Lizzie K.

Lizzie graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Human Biology, Health and Society and is currently a medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College. She brings 6 years of tutoring and teaching experience in a variety of settings, including private tutoring, student-athlete academic support, and serving as teaching assistant for Cornell courses in biochemistry and educational psychology. Lizzie specializes in all math and science-based school support through college level. Her approach centers on providing an encouraging educational environment for students—ensuring they feel confident and supported as they master challenging concepts. When not thinking about medicine, you can find her at a park with her golden retriever puppy Henry.

Joe M.

Joseph (“Joe” to everyone except priests and nuns) Myers is a lifelong Philadelphia resident who graduated college with Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops. Well, he is not THAT old, but due to completing undergraduate studies in 2001 from Saint Joseph’s University (The Hawk will never die!!!) and graduate work eight years later through Arcadia University, he has acquired a good amount of experience in the educational and publishing realms. His time within them has reaffirmed the belief that everyone exists as a teacher with abundant lessons to teach. He happens to consider himself fortunate to be a literal educator with unwavering devotion to reading, writing (Poetry rules!), and history. Music and pop culture are other topics where he can hold his own, and he likes to weave them into discussions so as to contextualize material. When these pursuits have had enough of his dedication to them and he is not in stitches from time with his wife and son, this left-hander frustrates foes on tennis courts and nerds out on chess.

John J.

John Jaros is a highly experienced mathematics teacher with an AS in Respiratory Therapy, a BA in Mathematics, an MS in Physics, and a PhD in Computer Science. His extensive teaching background includes helping students in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. If you are having difficulty with arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or calculus, he is confident that he can answer your questions, eliminate your confusion, and set you on the road to mathematics excellency. Dr. J. loves math because it is one of the few areas of knowledge that has both practical applications as well as theoretical investigations. In addition to enjoying teaching, Dr. J. is an avid computer programmer, a big admirer of his and his wife’s cat Copernicus, and an “exercise junky” on his home treadmill.

James O.

James earned a BS in World History from Temple University and has been working in education for the past 16 years. He values the connections he makes with students and enjoys helping students understand their learning profiles. His academic expertise is with ELA, essay writing, college essay writing, SAT prep specifically in Reading and Writing sections and executive functioning skills. He is remarkable at supporting students in learning to rely on their strengths. He also has a knack for product design, graphic design, and loves panda bears.