Lubna is an Ontario Certified Teacher, who presently teaches with the Toronto District School Board. She has a Bachelor of Education degree from Tyndale University and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies, from the University of Toronto. Lubna knew she wanted to become an educator since she was in elementary school and through inspiration of her third-grade teacher. In secondary school, she grew a deep love for the field of law, and later continued to explore this field in her undergraduate studies. While simultaneously exploring her newfound interest in legal studies, she continued pursuing her dreams of becoming an educator by tutoring at her local library in Hamilton, ON for several years. Lubna is an innovative, student-focused, motivated and effective educator with 10 years of experience supporting children reach academic and social-emotional success, both individually and in group settings. Her love of learning and passion for teaching others has resulted in her acquiring 7 years of tutoring experience and 3 years of classroom teaching experience, both within the private and public school system.

Lubna’s experience of working closely with diverse inner-city students, including, English language learners and those with exceptionalities has definitely strengthened her understanding of the various learning abilities and individual student needs. It is her goal as an educator to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for each of her students, in order to help them adopt a growth mindset. She has a strong belief that every child can succeed and that a growth mindset is important to that success. In her classroom, mistakes are not seen as failure to succeed, but rather an opportunity to reflect, redirect, and retry. She believes that it is through making mistakes that we learn the most and grow in our knowledge and understanding of the world around us.


Mustansir is a 4th year Mathematics student at the University of Waterloo. He grew up in Pakistan, and moved to Waterloo in 2019 to start his undergraduate degree. He speaks 2 languages; English and Urdu fluently. Throughout high school, Mustansir has had experience with teaching. He used to tutor his peers and juniors in Mathematics and sometimes Physics. During his time at university, Mustansir continued tutoring, although not in a professional capacity. He just wanted to help his friends and juniors with the courses they were having trouble with. He’s generous like that.

Mustansir is planning to graduate in May 2024 and wants to pursue a career in software development. He is enrolled in a co-op program and has completed 3 internships, the last of which gave him the opportunity to work in person in Tokyo, Japan for 4 months, during the Fall Term. And yes, this was an incredible amount of fun. Finally, his interests include go-karting, Formula 1, speed cubing, chess, volleyball, and table tennis.


Camille is an Ontario Certified Teacher, qualified to teach at the primary, junior, and intermediate levels. She completed her teacher education in Jamaica, however, she has taught in Ontario for over 10 years. Camille is currently working with the Peel District School board. Her teaching/tutoring style is very student-centered, and she meets students where they are academically, and then works with them to achieve their highest potential. Camille thoroughly enjoys working with students to meet and overcome any challenges they may have in language, math, or French.


Manali Shah graduated from the University of Mumbai in Business Management with an expertise of International Finance. While in University, she was a teaching assistant for a coaching academy. After graduation, she pursued a Bachelor’s in Education in Math & Commerce to gain a professional approach in her teaching career. Her teaching methodology merges from the courses she has undertaken. At present, she specializes in teaching Math, Economics, Business; Social studies, under the International Baccalaureate and Ontario Curriculum. She has spent 8 years on teaching hundreds of successful students across India, London, Dubai and Canada.

She believes mathematics is a combination of intuitive art and rigorous craft. She breaks down each problem into simple and understandable pieces that makes it convenient for her students to understand and remember. Her practical approach, new methods and strategies makes students actively engaged in their learning and succeed in classroom.

She loves her job and sees a great sense of achievement from seeing her students grow as individuals. She teaches using an interactive pen tablet and screen-sharing via an online video platform and is available via email and text.


Aspiring CPA, Tejas is training for post-graduation in professional accounting at Humber College. If numbers scare you, then he can be your go-to person for help. Finance, accounting, and business management are his forte. He finds that too much information overwhelms students which hinders understanding some simple concepts. And some textbooks are very dry to understand something challenging. Tejas’ approach to tutoring is to clarify concepts with simplicity and real business case scenarios. Whether it’s an assignment or a homework problem question he can assist the student at their pace of learning. He was a peer-assisted learning volunteer in the second year of his under-graduation. It was then that he realized that he enjoys teaching his friends and students in college. Tejas is easy-going, and inquisitive to learn and solve problems. He also has some cool study tips and tricks that he would be happy to share, which helped him score high grades throughout his high school and university. Besides academia and work life Tejas is an animal and nature lover. He has an adorable pet dog. He is a yoga practitioner, dancer and a trained yoga teacher from India.

