Catherine H. D.

Catherine is currently a second year Biomedical Science student at McGill University, where she majors in Anatomy and Cell Biology. Awarded the McConnell Entrance Scholarship, she has consistently demonstrated high academic performance in her studies.

In addition to her passion for science, Catherine has a deep appreciation for the arts. As an Arts Prefect during her senior year of high school, she actively engaged in various productions and fine arts projects. This blend of interests showcases her well rounded character and ability to excel in diverse fields.

Beyond the university campus, Catherine has gained practical experience in the medical field. She worked at a fast-paced General Practitioner’s office over the summer, where she honed her skills and deepened her understanding of patient care.

Outside her academic and professional pursuits, Catherine enjoys exercise, exploring new music, spending quality time with friends, and cherishing moments with her three siblings. Her enthusiasm for making science accessible and exciting to others is a testament to her dedication and love for her field of study.


Julia H. D.

Julia is currently in the fourth year of her BAH at Queen’s University, majoring in History and minoring in Philosophy. She has previously tutored for high school English and can assist with any English, Social Science, or writing-based courses. Julia also has a broad music and music theory knowledge, completing her grade 12 Music and Music Repotoire courses, as well as her Grade 7 RCM vocal exam.


Maya B.

Maya is currently pursuing her Master of Teaching at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto. She has received her Honours Bachelor of Arts in French Language Teaching and Learning from the University of Toronto Mississauga, with minors in Education Studies and Psychology. Her significant instructional background includes various teaching placements in grade 2, 3, and 7 French immersion classes, along with many years as a summer camp instructor for children aged 4 to 11. She possesses practical expertise in teaching all subjects within the Primary-Junior age division (grades 1-6) and is especially proficient in French language instruction. Drawing from these valuable experiences, Maya excels at creating engaging lesson plans and educational activities tailored to accommodate students’ unique learning abilities. She is committed to utilizing her academic foundation in the field of education and extensive teaching experience to facilitate effective and meaningful learning opportunities for students.


Sandra G.

Sandra has a Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and a Master of Teaching degree with specific focus on Intermediate/Senior (grade 7-12) Science – Biology and Mathematics. She has been tutoring students from grade 6-12 for the past four years and has volunteered in her local church community teaching for the past seven years!




Aya K.

Aya is a Master’s graduate in chemistry from McMaster University with extensive tutoring experience helping students from grades 9-12 and first-year university level. Aya is deeply passionate about teaching and helping young minds flourish in the academic world. She excelled in her academic career, graduating at the top of her cohort, in her undergraduate degree at Carleton University. Learning about science extends beyond the classroom for her. Aya volunteered in numerous chemistry magic shows, performing chemical experiments for the public and educating children about the science involved in the demonstration. Her approach for teaching students is to expose the passion behind learning and understanding the fascinating principles beyond the textbook.



Brianna M.

Brianna is currently pursuing a Masters in Teaching from University of Toronto’s OISE program. She completed her undergraduate degree in French studies with a minor in English, graduating with honours and a certificate of bilingualism. She enjoys working with children and incorporates fun into learning! With experience working at the YMCA’s before and after program as a team lead, as well as working full day kindergarten, Brianna feels well equipped to enhance the learning experience of any child from any learning background. She is organized, patient, and always willing to find another way around any problem. Brianna enjoys music, literature, and making new friends! She is determined to make a change in the educational system and help children feel that they are safe to ask any question. Her teaching style is inquiry-based and driven by a desire to make learning accessible and exciting.



Damian K

Damian has an undergraduate degree in Physics and Astronomy from the university of Waterloo, and is currently in his second year of Teachers college at OISE. Damian did a CO-OP at the Canadian Space Agency, played and coached soccer in Germany, and likes to play guitar. Damian can’t wait to help you with your math and physic queries and get to know you.





Namam P.

Namam Palander is a thoroughly experienced advocate for holistic education; something she passionately aims to facilitate. Using this Scandinavian model of pedagogy, she has taught English all over the world including Sweden as well as South Korea. She holds a Double Undergraduate Degree in Political Science and Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University as well as a Master’s Degree in Sociology of Education from University of Toronto.

Arshi K.

Arshi is an analytical science teacher proficient in teaching scientific principals especially anatomy and physiology. Organized and focused with proficiency in varied learning methods and assessment, influenced by 11 years of rich teaching experience. Arshi has taught in a cosmetology institute and loves cooking with varied spices. She believes in sustainable living and has mentored many projects with the same theme. She likes to enlighten the students’ mind with the problem solving methodology she has been trained on. She has bagged gold medals during her bachelor’s and master’s and has been awarded as the best STEM facilitator for year 2020 by Shell Energy India. She holds a PhD in life sciences.




Aleah C.

Aleah has a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and is currently a Biomedical Engineering Masters student at the University of Toronto. She has 4+ years of experience in tutoring students from grades 1-12 in a variety of subjects, specializing in math and physics-based courses. She is also trained in the Direct Instruction program.