Leanne R.

Leanne R. works as an Early Literacy Interventionist. She has years of professional experience working one on one with young students, using science backed methods like phonics, to help them not only learn to read, but excel in reading. She has a degree in History, which is mostly useful when she plays trivia. Besides being a trivia nerd, she spends her free time hitting the gym with her daughter. She loves to go hiking, but only if it’s between 56-65°F with a low relative humidity.

Maria H.

Maria is a very energetic and happy certified teacher that loves to motivate students of all ages to find a way to learn in different ways. She has taught different subjects for 25+ years in Costa Rica and the US. She speaks Spanish and English and loves to read and take pictures in her free time. She loves to travel as well, with her family and friends. She is married and has 3 boys. She doesn’t have any pets, but she loves animals.

Beth M-H.

Beth has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, and a graduate degree in religion. She has taught and written published curriculum for all ages, from preschool to adults. She has tutored Chinese children in English as a Second Language since 2016. In her tutoring sessions, she identifies students’ mistakes and tailors her lessons to address the issues the students are having. One of the boys she has worked with for five years is now quite fluent in speaking, reading, and writing. She passed the PET exam and is now working with 6th grade English texts. Though English is her first language, she is also fluent in Portuguese. She is always learning new things, visiting museums, reading, doing puzzles, and taking piano and Spanish classes. She imparts enthusiasm for learning to her students, is supportive of them and listens well.

Karen J.

Karen J. is a Certified Teacher. She grew up in Oklahoma and completed her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education at Northeastern State University. While teaching 2nd grade, she completed her Masters Degree in College Teaching, specializing in Student Personnel Services.

Sharon M.

Sharon has been working in the field of education for 20+ years. She holds a BA in Literature, an MA in Reading, and a PhD in Education. Her content areas are English / Language Arts at all levels; Math at K-6; Critical Thinking; Study Skills; and Digital Literacy Skills. Sharon has also taught with First Tee that combines golf and character building skills to children!

Sharon uses a student-centered approach that helps studentsidentify their learning strengths and to connect school materials to “real life.” Her qualities of patience and humor allow her to respond to learners of all ages and backgrounds. For Sharon, being in the role of educational guide is one of her favorite places to be.

Pamela J.

Pamela J. is a former Technical Director for the federal government where she reviewed mathematical analyses in support of cost analyses. Prior to reviewing analyses, she was performing them and managing analysts conducting them. For more than ten years, she was an adjunct online mathematics professor at Strayer University and ITT Tech. Pamela earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering in 1991 and a Master of Science in Operations Research degree in 1997 from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (A&T) and George Washington University, respectively. Pamela is active in multiple organizations, two of them are Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and Washington, DC Alumni Chapter of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She loves helping young people find their connection with mathematics. She remains busy keeping her pride and joy, Paige, active as well.

Kevin W.

Kevin W. is a certified teacher and I have 15 years of teaching experience in the field of elementary through middle school education. I specialize in Reading and English, with a passion for helping kids of all ages succeed in school. With my years working in the classroom, I understand the student’s needs and strive to find the best approach to boosting their grades and confidence. I’m an interactive and supportive tutor, using visual aids and modern technology to ensure the student’s needs are met and that their learning experience is both fun and informative.
Kevin graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana with a Bachelor and American University with a graduate degree. Kevin takes his time to carefully explain and break down content in a way that is palatable because he feels that many students are intimidated by the daunting quantity and quality of academia that is aligned with standardized testing; part of his job is alleviating that intimidation by breaking down the test and dissecting it piece by piece with the students. Kevin is very skilled at refining college essays and guiding students through the application process. He sees himself as a facilitator of precise writing and critical reading. Kevin immerses himself along with his students in the art of writing by modeling the edits and revisions. His students have shown growth in their test-taking abilities, and they enjoy his energetic enthusiasm; making questions/content relevant to students which helps tremendously in their retention of information. Kevin values independent practice work to maintain consistency and promote diligent work habits. Kevin caters to the cognitive needs of all students.


Willy V.

Willy graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelors in mathematics. He recently graduated from the University of Maryland with a PhD in math education, where he prepared undergraduate elementary and middle grades preservice teachers. Prior to his PhD program, Willy taught Algebra 2 and Probability and Statistics at a secondary school in Virginia and was the distance coach for the school’s track team. He is certified in secondary math in Maryland and can tutor students up through precalculus. Willy has spent a great deal of time exploring digital math resources and exploration tools and is well-versed in Common Core math standards. His approach to teaching and tutoring is to help students engage with the math, build confidence, and develop personal relevance to the topic.



Virgil T.

Meet Virgil, an exceptional tutor with a passion for empowering students and unlocking their full academic potential. With a drive that exudes confidence and expertise, Virgil is ready to make a lasting impact on the minds he encounters.

Virgil has dedicated his career to the field of education, armed with a wealth of knowledge and a natural talent for teaching. As a determined tutor, he has honed his skills in various subjects, ranging from mathematics to literature, and has an impressive track record of helping students achieve remarkable results.

Beyond his academic achievements, Virgil’s unique approach to teaching set him apart creates a welcoming and engaging learning environment that fosters growth and ignites curiosity. His ability to connect with students on a personal level cultivates a strong foundation for effective communication and understanding. He is the current HIV Special Coordinator at the Charles County Department of health.


Katy S.

Katy S. has been sharing her love of science and nature for 30 years with students of all ages. She recently moved to Calvert County from Vancouver, Washington where she taught at Ridgefield High School. Mrs. S has expertise in teaching and tutoring students in all areas of science and math all across the country. She has held highly qualified teaching licenses in Iowa, Colorado, Alaska, Wyoming, Washington and now, Maryland! Mrs. S is committed to accompanying her husband on his many job moves working for the United States Department of Agriculture. Although most of her teaching positions have been at the secondary level, she has experience teaching environmental education to preschool and elementary students early in her career as a naturalist. Mrs. S wants to provide researched-based instructional techniques that help students succeed in all content areas. Mrs. S has a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Ecology from Iowa State University and a Masters of Arts Teaching degree in Science Education from the University of Iowa. Her education and training to become a science teacher preceded the addition of children to her family. She and her husband have raised two successful and educated young women. Both Madelyn (23) and Isabelle (18) are pursuing science careers. Madelyn is a graduate of Western Washington University and a pathology assistant at a lab in Bellingham, Washington. Isabelle is in her first year at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis planning to major in Physics. Upon reflection of the most effective parenting skills to help her daughters be high achievers; Mrs. S identified top recommendations: reading books together EVERYDAY from infancy through middle school years, and always asking what her daughters learned from mistakes.