Stephanie has a B.A. in History, and minor in English from Simon Fraser University. She is also a qualified EAL instructor. Her specialty has been supporting middle and high school students in Humanities and English composition. She has also worked with students internationally on English acquisition.


Abigail is a graduate of Queen’s University’s Concurrent Education BAH/B.Ed program with qualifications in Geography and Biology and a specialization in School and Classroom Leadership. She has experience with the International Baccalaureate program and students with exceptionalities.

Abigail’s teaching philosophy revolves encouraging students to rethink their perception of a subject area through engaging inquiry based activities. She prioritizes real life connections to spark interest and provide the ‘why’ behind the content.

Abigail was born in Halifax, NS and moved to BC in 2022. She is passionate about sustainability and bee conservation, and loves to try out new recipes, ski, and read in her free time.


Hana graduated from the Simon Fraser University with a M.Sc. in Mathematics with a 3.3 GPA. She was born in Iran and took both B.Sc. and M.Sc. certificates in the field of Geometry when she was her my country. Hana am currently taking a Mater’s degree in the field of Algebraic Geometry at Simon Fraser University.

Hana was a teacher assistant for undergraduate students. Besides her studies, she has more than 6 years of experience in a high school environment. Hana has worked with Kumon
and Mathnasium, where she prepared and ran after-school tutoring for students.

As a young child, Hana has always helped her classmates and cousins with their math homework, and enjoyed sitting with them while they were working on their math work and grading their assignments. She is enthusiastic to find out the needs of individual students to enhance learning and promote their continence for educational success.

In her spare time, Hana loves to ride her mountain bike. It’s her favourite way of getting fresh air, boosting her energy and staying motivated. Hana is also passionate about percussion instruments and she enjoys gathering with her friends to play them. Hana believes that creating rhythms motivates students to learn mathematical concepts while studying the underlying structure of a wide range of musical patterns. Mathematics then becomes a creative tool that students use to compose their own rhythmic music.


Raymond is a second-year university student at the University of  British Columbia, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations. Raymond has professionally and informally worked as a tutor, teaching students aged between 7 to 18. Raymond grew up in Guangzhou, China, and is fluent in English and Mandarin. Allowing him to teach all of his classes in both languages, ensuring and guaranteeing that his students  may understand the materials best. As Raymond transferred to Canada at the age of 13, he understands the struggles of learning English as a second language and has devoted all of his time to ensuring that students may perform to their best extent.

Raymond has been academically strong in English and social sciences, so he has always been keen to assist his friends and classmates in developing their English skills. He found joy in teaching and seeing the academic performance of his classmates grow tremendously. Such an experience had grown into Raymond’s desire to teach English and other social science classes. Raymond, although relatively young, has worked with a vast myriad of students in tutoring. He has worked with university students, secondary school students, elementary school students and preschool students. He has experience tutoring students from Simon Fraser University, SAT preparations, IB and other high school subjects. Raymond forms deep connections with his students because of their relatively close age range and tends to feel more like a friend of the students rather than a teacher.

Overall, Raymond perfectly balances friendliness with professionalism and is an excellent choice for creating dedicated lesson plans to assist your child in their academic development.


Arzik is a BC Certifed Teacher with Master Degree from Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris. She has several years of teaching experience with K-G12 students and adults. Her main goal as a language teacher is to develop learners’ spoken interaction competences, so I focus on all 4 sections of a language (reading, writing, speaking and listening). Arzik’s classes are tailored to her students’ goals and interests. She teaches French language based on BC Curriculum and prepares for DELF/DALF exams, as well as Arzik gives cultural training to students planning to pursue higher studies abroad.

Arzik is enthusiastic about teaching and always involves her students into diverse activities considering their personal interests and incorporating different learning strategies in order to develop critical thinking, creative writing and analyses.


 Ryan graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BSc in Biochemistry Honors with a 3.9 GPA. He has consistently been in the Dean’s Honors List throughout his education. He spent his directed studies doing research on retrotransposons in S. cerevisiae and his Co-op studies helping to facilitate teaching for students in the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences through learning technologies. He frequently enjoys helping to break down concepts for the people around him.Ryan believes in taking the time to understand the students’ difficulties before proceeding to teaching. He understands that the value in personalized tutoring only comes about once the student has an input in their learning and is actively participating to improve their skills. In Ryan’s free time, he enjoys playing chess, playing guitar, and singing.


Aspiring CPA, Tejas is training for post-graduation in professional accounting at Humber College. If numbers scare you, then he can be your go-to person for help. Finance, accounting, and business management are his forte. He finds that too much information overwhelms students which hinders understanding some simple concepts. And some textbooks are very dry to understand something challenging. Tejas’ approach to tutoring is to clarify concepts with simplicity and real business case scenarios. Whether it’s an assignment or a homework problem question he can assist the student at their pace of learning. He was a peer-assisted learning volunteer in the second year of his under-graduation. It was then that he realized that he enjoys teaching his friends and students in college. Tejas is easy-going, and inquisitive to learn and solve problems. He also has some cool study tips and tricks that he would be happy to share, which helped him score high grades throughout his high school and university. Besides academia and work life Tejas is an animal and nature lover. He has an adorable pet dog. He is a yoga practitioner, dancer and a trained yoga teacher from India.

With work experience of 2 years at a young Kombucha startup prior to his master’s education. Tejas gathered hands-on learning in accounting and operations in the food and beverage industry. It was his financial acumen that drew him to the field of accounting and pursue CPA in Canada. He has a bachelor’s in business management with a specialization in Finance from Mumbai University. He got third rank in the batch with a CGPA of 9.61. For his secondary education, he went to a boarding school where he followed Cambridge University board curriculum (IGCSE) and was a part of the student council as a cultural head. He got 90% aggregate in his high school.


 Alyssa is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She knew she wanted to be an educator since the age of 6 through inspiration of her grade 1 teacher. Her passion continues to shine through as she furthers her learning through AQ (additional qualification) courses to best support her students. She is qualified in Special Education, Reading, Teaching Students with Communication Needs: Autism Spectrum Disorder and teaches the primary and junior grades. Alongside her educational background, Alyssa has been tutoring for the past 4 years. She delivers interactive and differentiated lessons tailored to each student to ensure they are successful in their learning. When Alyssa is not learning, teaching or tutoring, you can find her exploring hiking trails or spending time with family.


Catherine recently graduated from Langara College with a certificate as an Education Assistant. She currently works as a student support worker in a Life Skills class at a local high school. She believes students are capable of learning anything when given the proper attention and the chance to use their strengths. Catherine is positive, passionate, and supportive in everything she does. Her goal is to transfer from being an education assistant to an elementary school teacher. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature and reading.


Lindsay graduated from the Concurrent Education program at Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education in the primary and junior divisions. Since then, she has obtained additional qualifications to enhance her practice in Reading and Mathematics along with to teach Intermediate English, Special Education, English as a Second Language.

Lindsay has experience in Canadian classrooms teaching Math, Language, Science, Social Studies and the Arts in Grades 1 through 8. She has also taught and tutored in Namibia, Peru and China.

Lindsay uses her passion and enthusiasm towards teaching and learning to establish a positive learning environment with her students. She believes an environment where questions are encouraged and mistakes are respected is one that will promote success in each child’s learning. Lindsay recognizes that learning is an individual process and thus works hard to tailor her instruction to use each student’s strengths in order to address their needs.

Lindsay has a passion for working with children both inside and outside the classroom. She spends her spare time coaching children’s soccer as well as volunteering in special education settings within her local school board.