Cindy is originally from Taiwan and speaks fluent English and intermediate Spanish as well.
Cindy possesses certificates of teaching Mandarin Chinese as a Foreign/Second language. She has over 6 years of experience in teaching Mandarin Chinese, along with the experiences in teaching English in the rural areas of Taiwan, Peru, Spain and Thailand. Her students’ ages are from 6 years old all the way to 60 years old with different backgrounds.
During her working period in Mexico, she helped her students prepare and pass the annual YCT language level tests. Furthermore, for her online students, she designed comprehensive lesson plans to help them with the school level tests as well as the official language test such as HSK.
For beginners, Cindy will start with the materials including several daily topics and interactive games designed by herself.

Cindy is very outgoing, communicative and organized. She likes to travel, cook, hike and definitely enjoys learning about new cultures!





Ryan, a dedicated third-year student at Simon Fraser University (SFU), is majoring in Computing Science with a minor in Mathematics. His academic journey reflects a strong commitment to mastering intricate algorithms and mathematical concepts.

Beyond academics, Ryan’s passion for education shines through his role as a Peer Educator Manager at SFU, where he excels in guiding and supporting fellow students, showcasing exceptional leadership and mentoring abilities. Prior to this role, Ryan served as a tutor for children at a prominent Canadian tutoring institution, further honing his teaching skills and dedication to educational excellence.

Ryan’s enthusiasm for technology and mathematics propels him to excel in both theoretical and practical domains. With a steadfast commitment to continuous growth, he aspires to be a future leader in computing science. His impressive work ethic, coupled with his exceptional teaching and leadership qualities, position him as a standout student at SFU, ready for success in the field.







Ingrid was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. She graduated from ESNECA College with a Masters Degree in Clinic Psychopedagogy and from The University of Monterrey with a Bachelors Degree in Psychopedagogy. She recently moved to Vancouver and she is currently studying an ECE Diploma. Her experience in teaching grades 1 to 6 and specialization in inclusion of ASD and learning difficulties in the classroom have strengthened her education background.

Ingrid is a dedicated and passioned teacher who believes that children should be cherished in a safe, loving, and comfortable learning environment. Her beliefs are inspiring students to grow as passionate learners by expanding the traditional subjects and creating out of the curriculum meaningful experiences and opportunities to act with integrity and empathy and to become impactful global thinkers.

Belonging to a caring family, has shaped her into a more compassionate, kind and understanding person. It has instilled in her a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to reciprocate the care and love received from her family to the people around her.

In her spare time, she enjoys long walks in the outdoors, connecting with nature, coffee with friends and reading a good book.





Ziad graduated from the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, with a master’s degree in
Chemical engineering. He was a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Alberta and
has 20 years of teaching experience. He can teach mathematics and science both in
English and in French. Passionate about mathematics teaching, he can accurately find
students’ problems and solve them quickly. He has helped many students obtain perfect or excellent in school Math, Chemistry, AP chemistry and calculus or IB (Math, Chemistry and Physics), SAT and SSAT Math, Singapore Math, Math Contest. He has taught more than 150 students in Vancouver at secondary school and college in
various situations in-person and online, and even at undergraduate university level like
calculus for 1st and second years university. He has especially significant experience in teaching Mathematics and Chemistry to High-School Students in West Vancouver (85% among them raise their grade from 70 % to 90 % and above).
In addition to his experience in teaching in Canada, since he is multilingual, he also has
several years of experience in teaching High- School Students in Switzerland in multiple
Institutes and Schools in the region of Lausanne and Geneva.









Ashley graduated from the University of Windsor with a double major in French & Spanish studies and continued her passion for teaching at Western University. She is in her 3rd year of teaching and holds the primary/junior qualifications with specialty in the French Immersion stream. She started her career teaching in a wonderful grade 2 class and continued teaching at the same school for a grade 5/6 class the following year! From a young age, Ashley has had a passion for teaching. Whether it be as a Piano Instructor, Community Program Coordinator, or even teaching at an Adult Language Learning Center, she loves helping others reach their best potential. She values diversity and inclusive environments for her students and fosters positive one-to-one activities to further her students’ understanding. Ashley loves going on adventures and some of her hobbies include outdoor activities, reading fiction books and cooking.



