part-time at Apple, sharing her love of tech with her customers. She hopes to tutor as long as her heart, mind and body allow.


Hello, My name is Heeba. I am in my final year of my Master of Teaching at OISE (University of Toronto) with a specialization in teaching K-6 students. I am excited to be an OCT certified teacher in two months. I have a Specialized Honours Bachelors in Linguistics and am a certified TESOL (teaching English as a second language) teacher. I have over 4 years of teaching experience, two years of these were spent abroad in South Korea, teaching full-time at a public middle school to students aged 13-16. I am self-driven and self-motivated, as teaching is a career I chose and stuck to due to my sincere love for extending my knowledge to my students. I believe my relationship with my students is mutual, as they make me learn and discover new things about myself everyday.


Eric is currently in his 3rd year of Electrical Engineering at McMaster University and has 3+ years of private tutoring experience with students of all backgrounds. He founded an eBike startup and loves all aspects of mathematics, science, and technology. Eric believes in individualized learning and strives to help every student find their passion to fuel their academic performance.



Zahia is a dedicated French and mathematics Teacher. She first completed an engineering degree in Computer sciences in Algeria. She took the opportunity to perform a training in Pedagogy following the completion of her degree and she decided to pursue teaching as a career. Zahia grew up with a deep love of teaching French and working with children.

Zahia has an interest in travel and exploring the world. She moved to Quebec and had the opportunity to teach in many schools at elementary and middle school level. Then she moved to Saudi Arabia where she had the opportunity to teach French as a Second Language in International Schools.

Zahia returned to Canada 2 years ago, worked in a private school in Ottawa and was French Tutor for elementary and middle school students. She has supported the improvement of their reading, writing, vocabulary and listening skills. She recently moved to Toronto and is hired by ViaMonde School Board and Online schools to teach French and mathematics..

In her spare time, Zahia enjoys long distance walking, reading, as well as spending time with her friends and family.

Zahia believes that by building a strong relationship with her students she is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning. As a tutor, she continues to develop strategies for working with children. She finds these experiences enjoyable and extremely rewarding.




Jacobo Erazo is a 2nd-year Criminal Justice studies student at the University of Guelph-Humber. He has aspirations of one day being either a homicide detective or part of a police tactical unit. Jacobo has been studying and practicing French since the 5th grade.   At the age of 10, he reluctantly switched to the extended French program at a new school, this decision turned out to be one of the greatest things that ever happened to him. His first French teacher Madame Saulnier taught him not only how to speak, read and write but also taught him about the culture and infused fun activities within the curriculum to make learning fun and interesting which helped him to appreciate the importance of French and how useful of a skill it would be in the future to have. The switch also helped him make lifelong friends that he considers family. French was more than just a language, it was an opportunity, it helped him obtain jobs, make friends, travel, and culture himself. Jacobo hopes to pass on the knowledge, importance, and beauty of French that was instilled into him so that others may reap its rewards also.  Jacobo is also fluent in Spanish due to his Colombian background. In his free time, Jacobo likes to train Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai, exercise, play soccer and hang out with friends.



Julia Carreiro is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She grew up in Mississauga and moved to St. Catharine’s to complete her undergraduate degree in Child and Youth studies at Brock University. Upon her completion of her Bachelor of Arts degree, Julia attended York University to complete her Bachelor of Education. Julia has always had a passion for teaching, and it is through small group instruction where this passion really flourishes. Julia believes that through getting to know her students personally, she is better able to meet their individual needs and cater to their style of learning. As an educator, she believes that learning is an ongoing process as we navigate through life. She believes that teaching and educating should be an environment where student’s thoughts and opinions are heard and valued. Julia enjoys creating and maintaining learning environments where students are encouraged to co-create learning goals and success criteria alongside the teacher to meet curriculum expectations. Julia has experience creating different reading and writing clubs before and after school for students from JK-Grade 6. She enjoys working closely with students to ensure their understanding and progress. During the summer months, Julia loves to travel and immerse herself in many different cultures around the world. Julia has grown to appreciate the diversity of Ontario schools and believes that everyone brings their own gifts to a classroom. Julia also enjoys playing sports and staying active. This passion has led her to coach many school teams including soccer, basketball, and volleyball. She believes that students can learn a lot about themselves and others through sports and teamwork


Cody is a passionate teacher, dedicated to student success and development. He is a graduate of UofT and OISE, with a background is math, chemistry and physics. He is a versatile and experienced teacher, with over 8 years of teaching experience in different contexts, from swim instructor, to university TA and classroom teacher. He has taught in multiple countries, providing education in different curriculum structures to students with varying needs and learning styles. Cody cherishes great connections with students, believing it to be a cornerstone to student development as it provides a helpful and supportive relationship. As a tutor, he believes any student can succeed given the proper support and understanding of their needs.


Rabia Khan is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She is Canadian born and raised and has been living in Milton for over 12 years. She graduated with a Specialized Honours degree in English at York University in 2017. She most recently completed her Bachelors of Education from Brock University at the Junior/Intermediate level. Rabia has a passion for reading, and has read many books throughout the course of her life. She is a big fan of the Harry Potter and Twilight series, as well as Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allen Poe and other famous works of English literature. Her love for reading is what led her to pursue a degree in English. Rabia knew she wanted to become a teacher at a very young age. She is the eldest of 5 younger siblings and is also the oldest cousin on both sides of her family. Due to being the oldest child, Rabia naturally took on a leadership role and would enjoy “playing teacher” with them. This was one of the many reasons as to why she chose to go into teaching. Another reason why Rabia chose teaching as a career is because of her stepfather who is also a teacher. He has taught grades 6-8 math and science and has helped her with her studies growing up. In turn, she would enjoy helping him mark his students work back when she was in high school. It was since then that she decided to become a teacher. Rabia is very familiar with working with children of all ages as she has volunteered at the Goodlife Fitness daycare, Little Diva Spa Parties, and Home Depot Kids Workshops for over several years, conducting fun, interactive, and hands-on experiences. She has also taught at all grade levels during her placements at various schools throughout the Halton District School Board. In her spare time, Rabia enjoys reading fictional books, baking scrumptious desserts, cooking foods from all kinds of different cuisines, working out at the gym, fine dining, shopping, travelling, watching the latest and greatest tv shows/movies, playing video games, and spending some quality time with her friends and family. Rabia can adapt to children of all ages and learning styles/needs, and is able to create a fun, safe, and inclusive work environment for all.