Jynessa has a Honours BA from the University of Toronto in French Language Learning, English Literature, and Women & Gender Studies. She has experience in tutoring, teaching assisting, corporate training & development, social media marketing, and non-profit arts and publishing. She recently completed her MA in Women & Gender Studies at U of T, where she was a TA for undergraduate students. She can tutor primary and intermediate students in French and English, as well as senior students in Core French, English, and other humanities and social sciences subjects.


Sarah has over 20 years teaching experience with high school students in a variety of subjects, including mathematics, physics and science.


Ryan is currently pursuing his MBA in Accounting and Finance, and holds his Bachelor of Business Administration (Distinction) with a major in Accounting. He has his FMVA and CBCA finance designations, and is a published financial and accounting author.


Resilient, kind, and innovative primary educator with a passion for helping others in hopes of fostering a curiosity for lifelong learning among Canada’s youth. Meaghan is committed to developing positive relationships within the classroom, connecting students to the outside world through the power of knowledge while upholding both the highest academic and ethical standards. She approaches learning through a holistic lens, placing equal emphasis on both academics and social-emotional learning. Meaghan incorporates nature and physical activity into daily life, both in a personal and professional setting. Her strong ability to work well in dynamic team environments is demonstrated through years of participation within successful sports and academic teams.


As an educator it is my belief that students learn best when they believe they can learn; when the learning environment supports their emotional, social, and cultural needs and when the learning is authentic. After completing my Concurrent Bachelor of Education Degree (Queen’s University) in 2017, I moved to Sweden to teach at the Internationella Engelska Skolan Årsta. Following my two years as a full-time permanent teacher in Sweden, I returned to Ontario and am currently employed by the Halton District School Board as an Occasional Teacher. My diverse experience working with children of all ages has provided me with the skills to enable children to achieve success while celebrating their individuality. Further to this, I have developed further skills by completing additional qualifications in Reading, Mathematics, Special Education, and English Language Learners (via Queen’s University). My commitment to success stems from my passion for life-long learning and growing. I strive to learn and grow with each individual I work with by implementing the skills and strategies I have gained over the years.


Jordan holds a Ph.D. In English Literature from McMaster University with a specialization in Environmental Studies and Cultural Studies of Science. Over the past eight years, he has taught postsecondary courses on academic writing, critical reading and writing, cultural studies, and environmental studies at McMaster University, New York University, and CUNY Queens College. He has considerable experience advising and working with students applying to undergraduate and graduate programs both in Canada and the United States.

Jordan tutors students of all ages with an emphasis on senior literacy, remedial assistance, advanced learning, and college/university preparation. He is a flexible and approachable teacher who is passionate about reading and writing.

By utilizing inclusive teaching practices and interactive lessons, Jordan creates a fun and collaborative learning environment where students feel comfortable enough to express themselves and explore different ways of thinking. He builds individualized lessons for each student with specific academic strategies and learning goals catered to their learning needs. His lessons involve rigorous assessments of a student’s strengths and weaknesses and aim to build self-confidence.

Jordan is an avid cyclist and “bike-packer” and spends most of his time either on his bike exploring or reading with one of his three cats!


Kathryn is a recent Master’s graduate of the University of Toronto, who’s love of teaching and mentoring is sustained by her own lifelong love of learning and discovery. Her commitment to writing, film, and media studies has lead her through a highly successful academic career, including a Bachelor’s degree of High Distinction from U of T, a Master’s in Media Production at Ryerson University, and a Master’s degree from U of T in Cinema Studies. Her tenure as Head Teaching Assistant within U of T’s Cinema Studies Institute reignited her strong connection to the art of education, first discovered as a young, curious Montessori student. Kathryn also worked within The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Studies for its ESL Foundation Program. Along with a dedication to academic coaching, Kathryn is currently a freelance writer reporting on industry and business development in Canadian media. Kathryn has also worked for the Toronto International Film Festival, Ontario Creates, and the Canadian Media Producers Association.


Kelly graduated from Carleton University in 2014 with a Bachelor in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. She went on to complete a Bachelor in Education at the University of Ottawa. Kelly is an Ontario Certified Teacher, qualified to teach intermediate and senior mathematics and science-physics.

In her free time, Kelly loves to spend her time outdoors – biking, hiking, and swimming.


Meghan is a certified member of the Ontario College of Teachers and received her Bachelor of Education from Brock University in 2016 with specialties in English and Drama at the Intermediate/Senior level. Meghan has also completed additional qualifications in Special Education, Careers and Guidance.
After graduating from Brock, Meghan went abroad to teach English and Drama at Yinghua Bond International College, a private school in China that administers the Ontario Curriculum to Chinese nationals who are looking to come to Ontario for post-secondary. Here, Meghan was highly involved in preparing students for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test and enjoyed helping students improve their confidence in public speaking through performing in the drama club.
Once returning to Canada, Meghan supply taught at Havergal College, a private school in Toronto, until she was hired by the Peel District School Board. Meghan has been with the Peel board for 3 years now, teaching high school English, Drama and Special Education throughout the region’s secondary schools and continuing education centers.
Outside of teaching, Meghan has a passion for travelling and the performing arts, especially singing, which she enjoys incorporating into her pedagogy.


Jess (they/them) is a Masters’ student in Adult Education and Community Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. They also have both a Bachelors in Education (Concurrent) and a Bachelors in Music from Queen’s University. Currently, they are a STEM and Humanities Teacher at The Study Academy in Toronto, which specializes in twice-exceptional students. Jess has been involved in Teaching and Education since a High School Co-op placement back in 2010 and has a passion for helping students develop a “how” to their learning, rather than a “what”.