Victoria is a distinguished physicist, holding a Doctorate in Physics, a Master of Science (MSc), and an Instructional Teaching Certification from UBC. She is an enthusiastic tutor with more than 10 years of tutoring experience, guiding students from grades 4 to 12, making complex concepts a breeze, while creating an engaging environment with real-world applications and active participation.

Victoria’s teaching journey began in grade 10 when she found joy in helping classmates with math and science, realizing her passion for education. As she pursued her undergraduate degree in Physics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), she ventured into tutoring, a path she continued at the University of British Columbia (UBC). There, she cultivated critical thinking and curiosity among her students.
Victoria’s love for science has taken her across six countries, including work in renowned laboratories like CERN in Geneva, ARGONNE in Chicago, and TRIUMF in Vancouver. Committed to mentoring and guiding graduate and undergraduate students, she emphasizes the value of curiosity in learning.
As a science teacher, Victoria prioritizes instilling critical thinking by fostering a habit of continuous inquiry. Beyond her academic pursuits, she enjoys outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, biking, and climbing. She’s passionate about exploring diverse cultures, travelling, and acquiring new languages, always with a big smile on her face.


Ciara obtained her Bachelor of Education from Maynooth University, Ireland. She holds teaching certificates in Ireland, England, and B.C. Ciara has over 7 years of experience teaching students from Kindergarten to Grade 7, in a variety of educational settings. She is currently teaching Grade 6 in a private school in Vancouver. As such, she has strong familiarity with the B.C. Curriculum. Ciara holds additional qualifications in Special Education, ELL, and Literacy/Numeracy interventions. Fostering caring, positive relationships with students is of utmost importance to Ciara. She is flexible and adapts lessons to suit the individual needs of each learner. She aims to engage her students by relating the content to their lives and interests and making learning fun!




Robert P.

Robert studied pure mathematics at UBC. For over 15 years, he has taught private classes and tutored individual students high school and university mathematics (UBC, SFU, and UofT). Over the years, he has gained experience in AP Calculus AB/BC and IB Mathematics SL/HL, as well as Precalculus (Grades 10-12). In the past, he also taught Prealgebra (Grades 5-9) for the SSAT ML/UL. He has even prepared students for Waterloo and AMC math contests. For now, however, he’s devoted to creating learning materials for university math courses and organizing test prep materials for AP Calculus AB/BC.

Amrit T.

Amrit is a behavior therapist and tutor who graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Arts, major in Criminology and minor in Counselling. She grew up in Surrey British Columbia and is fluent in 3 languages. Back in BC, Amrit had been tutoring kids for over 12 years in all subjects for grades K-12. Over the past two and a half years, she has also acquired experience working with kids ages 2-10 with ASD as well as ADHD. It was through her work as a behavior therapist in both centers and homes that Amrit discovered her passion for teaching and working with children. As the lead behavior therapist on all her teams, she got the opportunity to not only implement behavior plans but because she often worked the most one-on-one with the child, she was also often given the opportunity to come up with her own programs to implement to help the child to farther succeed as well as work alongside a BCBA to come up with entirely new plans. Upon graduation, Amrit moved to Toronto to be with her family and further pursue her passion for working with young children and guiding them to reach their full potential. Amrit truly believes that the best way to engage a child is to use the child’s curiosity and interests to help them succeed. Her ability to form strong relationships with her students is what has helped her identify and meet her their needs and develop their learning and success. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking, going to the gym, and spending time with her loved ones.


Elyse is a dedicated educator with teaching certificates from Ontario and British Columbia. She completed her Teachers College degree at Western University and her Undergraduate Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University. With four years of teaching experience and over a decade in kid-centered establishments, Elyse creates engaging learning environments tailored to each student’s needs. In September 2021, she moved to Vancouver for new opportunities. Elyse’s dedication to educational excellence inspires her students, unlocking their potential. Her expertise and passion continue to make a positive impact in education.