Yash is currently a student at the University of Toronto. He is studying statistics and computer science and is completing his bachelor of science degree. Yash graduated secondary school as an honor roll student and shortly after started his teaching career. Yash has worked as a summer camp teacher in Peel District School Board where he taught the basics of programming to middle school students. Shortly after starting University, he started tutoring math and computer science to high school students. Yash believes in engaging students during tutoring lessons and focuses on problem solving so that students are able to develop a thorough understanding of the material. Additionally, Yash also likes to work out, play recreational sports and watch shows on Netflix. In his future career, he aspires to be a machine learning engineer (similar to the people that made ChatGPT).


Ross graduated with a first-class honours mathematics degree from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2012 before studying at the University of Bath, UK to become a qualified math teacher in 2013. He taught math for 3 years in the UK to students aged 11 – 18. In 2016 he had the opportunity to move to Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been living until very recently. In Sweden, he was a math teacher and mentor for 6 years for students aged 10 – 16. For the last two years he has worked as a manager in a school in Sweden with a primary focus on pastoral care, which means that he puts a lot of emphasis on building relationships with the students he works with and is acutely aware of how important self-esteem and confidence are to being successful. In his spare time, Ross enjoys watching and playing soccer, and playing board games with friends.



Logan is a BC Certified Teacher. He grew up in Ontario before pursuing his dreams of becoming a teacher in New Zealand in 2020. After successfully graduating from teacher’s college Logan returned home to Canada and started working as an elementary school teacher. This past summer in 2023 is when Logan arrived in the beautiful province of British Columbia.
Logan has been a certified teacher for the past 4 years, and has experience working as a tutor for the past two years during the summer months. He has experience teaching all subjects at the elementary level, including French Immersion. He has supported the academic improvement of his students specifically with their reading, writing, vocabulary, language and math skills. Logan is a creative, personal and capable educator that understands his role as a guide and facilitator of learning. He puts an emphasis on creating positive relationships which allows him to relate to his students in a naturally caring and calm manner, building respect and trust. He also prioritizes the importance of creating innovative and engaging learning situations where students can reach their full potential. In his spare time, Logan enjoys being outdoors and staying active. He has a big passion for sports with hockey being his favourite, and enjoys listening to and playing music whenever he can.



Alison is a BC Certified Teacher with a passion for education and child development. She earned her Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University in 2019, following her undergraduate degree in psychology, with a minor in Learning and Developmental Disabilities. Currently, she teaches upper primary with the North Vancouver School District, having worked with students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Alison has education and experience in literacy assessment, instruction, and intervention.
Since her youth, Alison has thrived in roles mentoring children and youth. Her lifelong aspiration to become a teacher led her to facilitate after-school programs during high school and provide private tutoring in math, English, social studies, and science for Grades 8 to 10.
Alison values the unique learning styles of each child. By leveraging their strengths and interests, she tailors instruction to help students achieve their educational objectives. Alison believes in an active learning approach, emphasizing that students must feel regulated and connected for optimal learning experiences. She integrates a universal design for learning strategy into her tutoring sessions, empowering children to take ownership of their educational journey.
Beyond teaching, Alison enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and exploring various coffee shops. Her commitment to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment reflects her dedication to educational excellence.



Dustin is a BC Certified Teacher for Twice Gifted Students and currently teaches grade 5/6. He has taught and tutored children from grade 1-9 and has worked as an interventionist for children with ASD and their families. Dustin formerly worked in an engineering career, but he did not find this career rewarding. After taking a leave, he discovered his passion for education in a daycare and pursued his teaching degree at the University of Saskatchewan. He is also currently completing his Master of Special Education online at Vancouver Island University, which qualifies him to administer Level B testing in K-12 schools in BC. He moved to Vancouver with his partner in 2020 and enjoys flying back home to visit twice a year. Dustin’s extensive experience with children of varying abilities has emphasized the importance of personalized support and tailored lessons to each child’s unique strengths and challenges. Dustin prioritizes empathy, patience, and flexibility in addressing diverse learning needs effectively. When Dustin’s not guiding students through the intricacies of learning, you might find him devouring comfort food, swapping tales with friends, or on the beach playing volleyball. Otherwise, he’s likely curled up at home with a stack of tear-jerker novels, tissues at the ready. He insists it’s just allergies, but we suspect it’s the heartwarming endings that get to him.


Bryce Rodrigues specializes in tailoring curriculum and remedial teaching across diverse age groups. Holding a BA in Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of South Africa, Bryce brings deep understanding and compassion into his teaching methods. His role at Choice School for Gifted Children showcases his ability to design and implement innovative educational programs that cater to the unique needs of each learner. With extensive experience from teaching in South Korea to remedial coordination in South Africa, Bryce has demonstrated a consistent commitment to enhancing student performance and fostering an inclusive learning environment. His expertise extends to creating engaging content, managing classroom dynamics, and mentoring educators, establishing him as a dedicated advocate for student success and educational excellence.


