Samantha Q.

Samantha Q. is a dedicated educator. She holds a degree in Education and Child Development. Samantha has spent many years working with kids, from infants to teenagers, in various settings, including childcare, swimming lessons, and youth programs on a cruise ship.
Over the last year, Samantha taught in Stockholm, Sweden science and technology to 4th to 6th graders, showing her knack for making learning fun. Currently, she’s part of an independent school, where she continues to inspire young minds.
In her free time, Samantha enjoys playing ice hockey and recently joined a volleyball team. She’s passionate about helping children achieve their best. Her goal is to provide the support and encouragement they need to succeed.

Natalya C.

Natalya has an Honours Specialist degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Education with senior qualifications in Mathematics and Chemistry from OISE. Natalya also holds additional qualifications in Special Education. Natalya has been teaching for over 17 years with the Toronto District School board and has taught a wide variety of Mathematics and Science courses. She is passionate about teaching and creating an environment that inspires and promotes student success.


Khalil C.

Khalil has a bachelors of science in physics and mathematics. He is pursuing a master of teaching degree at OISE. He’s been tutoring since he has graduated high school with various different companies and methods. Khalil enjoys exploring new avenues by which to approach teaching mathematics and physics concepts and is always looking to improve upon his teaching and tutoring skill set.


Laura N.

Laura is a patient and enthusiastic educator who takes pride in helping her students succeed! Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies, and is currently working towards the completion of her OCT designation with Ontario Tech University. Laura has been in the education field for just under 10 years tutoring students, teaching health and physical education in a private school setting, as well as teaching abroad in South Africa. Laura would be a phenomenal fit to help your child achieve their academic goals!




Marion C.

Marion has a Bachelor’s degree of Foreign Languages, Literatures, Civilisations in English, a Master’s degree of French as a Second Language and a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

She has experience as a qualified teacher for 5 years in French Immersion schools and French-speaking schools. She has acquired a solid teaching experience in the school environment, particularly with pupils in the primary-junior cycle. During her studies, she had the chance to go into her teaching and classroom management techniques in depth. Also, her training enables her to provide individualized support to students with special needs. She has acquired skills in pedagogical differentiation and in adapting learning materials to promote students’ academic success and social integration.

Also, she has over 9 years of experience in teaching French has a second language in language schools. She speaks English and French.

She is very organized and rigorous in her work, but also reactive, flexible, versatile, and hard-working. She is dynamic, motivated, open-minded, and sociable.







Eric V.

Eric is a passionate and dedicated educator with a strong background in the arts and education. He is a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers in the Junior Intermediate Division with an Advanced qualification in Primary Education. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts photography degree from Ontario College of Arts and Design and a Bachelors of Education. Before starting his bachelor’s of education, Eric mentored and coached robotics for 3 years.
Eric has experience teaching grades 1-10 with a strong affinity for math and art. He strives to maintain a positive learning environment that promotes student well-being. He aims for students to see the potential in themselves and their learning abilities.

Gaya S.

Gayathri S. is well known for her experience for working with children and her passion for teaching. She has her Bachelor of Arts and her Bachelor of Education to certify her teaching credentials in Ontario. She is a member of the IB World School, where she has taught in private schools, tutoring and educating primary and junior students. She is nurturing and focuses on creating a safe space, a child-centered approach in students acknowledging their learning abilities and accomplishing their educational needs.

Eleni K.

Eleni is a passionate Primary, Junior and Intermediate teacher, with experience teaching in all subjects. She has been working as an occasional teacher for the past year for the Toronto District School board, working daily with students from Kindergarten up to the 8th grade. She has also completed a long term occasional opportunity working in a 1st grade class, creating learning experiences that challenge and engage students, while fostering their wellbeing. Eleni also works often in Individualized Special Program classes, supporting students with differing abilities and disabilities. Eleni has completed practicums with students in grade 1, 2/3, 4, and kindergarten classes, also completing a reading intervention program with students who need additional support with their reading. Eleni enjoys being outdoors and taking daily walks, spending time with her 9 year old pug-chihuahua Stanley, and travelling. She also enjoys going to the library often, reading, playing tennis, and cooking healthy meals for her family. Eleni is passionate about her teaching career as a life-long learner, and believes that students are also teachers, too. She looks forward to helping her tutoring clients succeed in their academics and building their confidence in their abilities and themselves.

Tim K.

Tim K. is a Junior and Intermediate certified teacher. He graduated with a Marketing Degree from UOIT, Bachelor of Arts from Trent University and Master’s Degree in Science (MSc) from D’Youville University. Since graduating, he has taught for the past 16 years and continued to enrich his understanding through courses in special education, completing his work as a specialist.
Tim has had several years of private tutoring experience where he customizes the lessons to accommodate the diverse needs of the learner, all while providing a fun and engaging learning environment for everyone. In his leisure time, Tim is an avid chess player, coach and weightlifter.



Anita E. R.

I am Anita. I’ve been tutoring students for over 7 years and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. In this capacity I have helped students to achieve their academic goals and success. I have a degree in Psychology from York University, and I have tutored many high school and university students.My speciality is in the area of math, statistics, and the sciences. Specifically, I enjoy tutoring chemistry and biology at the grade 11 and 12 level.
As a Prep Academy Tutor, I am so glad to collaborate with clients to meet their needs.