Jacquelyn D. H.

Jacky holds her Bachelor of Education (English and French) from The King’s University.

She has privately tutored French and ELA from grades 5 to 9, Math, Social Sciences, English,, French as a Second Language and Chemistry. She worked as an Educational Facilitator for Inclusion Alberta, where she facilitated the inclusion of 4 students with disabilities at MacEwan University, by developing individualized support strategies to enable them with completing course material, connecting with peers on campus, and gaining and maintaining employment within their given field of study.

Over the past, two years, Jacky has worked as a Support Worker for an individual with a developmental disability, helping him to develop his career as both a writer and as a fundraising professional.

In the past, she worked as a Child Care Assistant in YMCA of Northern Alberta, where she provided after-school programming for 50 students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 6 at Mount Pleasant Elementary School.

As the Section Director at the YMCA, she directed and administrated over 350 campers, providing discipline, communicating with parents, and building a positive environment for different personality types within the section.

Jacky’s incredible experience teaching multiple students at once, combined with her knowledge of lesson planning and curriculum enrichment, provide a stimulating, professional environment in which her students may thrive.

Ryan M.

Ryan holds a B.Sc Honours degree in Biochemistry from Mt. Allison University and. M.Sc in Marine Biology from Memorial University. His academic research included endosymbiosis in photosynthetic sea slugs and modeling biogeochemical feedback processes in the North Atlantic.

Ryan’s teaching career has seen him work at international schools across Africa, Asia and North America. He is an experienced tutor of Middle and High School, and University students, including the IB program.

He began formal tutoring in 2001, supporting WUSC’s student refugee program. His teaching specialties now include the Extended Essay and TOK components of the IBDP, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems, as well as pre-Calculus and Calculus I.

Ryan is passionate about outdoor education and experiential learning, highlights include: interdisciplinary studies during camping expeditions in the Japanese Alps, midnight biodiversity surveys in the Western Ghats, service learning during Group 4 projects in the Verde Island Passage in the Philippines, and marine mammal dissections around Vancouver Island.

Ryan’s subject expertise and learner-centered approach make his lessons authentic, memorable, and fun. He is also a veteran science teacher, SCUBA instructor, and wildlife photographer.

Ralph R.

Ralph is completing Bachelors in Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He currently holds an International Baccalaureate High School diploma.

Ralph tutored for his High School’s peer tutoring program, which he eventually led for two years. He has also worked as a mentor for a group students, building rapport with them by playing games and helping them deal with school life and academics.

His specialties include: Mathematics and Physics at all levels, Chemistry, Essay Writing, and French as a second language.

Ralph has practiced and is proud of his ability to adapt his teaching style to match how his students think about the foundational concepts. He has noticed that anxiety and low confidence in students often causes content to seem a lot more daunting than it really is. He recognizes that self-esteem and ease-of-mind make a significant difference in a students motivation and ability to learn, and likes to break down concepts, making them less “scary” by avoiding going off topic or sugarcoating content.

His experience, combined with his style of teaching helps students deal with school-related anxiety by building their confidence and showing them that they too can grasp seemingly difficult concepts.

Jason J.

Jason is currently completing his Bachelor of Science in Architecture at McGill University. He’s a graduate of Marianopolis in Health Sciences and of College Notre Dame.

He has worked for years as a math and science tutor for both Elementary and High School students, including at College Notre Dame, A1 Tutoring, and privately. He also worked as a homework supervisor at Academie Saint-Clement for grades 5 and 6.

Jason’s calm and approachable demeanor ensures that all students feel comfortable taking risks and reaching his / her goals.

Nancy K.

Nancy is finalizing her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology at McGill University. She holds a Master’s in Biology from Balamand University (Lebanon).

She has worked for 2 years as a biochemistry teaching assistant at McGill University, and worked as a high school biology teacher for years. Nancy also supervised and helped research trainees and masters students with their thesis project, while publishing numerous scientific articles and medical manuscripts.

Her specialties include Biology & Chemistry for High School, CEGEP, and University.

Nancy has more than 8 years of experience in teaching: she is passionate about education and her strength lies in teaching students of different age groups, and from distinctive social and economic backgrounds. She taught refugees in both private and public schools.

Nancy believes that each student learns in their own unique way, and employs multiple methods in order to concretize concepts.

Bryana L.

Bryana is currently completing a DEC in Laboratory Technology/Analytical Chemistry at Dawson College. She graduated from Laurier MacDonald high school in the International Baccalaureate program.

Bryana has tutored for four years now. Her specialties include: math, French (as a second language), science and chemistry, including all of the IB subjects.

She also worked as a summer camp counsellor and science animator during which time she performed science experiments. She worked as an intern at a pharmaceutical company, during which time she worked in the quality control laboratory for products used in radiology.

Besides teaching Bryana has been a dancer for ten years, and loves to travel. Her love of learning, positivity and compassion help encourage her students that learning can be fun.

William L.

William is currently completing his Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Finance) at Concordia University. He began tutoring five years ago at Lower Canada College (from where he graduated), during which time he took part in multiple specialized learning workshops.

His specialties include: math (all ages) and English (writing).

As a student, William has traveled to England where he attended the London Business School of Economics; he also started an e-commerce business and now works in Finance at TD Bank. He also serves as a leader at the Chabad of Westmount Community Service Center.

William’s awards include the Golden Key International Honour Award at the John Molson School of Business, The Duke of Edinburgh Award (Gold, silver, and bronze), The Dawson Basketball highest academic standard award, and the MVP award from his basketball team.

William’s charismatic and detail-oriented personality, combined with his ability to break down course material, help his students build confidence and strive academically.

Victoria L.

Victoria is completing her DEC in Commerce from Dawson College. She holds her high school diploma from Lower Canada College, during which time she was the recipient of the Peter W. Webster scholarship award, two years in a row, for her outstanding volunteer work and academic results.

Victoria has been tutoring for over three years and her specialties include: all subjects at the Elementary level and French as a Second Language at all levels.

She has worked at the YMCA as both a lifeguard and swimming instructor, where she integrated creative ways of teaching kids how to work together and improve their swimming. She has also worked at Bricks for Kids, where she simplified complex robotic topics for young kids. She has volunteered at Share the Warmth and MADA, where she worked as a leader and supervisor to the rest of the volunteers.

Victoria uses multiple methods of teaching to ensure her students fully understand the material, regardless of how they learn.

Eveleigh N.

Eveleigh graduated from the University of British Columbia-Okanagan with a Major in History and a Minor in Economics, where she was a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society.

Her specialties include: English (including ESL), French as a Second Language, Social Studies, Elementary and Middle School Math, and University Writing (ages 7 and up). She has also taught students with different learning disabilities.

Eveleigh also worked at the Kelowna Community Life Center, where she supervised high school volunteers.

She builds her student’s confidence and interest in a subject through effective communication and creative approaches.

Constantinos T.

Constantinos is completing his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering with a focus on telecommunications from Concordia University.

Having worked on multiple practical and complex engineering projects with experienced scientists to generate material for experiments, Costa’s specialties include: math (including calculus), science (including physics), and History.

He has also completed over six years with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves.

Constantinos transfers his motivation and discipline for learning on to his students: he is passionate about helping others understand complex topics and achieving their academic goals.