Danica J.

Danica studied Bachelor’s in Business Administration, majoring in finance, and is currently completing her diploma in International Business. She has over a decade of experience working with children by being a volunteer teacher within her local community since she was in high school. Presently, she serves as a peer tutor at Centennial College, specializing in math courses within the Business department, and as a part-time instructor at an after-school learning center, tutoring children from grades one to eight.

Beyond her academic endeavors, Danica finds joy in painting pet portraits and scenic landscapes, staying active with badminton, and embracing the challenge of learning new languages.

Her patient and understanding nature, combined with her passion for education, is evident in her teaching approach. She is committed to empowering students and instilling a love for lifelong learning.

Tejas G.

Tejas, an aspiring CPA, holds a post-graduate degree in professional accounting from Humber College. He pursued a second post-graduate degree in financial planning from the same institution, driven by his passion for finance. With a talent for simplifying complex concepts, he excels in tutoring finance, accounting, and business management. During his undergraduate studies, Tejas served as a peer tutor, discovering his enjoyment in teaching and guiding his peers. He offers personalized assistance, breaking down challenging topics using real-world scenarios. Tejas has a strong academic background, ranking third in his bachelor’s degree in business management from Mumbai University with a CGPA of 9.61. He has proven his dedication to education, achieving a remarkable 90% aggregate in high school while also holding a leadership position as a cultural head in the student council.

Before pursuing further education, Tejas gained valuable hands-on experience at a Kombucha startup, honing his skills in accounting and operations within the food and beverage industry. His financial acumen fueled his ambition to pursue a CPA designation in Canada. In the fall of 2024, Tejas will embark on his career journey at Deloitte Canada as a staff accountant in assurance services. Beyond academia and work, Tejas finds joy in nature, sharing his life with an adorable pet dog and dedicating time to yoga, in which he is trained as a yoga teacher from India.

Saumya M.

Saumya has a vast background in various subjects that she is qualified to tutor. She has a background in Arts & Culture through her high school’s SHSM program, focusing on Vocal Music and Musical Theatre. During this time, she taught music theory to grades 9-11 students.

Saumya completed her undergraduate education in Neuroscience, Biology, and Chemistry at the University of Toronto. She is currently finishing her Master of Science degree from the University of Toronto in Cell and Systems Biology. She plans to complete an MD/PhD degree and eventually teach undergraduate university courses as a professor.

Saumya has experience teaching undergraduate small-group tutorials as a Teaching Assistant at U of T Mississauga. Her subjects of expertise include general chemistry, biology, and psychology. She has also given guest lectures and created advanced case studies for human anatomy courses at UofT.

Saumya has won numerous academic and public service awards for her commitment to student success. She has mentored high school and university students academically since 2017. In her free time, Saumya enjoys musical theatre, indoor cycling, solving sudoku puzzles, and trivia games!


Camilia D.

Camilia is a professional and passionate tutor with over 6 years of experience teaching and tutoring. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology, and is pursing her Doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Camilia is a certified ESL instructor, and has worked with students at a variety of grade and ability levels. Camilia loves teaching, learning, art, music, cooking and travelling. On her free time she takes photographs and runs outside 🙂

Julia G.

Julia is a teacher candidate at York University’s concurrent education program. She aims to teach the Intermediate/Senior age groups when she graduates from university. She completed her undergrad at York University with a major in theatre and a minor in history. Julia has gained most of her teaching experience through working with different age groups at daycares and previous tutoring opportunities. Prior to university, Julia has tutored different subject matters including english, geography, history, and the arts.

Aside from her passion for teaching, Julia has worked as an assistant manager at a retail store and volunteered with drama camps over multiple summers. Julia used to take dance and singing lessons recreationally throughout her childhood. She also enjoys music and movies that she can share with others. Julia is very passionate when working with students and aims for each student to leave working with her to enjoy at least one element of what they have learned together.


Marta G.

Marta has been teaching in TDSB schools for over 15 years. Her teaching subjects are Mathematics and Computer Science / Computer Engineering in the Intermediate/Senior division, and in addition she holds an AQ in Special Education and ESL. She did teach Accounting and holds Level 3 CGA, as well. She believes that patience, resourcefulness, imagination, and kindness empower and help students trying their best to not only achieve academic success but also develop critical thinking skills and a love for learning.

May M.

May earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and Professional Writing at York University. During her undergrad years, she won two university writing awards and got published. For two years, she worked as a journal editor and competition judge for Jan Rehner, a department-level writing award for undergraduate students. She has various experiences mentoring and teaching students. Her favourite part is seeing people improve and become better writers.


Alina Z.

Alina is a medical student at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry (Western University). She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Guelph with a major in biomedical sciences and minor in neuroscience before completing her Masters of Science at the University of Toronto. Alina has extensive teaching experience during her undergraduate and graduate studies as a graduate teaching assistant. She was a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto for over 3 years, teaching cell and molecular biology, physiology, and human anatomy. Prior to university, Alina tutored middle and high school students in biology, chemistry and math.

Outside of academia, Alina has had unique career experiences working at a management consulting firm and as a real estate agent. She used to be a competitive swimmer and continues her swimming passion during her free time. She loves to paint, travel, and practice yoga. Alina is very passionate about working with students to help them achieve their full potential and prepare them for their own future career goals.



Rebecca S.

Rebecca is currently completing her first year in the Master of Teaching program with a specialization in primary/junior education, at the University of Toronto. She recently graduated from Queen’s University and received a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology. Through her undergraduate and graduate studies, Rebecca has worked as a teacher and mentor to young students of varying ages. Most recently, she completed a practicum placement teaching students in the fifth grade, and she is about to begin her second placement in a kindergarten classroom. Outside of teaching, Rebecca also has a passion for mentorship and supporting students with diverse needs. She has worked as a mentor to at risk students in a weekly after school program, to help children develop positive life and academic skills. She has also mentored first year psychology university students throughout her undergraduate studies, as well as exchange students in her final year. In both experiences, she was responsible for answering any queries and supporting these students in adjusting to their new environments. Rebecca strives to foster growth and development in the students she works with, and she is keen to implement effective evidence-based teaching strategies in her practice. In her spare time, Rebecca loves to travel, paint, crochet, and spend time with her dog and cat!


Jenny N.

Jenny is an Ontario Certified English Language Teacher (OCELT). She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESL) certificate from York University. With experience ranging from middle school to adult learners, Jenny caters to the diverse learning and professional needs of her students by utilizing different teaching approaches.

A good educator is one who sets up a space for students to feel valued and motivated to participate. Jenny strives to achieve this by incorporating multimodal lessons that utilize emerging forms of technology, as well as activities catering to different learning styles, e.g., kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and more. Her goal is for students to leave her classroom with skills and values they can continue to use in their future careers and lives. Her lesson topics help students achieve curriculum goals while also having personal relevance.

In her free time, Jenny enjoys expanding her knowledge and furthering her skills for professional growth through teaching workshops and dialogue. Jenny believes that the teaching world is always improving and is keen on staying up-to-date with her teaching practice.