With work experience of 2 years at a young Kombucha startup prior to his master’s education. Tejas gathered hands-on learning in accounting and operations in the food and beverage industry. It was his financial acumen that drew him to the field of accounting and pursue CPA in Canada. He has a bachelor’s in business management with a specialization in Finance from Mumbai University. He got third rank in the batch with a CGPA of 9.61. For his secondary education, he went to a boarding school where he followed Cambridge University board curriculum (IGCSE) and was a part of the student council as a cultural head. He got 90% aggregate in his high school.


Warda is a third-year Mechatronics Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. She has completed multiple internships in various engineering fields from Manufacturing Analyst at Centra Industries, to Software Assurance at i4i, to Sales Engineer at HTS. She is currently on her fifth coop term as a Mechanical Designer at Smith and Andersen. Besides work and school, Warda loves to volunteer and spends her time giving back to the community. She has accumulated over 150 volunteer hours, through participation at summer camps for kids with disabilities and at animal shelters. Warda has prior experience mentoring kids from her coop position at i4i, where she discovered her passion for tutoring. She believes in being a role model to her students, helping them develop both hard and soft skills, that will be beneficial for their future. And when she is not busy working, studying or teaching, she loves to paint and read!


 Alyssa is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She knew she wanted to be an educator since the age of 6 through inspiration of her grade 1 teacher. Her passion continues to shine through as she furthers her learning through AQ (additional qualification) courses to best support her students. She is qualified in Special Education, Reading, Teaching Students with Communication Needs: Autism Spectrum Disorder and teaches the primary and junior grades. Alongside her educational background, Alyssa has been tutoring for the past 4 years. She delivers interactive and differentiated lessons tailored to each student to ensure they are successful in their learning. When Alyssa is not learning, teaching or tutoring, you can find her exploring hiking trails or spending time with family.


Lindsay graduated from the Concurrent Education program at Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education in the primary and junior divisions. Since then, she has obtained additional qualifications to enhance her practice in Reading and Mathematics along with to teach Intermediate English, Special Education, English as a Second Language.

Lindsay has experience in Canadian classrooms teaching Math, Language, Science, Social Studies and the Arts in Grades 1 through 8. She has also taught and tutored in Namibia, Peru and China.

Lindsay uses her passion and enthusiasm towards teaching and learning to establish a positive learning environment with her students. She believes an environment where questions are encouraged and mistakes are respected is one that will promote success in each child’s learning. Lindsay recognizes that learning is an individual process and thus works hard to tailor her instruction to use each student’s strengths in order to address their needs.

Lindsay has a passion for working with children both inside and outside the classroom. She spends her spare time coaching children’s soccer as well as volunteering in special education settings within her local school board.


Aisha is a second-year industrial engineering student at the University of Toronto. She is also doing a minor in business. For the past 3 years, she has tutored high school students in various subjects; primarily math and science. She has also been tutoring two autistic students for the past 2 years. She has completed the SAT with 1510/1600, and she also completed the IB curriculum successfully (42/45).

Aisha has a very positive and motivating approach when it comes to tutoring. She understands that some topics may be easier and some might be hard. Therefore, she uses an analytical approach to understand where the student struggles and uses positive language and demeanor to fully support the student. She also communicates with the student’s parents regularly and provides feedback. To her, tutoring is a triangle between the tutor, the student, and the parents.

In her free time, she enjoys horse riding and hanging out with her friends. She also loves playing tennis and working out.


Hello There! My name is Carl and I am very excited to be a part of your child’s education! I am certified as a geography and history teacher but I am also very excited about helping students out with their Spanish, French, and even math!

After I graduated university I taught overseas in New Zealand for one and a half years before deciding to come back home to London Ontario. Upon my return I joined Thames Valley District School Board, where I continue to teach and work today.

Before teaching full time, I taught swimming lessons for 10 years, so I have a ton of experience teaching children of all ages. Swimming also gave me a deeper appreciation for the individuality of all learners.

When I’m not teaching I enjoy playing guitar, wrestling, and reading.