Christina C.

Christina is currently completing an Honours Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Toronto. She specializes in Health and Disease which focusses on subjects such as biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. She has achieved a Dean’s List Scholar status and has been awarded numerous academic scholarships for her excellence in the sciences.
Christina has tutored many students ranging from elementary to high school students in both academic and advanced placement science courses, both in one-on-one and small group settings. She often receives positive feedback from her students as she is able to clarify complicated concepts in a manner that is easy to understand. Christina is currently looking to tutor any prospective students in need of assistance in the sciences. She is looking forward to engaging with her new students to promote their academic success and confidence in the sciences.

Sonya B.

Sonya is a Teacher Candidate who completed her post-secondary education at Queen’s University. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and will complete her Bachelor of Education in July 2021. Her certified teachable subjects are English and Drama at the Intermediate and Senior level. Sonya has experience working in Reading Recovery and remediation and has taught and worked in public and private school settings. She has experience working with children and adolescents ages 7-18 through multiple placements, working in student activities, and through her many roles at summer camps (Camp Shalom and Christie Refugee Welcome Centre). Through her various mentoring and teaching experiences, Sonya has learned how students learn best and what is needed to motivate students to succeed and reach their full potential. Through this, Sonya is a strong believer in the power of one-on-one support and fostering passion and creativity through hands-on critical thinking activities. Sonya teaches with a growth mindset, believing all learning skills and abilities can develop through dedication, hard work, and a teacher that allows students to ask questions. In her free time, Sonya enjoys visual art through painting and drawing and exploring the outdoors and travelling whenever she can. You also will never find Sonya without a book in her hand or bag- you never know when you can get a few pages in!

Tiffany L.

Tiffany is the Curriculum Leader of Math at her current school with the Toronto District School Board and has been with the board for over 6 years. She is qualified to teach Intermediate and Senior Math and Chemistry.

Throughout her teaching career, she has taught grade 9-11 Math, grade 12 Advanced Functions and grade 11 Chemistry to a variety of learners and therefore can explain concepts in ways that can help students learn best based on their individual learning style.

Tiffany is very comfortable using technology and has a laptop tablet that she can write on while sharing the screen during online tutoring.

Tiffany has always wanted to be a teacher because she enjoys helping students learn and help build their confidence. She believes that all students deserve an elevated and positive learning experience.

Tiffany enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, playing volleyball and board games.

Elisa B

Elisa B. is a graduate from York University in the Bachelor of Education Program with French as a Second Language as her teachable subject. Prior to York University, Elisa earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts in French (Major), Italian and Spanish (Minors) from University of Toronto (Summa Cum Laude) and a Master of Education (Language and Literacies), from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Her empathy towards students and passion for languages and teaching are a combination which many parents and students alike have commented on. She enjoys travelling, exploring new countries, canoeing and swimming. She has a strong understanding and commitment to inclusion and differentiating instruction, depending on student learning style and needs. Elisa also understands the importance of ensuring that parents and guardians are involved the learning process and kept abreast of the student’s challenges and progress.

Tori C.

Tori attended Brock University receiving a double Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education/Dramatics Arts and Education. Since graduation she has become qualified in all grades (K-12), and has received extra training on teaching Special Education. After graduation, Tori spent 2 years working on the Niagara Catholic District School Board and had the opportunity to teach many different classes gaining experience over a wide variety of learning abilities and curriculum expectations. Tori has recently moved to Simcoe County and is a teacher with the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board and is currently teaching language and math to grade 4-6 students.

Throughout university, Tori worked as a Sports School instructor and in her later years she was in charge of the overall Youth Programs, overseeing all of the camps at Brock. She also volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters as a Go Girls’ Mentor where she lead discussion and activities promoting being active, balanced eating and positive self- esteem to young girls. While studying at Brock, Tori play on the Women’s Varsity Volleyball team and in her final year, she was appointed the Captain. Growing up, Tori was a swim and dance instructor and has always wanted to be a teacher, following in her parents’ footsteps. Tori is caring, outgoing, compassionate and she loves educating and inspiring children and youth today.