Greg is a highly motivated and qualified individual with a strong academic background and teaching credentials. Holding a Bachelor of Education from UBC, Vancouver (Secondary) and an Honours BA in Education (Teacher Stream) from Trent University with a major in History, Greg achieved recognition on the Dean’s List. Furthermore, he graduated with honors from the American School of Paris, receiving the prestigious ‘Excellence Award’ and Scholarship (Lyle Nicholl Award) upon graduation.

In the realm of teaching, Greg has undertaken various significant roles. As a student teacher at Vancouver Tech Secondary School and Charles Tupper Secondary School in 2023.
Beyond academic achievements, Greg has a wealth of experience in practical teaching environments. Serving as a Day Camp Instructor and Coordinator at the Sports & Wellness Center from May 2019 to August 2022, focussing on programming thematic units and sports activities for diverse age groups. His proficiency in supervising children with varied learning and healthcare needs, coupled with effective communication with both facility management and parents, underscores his ability to navigate multifaceted responsibilities.
At Peterborough Youth Space (September 2021 – July 2022), Greg assumed the role of a Tutor and Mentor for marginalized youth in the ‘Downtown Youth Space,’ providing valuable support for those facing social and educational challenges. His engagement as a Tutor for The Peterborough Petes OHL team in June 2020 – September 2020 further exemplifies his dedication to connecting with students and delivering engaging curriculum content.
With a global perspective acquired from living abroad for seven years and fluency in French, Greg brings a unique and diverse skill set to any educational setting. Currently pursuing a Recreational Pilot’s License, he continues to broaden his horizons and remains committed to excellence in both academic and practical aspects of education.

Mashiat A.

Mashiat, (or Mash, which she likes to be called), is a recent OISE Masters of Teaching candidate on route to get her official Ontario Teaching Certification (OCT)! Two years ago, Mash started her own martial arts program in Mississauga and has been growing it since. She teaches karate to a group of talented young children, and dreams about opening up her own school. Mash has been doing and teaching martial arts/fitness for over 8 years, and this is what inspired her to become a classroom teacher. She specializes in teaching English and Writing in the Junior/Intermediate stream, but loves teaching science and social studies, as well. She’s currently working on acquiring additional qualifications to become a science teacher!

Mash speaks English, Bengali, Hindi, and has taken classes in Japanese. (By no means an expert, but she’s working on it). She did an “overseas” internship over the summer of peak COVID years, so it was definitely online, where she tutored Japanese university students who wanted to learn English. On top of this, Mash believes that children are the future of this whole world. It is her goal in life to make an impact and help them not only be successful in their education, but to help them believe in themselves and their potential. As she’s on her way to become an official classroom teacher, she’s looking to grow herself by tutoring and giving back to her community. She doesn’t particularly enjoy writing about herself in the third person, so she hopes soon she will meet you in person to have an in depth conversation. She can’t wait to get started!


Jaclyn is an Ontario and British Columbia certified teacher. She received her Bachelor of Education in 2021 following her undergraduate degree in psychology. After teaching grades 1-8 in Ontario for the past two years she is now enjoying her third year of teaching and her first year as part of the Vancouver School Board.

Jaclyn also has over three years of tutoring experience including a diverse range of students and subject areas. Jaclyn prides herself on really getting to know her learners. When tutoring she creates individualized, engaging and hands-on educational opportunities catered to the learning styles of each learner she works with.

Jaclyn is an easy-going, patient and reliable individual. In her free time she enjoys reading, board games, watching sports and any activity outdoors.

Haisam Z.

Haisam is an Ontario Certified Teacher. He grew up in the Middle East, and moved to Canada when he was 14. He completed his schooling and attained his Bachelors of Science and Education from Western University and U of T in 2013 and 2015, respectively. He is confident that he has the skills and qualifications as well as the passion to work with high school students. Having worked as a high school teacher since 2016, from private schools such as Blyth Academy and Burlington Royal Arts Academy, and several international high schools while abroad in the U.K., followed by securing a position as a teacher within the York Region and Simcoe County district school boards where he works currently, Haisam feels that his past work experience would make him an ideal candidate to provide one on one instruction as a high school tutor. Haisam has continually tutored high schoolers which has further helped him realize the beauty of inspiring and motivating others to be the best they can be, and it has convinced him that the teaching profession is his passion. As a teacher, Haisam seeks to ignite the passion and innate curiosity within the students to want to learn by instilling within them the desire for self-discovery. Once instilled and the interest is developed, he guides and facilitates the students’ personal journey of self-discovery. This passion is what would drive them towards an enduring learning experience. Furthermore, he’s a firm believer in developing a rapport with students to make every moment of their time during his teaching as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Haisam is also an avid fan and practitioner of several sports such as amateur wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, track and field, and badminton.  As a tutor, Haisam can help students ace their performance in sciences and mathematics, and also help them be better athletes as a bonus! After all, health  is our greatest wealth and so a healthy body is a healthy mind