Shannon P.

I am an educator with 33 years of experience. I have taught Kindergarten, Second grade, Fourth grade, and Fifth grade, all subjects. I have also taught Sixth and Seventh grade reading and English. I am currently teaching Eighth grade American History and have been for five years. I have also been a Librarian at the Elementary level and the Middle School level. The majority of my teaching experience has been at the Elementary level, but I do love Middle School. I am an avid reader and I believe that if you think you don’t like to read, you just haven’t found the right book yet!

I was born and raised in San Antonio and graduated from UTSA with my bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. I attended the University of North Texas where I earned my master’s degree in Library Informational Science.

I have a busy family life with my husband of 32 years; we were high school sweethearts. We have two adult sons who are married, one teenage daughter, one six-year-old granddaughter, one more grandchild on the way, and two rescue puppies.

Finally, I believe that teaching is a calling and I am truly passionate about what I have the privilege to do each and every day!

Annie D.

Annie is a current MD/PhD student at UT Health San Antonio. She holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Tech and an M.S. in Medical Science from UNT Health Science Center. She has tutored and taught math, science, and engineering courses since 2012. Annie enjoys one-on-one or small group interactions, preferring to personalize her tutoring to the student(s). She also enjoys getting to know students and providing help in tutoring-adjacent skills such as time management, prioritization, and organizational skills. In her spare time, Annie enjoys spending time with her partner and dog, doing barre and yoga, playing the piano, reading, figure skating, and discovering new board games.

Shoshannah K.

I grew up in McAllen, TX but have been in San Antonio the last 19 years so I consider myself an SA local. I have my BS in Mathematics from the University of Texas San Antonio and Masters in Edu from Southern New Hampshire University. I am not a natural at Mathematics, but I enjoyed finding way to help me understand mastering it when learning and love finding ways for students to do the same!

Isabelle L.

Ms. Lewis is a Certified teacher with a Master’s degree in Education from UTSA. She is fluent in German, Farsi and English, with over 20 years of experience. Ms. Lewis lived, went to school, and tutored internationally in schools in Europe and Asia. Her multicultural background gives her the perfect edge as a tutor. She has the perfect combination of different teaching methods that have been successfully practiced worldwide.
Her certifications include:
Core Subjects EC-6
English as a Second Language (ESL) EC-12
Language other than English – German (LOTE) EC-12
Special Education EC-12
In her spare time, she is active at “Paws for Purple Hearts.” She loves to volunteer and her love for all animals shows as she has just recently adopted two “tough cookies” aka cats from the San Antonio Animal Shelter. Her mission in life is to make learning fun and to bring students back to believing in themselves and their abilities. Every student has a right to an education and Ms. Lewis makes it fun!

Jeremy M.

Jeremy is a certified Physics/Mathematics, and Technology Education teacher. He grew up in San Antonio, TX, moving to San Marcos to complete an undergraduate degree in Sound Recording Technology. While working on his bachelor degree, Jeremy found a job as an AVID tutor for junior high and high school students, and this was where he first got a taste of working in the classroom. Next, he then spent a year as a graduate student abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, before returning to Texas to finish his masters degree in International Studies. Jeremy grew up with a deep love of travel and took the opportunity to explore the world during and after college. He had always thought about teaching full time, and it wasn’t until the covid pandemic after being stuck at home that he decided to take the leap and join the teaching field. During his time as a teacher, Jeremy has also sponsored the student guitar club on his campus, and co-sponsored the Science Bowl team. In the summer of 2023, Jeremy taught physics for the Pre Freshman Engineering Program hosted at UTSA, where students conducted hands-on experiments to learn about static and current electricity. Jeremy believes that by building a solid relationship with his students, he can better meet their needs and grow their learning.


Abigail T.

Abigail was raised in a homeschool family and encouraged in her love of music. Through high school she gave music lessons to children, then she studied music education at Baylor. She has taught in classrooms and tutored privately students from kindergarten through seventh grade. Abigail cares deeply for the kids she works with and is passionate about helping students who struggle. In her free time she enjoys snuggling with her cat, Rory, playing with her two little nieces, and playing the most complex board games she can find.

Robin B.

Robin B. loves working with pre-teens and teens! She has 20+ years teaching, certified in all subjects 1-8 grades. The majority of her career has been teaching math where she loves coming alongside students struggling. Her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and ability to connect with students make her a top pick!

Thad F.

With a bachelor’s degree from the Air Force Academy and a master’s from theUniversity of Dayton, Thad’s credentials and experience run broad and deep. For over 30 years he has taught math, science, and English at the university level–all the way down through first grade. Thad’s passion and joy is helping students and their families overcome academic challenges and grow to thrive at the highest levels of their potential.

In his free time, Thad enjoys his six children and three grandchildren, tennis, hiking, photography, swing dancing, and food with his wife, Beth. He almost never meets a student with whom he does not enjoy working, and he hopes to continue teaching as long as his health allows–at least 50 more years!

Kristin H.

Kristin Haley is a dedicated educator with a passion for empowering students to reach their full potential. Currently pursuing a certification in education, Kristin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and brings a unique perspective to her teaching approach.

With three years of experience as a long-term substitute teacher in elementary education, Kristin has honed her skills in creating engaging and effective learning experiences. She understands the importance of personalized instruction and strives to tailor her tutoring sessions to meet the individual needs of each student.

Kristin’s journey in education began with her fascination with sociology, where she explored the complexities of human behavior and societal structures. This background enriches her understanding of students’ diverse backgrounds and helps her create inclusive learning environments where every student feels valued and supported.

In her tutoring sessions, Kristin emphasizes building strong foundational skills in reading, writing, and math, while also fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. She believes in empowering students to become confident and independent learners who are equipped to tackle any challenge they encounter.

Outside of tutoring, Kristin enjoys exploring her creative side through cooking and painting. Her enthusiasm for learning and dedication to her students make her a valuable asset in helping students excel academically and reach their goals.

Mackenzie C.

Mackenzie Cirelo is a passionate, certified chemistry teacher known for her dedication to hands-on and project-based learning approaches. With a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a minor in Secondary Education from Texas State University, Mackenzie has honed her expertise through tutoring and teaching undergraduate labs, and teaching in the public education classroom. Her commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of science shines through her engaging teaching style, fueled by her love for interactive learning experiences. She believes that when a student is able to apply scientific concepts through practical labs and activities, they are much more likely to retain the information. When she’s not in the classroom, Mackenzie enjoys exercising, spending time with her dogs, and cherishing quality time with her family.