Satwinder O.

Satwinder is an Ontario Certified Teacher, holding a Bachelor of Science degree, followed by a Bachelor of Education, specializing in the Primary/Junior grade levels. Additionally, Satwinder has taken an Additional Qualification in Special Education, Reading and Environmental science and consistently participates in educational workshops to further her knowledge.
Satwinder currently works as a permanent teacher with Peel District School Board with an extensive 15 years of experience in teaching children and adult’s from several cultural communities. She also has exemplary communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.
Satwinder has been the coordinator for the Summer Literacy Camp for ten years which is hosted by Council of Directors of Ontario, where she coordinated the day-to-day program implementation by supporting staff to determine the best possible strategies to ensure high quality and engaging literacy and numeracy programs, recreational activities, collection of research data and overall well being of the students.
Satwinder believes that every student is a unique force with an abundance of talent. Her challenge as an educator is to provide learning opportunities that engage, challenge and empower students in realizing their highest potential. Satwinder is passionate about working with children and helping them gain the confidence they need to succeed. Satwinder ensures to do her best to support her students to help them reach their full potential. She believes in the value of fostering meaningful relationships with her students while creating a safe and supportive learning environment.
In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, making arts and crafts, and spending time with friends and family.

Violeta C.


Violeta has a Master’s degree in Teaching from OISE, University of Toronto. She holds a Canada-wide recognized TESOL certificate from ILAC school. She has 5 years of experience teaching ESL and 2 years of experience teaching primary school (grade 4-8). Violeta was born and raised in Spain.  Spanish is her first language. 
Violeta can teach grades 4-8 Extended French and English. She can also teach French, Spanish, and English at the intermediate and senior level.

Callie B

Callie Bowman has a Masters of Teaching from the University of Toronto. She is a qualified OCT teacher and has been working at a Toronto independent school for over 2 years, teaching mostly middle school math and science. Before becoming a teacher, Callie worked many different jobs including as a bird researcher, motivational speaker, and youth baseball coach. While not working with children and youth, she enjoys playing sports including hockey, volleyball, and rugby, making pancakes, and spending time with her partner and dog, Bobby.

Fiona B.

Fiona has a BA in Geography from McGill and a Junior-Intermediate B. Ed from Queen’s. These university qualifications first took her around the world to work at international schools. In South Africa, she taught high school Geography and Economics at a time when democracy was just returning to that nation. In both Switzerland and Laos she found her niche as a grade five and six classroom teacher.

After settling back in Canada to start a family, Fiona used her experience in education to start a Muskoka Preschool and to volunteer as a tutor at Glen Orchard Public School. Still loving travel, Fiona homeschooled her two sons in all subjects from grades one to eight while they explored over 100 countries together. During her children’s high school years at Rosseau Lake College, Fiona held positions of Parent Guild President, Running Coach, Grades Seven and Eight Language Arts Teacher and Board Director. She also created a 50th Anniversary book for the school plus an RLC Yearbook for her younger son’s graduating year.

Fiona believes that learning should be both fun and purposeful. She encourages students to develop organizational skills to allow for creative and confidence-building experiences.

Muna M.

Muna is an Ontario Certified Teacher with senior math, physics and chemistry qualifications. She has been working at one of Ontario’s largest school boards teaching grades 11 and 12 math and science for the past three years. 
She is also a Professional Engineer (chemical engineering) with over 10 years of experience in the energy sector.  She has also earned her Masters degree in engineering from the University of Toronto. 
Through her engineering and teaching experiences, she is able to relate the Ontario math and science curriculums to real life applications which helps her students apply their knowledge and find relevance to the material they are learning. 
Muna has solid experience teaching in a virtual classroom through the use of online tools and simulation programs.  She prides herself in teaching the principles of science and gradually building her students’ confidence in solving complex problems. Her approach is unique as she is able to