Hi! I’m Michelle Li. This is my fourth year tutoring ESL (Level A-D). I grew up in China, but moved to Canada nine years ago to complete my Master of Education degree at Brock University. I genuinely enjoy teaching and tutoring. My philosophy is that each student is unique, therefore, they learn and thrive at their own pace. I’m really excited to be a part of this wonderful team.


Joey is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) teaching at Immaculata Catholic High School in Ottawa and is an M.Ed candidate for the Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum and Policy Studies program at the University of Ottawa. Joey graduated from Queen’s University with a BAH in Global Development Studies and a minor in History. He also completed his B.Ed degree at Queen’s University. During his time at Queen’s, Joey was an undergraduate Teaching Assistant (TA) and tutor for first-year students. He also helped facilitate Research Essay Workshops in Joseph S. Stauffer Library.

Joey is qualified to teach 7-12 History, 7-12 FNMI Studies, 7-12 English, 7-12 Health and Physical Education, 7-10 Mathematics, 11-12 Social Studies, and K-12 Special Education. Moreover, he has ample experience coaching Varsity Hockey, Lacrosse, XC T&F and is a supervisor for the Black Student Association and the Athletic Council.

At the heart of Joey’s pedagogy is establishing trust to promote deep learning. Trust is multifaceted and we base our judgements of trustworthiness based on whether or not we believe a person possesses integrity, benevolence, and competence. In establishing authentic trust, Joey uses his strategies centered around emotional intelligence, namely, the ability to accurately perceive emotions in others; the ability to use emotions to facilitate thought; translating emotion into construction thought and action.

As a tutor and a mentor, Joey believes that the core of education is rooted in one word: relationships. In recognizing the importance of relationships, the complex aspects of trust, and the necessity to be emotionally intelligent, effective and authentic tutoring can take place.



Ayesha is an enthusiastic second year Systems Design Engineering and Physics student at the University of Waterloo with 5+ years of experience in teaching math and physics to students from Grades 1-12 with various learning abilities. As a tutor, Ayesha believes that any student can achieve academic success when provided with the proper materials and support that is catered towards their learning style.


Mikhaela is a vocational and highly knowledgeable Educator who specialized lately in teaching French. She personally went through five Francophone education systems as a student, besides living many years in French-speaking countries around the world (Quebec / Europe / Africa). Two years of Latin in high school; many French classical literature courses, combined with 13 years of national and international experience in teaching, built her as a Teacher demonstrating diverse skills, ranging from curriculum development, to teaching French and training French professional. She efficiently masters how to quickly, consistently and permanently improve listening, reading, speaking and writing in French, due to many teaching and learning strategies that she has already tested, in many cultural backgrounds. This rich culture allows her to bring up the intercultural perspective of French language, an Ontario Curriculum requirement, as regionalisms, very capable of pointing out any cultural differences between American, European, Caribbean and African French. She also masters Maths and Sciences and Biology, her first field of studies. She has already taught many subjects as a Teacher in school, but also as a Tutor for gifted students or for students with educational challenges. She is an educational author who built progressive learning methods adapted to Ontario Curricula for core, extended, AP and IB French programs, allowing to manage students with diverse background and proficiencies in French.


Hi! My name is Caroline. I graduated last year from University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. I am currently working in the Peel District School Board as an In-School Support Teacher to help support students with special needs and ELL students. I am also supplying with the Halton District School Board. I believe in the importance of creating a safe and engaging environment where all students feel the confidence and safety to take risks throughout their learning journey. I enjoy getting to know my students and find that building a strong rapport is an important step in helping them reach their full potential. By getting to know my students it allows me to understand their individual needs and to find ways to plan activities and lessons to best support their learning style. During my free time, I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, and exploring new hiking trails around the GTA.



Juliana is delighted to work as a tutor, as she has always had a strong passion for teaching and leadership. Currently, she is in her fourth year in the Health Sciences program at McMaster University and is completing a minor in French.

Juliana began learning French at a very young age as a student in a francophone school. From grades 7-12, she continued her studies in the Extended French program and had the opportunity to participate in several French public speaking competitions. In high school, Juliana more fully discovered her passion for the sciences and found a way to pursue her love for both French and Science in university. After Juliana’s second year, she had the privilege of participating in a French summer exchange program in France, which offered her an unparalleled learning experience while being immersed in the richness of the culture.

As the eldest of five children and having extensive volunteer and work experience with children ranging from grades 1-12, Juliana has gained practical experience in teaching and leadership. Juliana believes in the importance of forming meaningful relationships with her students and working together to find specific ways to help them achieve their goals. Juliana hopes to share her love for learning while creating a healthy environment where each student feels encouraged and supported to reach their full potential.



Hello. My name is Fatema Jiwani and I have been an OCT since 2012. In 2013, I taught Grade 1 in England and in 2016 I got hired by the TVDSB. I have supplied for most of my time with the board but also had positions in ESL, phys ed/health and currently working in a remote learning class teaching grade 3.


Anna is in the midst of completing her fourth and final year in the Child and Youth Care Program at Ryerson University with a Minor in French. She is excited to have this opportunity to share her passion for the French language with students as it is a subject she has had a strong interest in from a young age. Anna was a student in the Extended French Program from grades 5 through 12 and participated in numerous French public speaking competitions. To date, Anna has completed two additional summer French Immersion Programs at the Université du Quebec a Chicoutimi and Cégep de Trois Rivières which focused on enriching French oral and written skills while simultaneously immersing oneself in the French culture.

Anna is extremely passionate in working with and alongside today’s young people, especially when in a position to be able to create a positive impact in their lives. She has gained experience working with youth one-on-one and in group settings through internship and volunteer positions within schools, as well as being a dance instructor.

Anna strongly believes that building a meaningful, strong and personal rapport with individuals plays a key role in their education as it assists in identifying individual needs and strengths. Anna’s goal is to enrich young people’s learning experiences through providing a welcoming, encouraging and supportive environment.



Esha’s teaching experience of more than three years has provided her with necessary skills in pedagogy and she is adept in a physical as well as a virtual classroom instruction setting, with various modes of teaching to reach children of all learning styles. In addition, her high-energy and creative personality make Esha ideally suited to teach grades K-3. She loves teaching because of the exploring, learning and fun.

Before becoming a full-time teacher/tutor, Esha worked as an early childhood assistant, a copywriter and a lawyer. Esha’s favourite subject is Language and she could teach it all day, literally!


Nicole is a graduate from Nipissing University’s Concurrent Education program with a major in English. Currently, she is a grade 7 and 8 teacher in a school board in the GTA. Nicole has experience teaching a variety of learners in various subjects. She is able to teach al subjects to students in grades 4-8. As well as high school English grades 9-12. She will find out what type of learner her student excels at the best and uses that to help them reach their full potential. Through tutoring Nicole provides positive reinforcement to promote a growth mindset. Aside from teaching, Nicole loves to spend time with friends and travel.