Frances is an enthusiastic OCT Primary/Junior teacher who has been tutoring students since 2013. She draws from her tutoring experience to tailor academic support to individual student needs. Inspired by a passion for fostering curiosity and lifelong learning, she prioritizes creating a supportive environment where all students feel valued and empowered to succeed.

Motivated by her work in a special education school, Frances pursued additional qualifications in Special Education to better meet the diverse needs of her students. She employs a patient and adaptive teaching approach to ensure every student thrives.



Muna is an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in intermediate and senior science specializing in chemistry and physics. In addition to her Bachelor of Education, Muna holds both a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Science and is a Chemical Engineer. Her “student first” approach to teaching has led her to find multiple means of helping students understand concepts and master essential problem solving and critical thinking skills while creating an encouraging and safe learning environment.

Aside from teaching, Muna enjoys spending time with her family, baking and decorating cakes.






Girisa is a university math tutor with experience teaching math to both high school and university students. She graduated from Queen’s University in Applied Mathematics and Engineering with First Class Honors, also winning prestigious math awards. Her specialty is calculus and she has covered all levels throughout her undergraduate degree (Level I, II and III). Girisa loves to teach students all the tips and tricks she has learnt throughout her years of school. She is patient, kind, and accommodating, making her a terrific teacher! In her free time she loves exploring the outdoors and doing activities like hiking as she finds it relaxing.



Jeff holds a Master of Science in Education and a Bachelor of Arts. Prior to beginning his teaching career, Jeff worked in marketing, business, public relations and communications. Jeff decided to become a teacher because he strongly believes that he has the right personality, skill set and abilities to be an excellent teacher while at the same time making a positive difference in the lives of everyone involved within a school community.  Jeff realizes that every person or child learns differently and believes that patience – along with incorporating different learning strategies – can enable every student to succeed. Jeff firmly believes that learning should be an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

Jeff has had a lifelong interest in many facets of aviation.  He also enjoys watching and playing sports, exercising, reading, writing and art.  Jeff hopes to travel more in the future and looks forward to becoming a dog owner one day!




Olivia is a fourth year teacher. Prior to beginning her teaching career she completed her Early Childhood Education diploma and degree, and then continued her teaching journey in teacher’s college. Olivia teaches in both the York Catholic District School Board and the Simcoe Muskoka District Schools Board where she is a primary teacher as well as working with the special education department.

For as long as she can remember, Olivia has a passion for teaching and working with children to achieve their learning goals and help in supporting their learning needs. she is a lifelong learner, always exploring new techniques on how best to support her students with their various learning needs!


Matt is an Ontario Certified Teacher, and Economics Faculty member at an Ontario independent school. He teaches both AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics and runs the investment club. He has taught students that have been accepted to economics programs at the institutions of Harvard, University of Chicago, and top Canadian universities. Matt has written economics curriculum for the AP College Board, attended professional development all over the world and is in the process of becoming an AP College Board Reader and Consultant – marks AP exams and instructs AP teachers. He has also personally worked with Youtuber, Jacob Clifford – an Economics Educator. In Matt’s free time, if he isn’t hitting a squash or tennis ball, he is spending his hours creating financial literacy content. Matt recently created a financial literacy text message course through that has reached hundreds of individuals spanning from students at Harvard to students in developing countries such as India and Uganda. If you need help with economics, Matt is your guy.


Mae graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Science, where she majored in Mathematics. She then attended Niagara University
for a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Education (Intermediate/Senior grade levels). She has taught intermediate/senior math extensively as a tutor, as a classroom teacher, and as a Kumon instructor. Mae enjoys challenging students and helping them reach their potential. She is looking forward to helping students boost their academic skills and confidence in math, and she believes how important it is to build on those skills! When she is not working with students, Mae enjoys eating different cultural food, going on nature walks, trying out new candle scents, and watching mystery crime shows!


Dina is an Ontario Certified Teacher with qualifications in high school mathematics and science. For over ten years, she has successfully tutored grade 7 to 12 math, and has worked with a wide range of students. She believes in helping students master essential skills by taking a student-centered approach, encouraging problem solving skills, and creating
a solid foundation from which they can build upon. Aside from tutoring, Dina enjoys spending time with her family, taking road trips, and playing board games.


Paola is a retired teacher with 35+ years of teaching experience in both elementary and high school. Her qualifications include: BA (York University) Bachelor of Education (UofT), Primary/Junior, Junior Part 1&2, Intermediate/Senior, Special Education Part 1, Guidance Part 1&2, Co-operative Education Specialist. Paola has taught elementary grades 3-8, as well as being a Special Education Teacher, and Guidance Counsellor. In addition, she has taught English (gr.9 and 10), Learning Strategies (gr. 9 and 10) and Co-operative Education Courses (gr. 11 and 12). She has been a Tutor since 2017.


Stephen has tutored extensively in all areas of advanced mathematics, including calculus/vectors, and has successfully guided students through AP Calculus and the IB math program. He especially enjoys working on problem-solving strategies. Stephen also has several years of experience with all aspects of SSAT, SAT, ACT, and MCAT preparation, including guiding students through the often arduous university application process.
He also enjoys working with students at all levels across many subjects. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature, specializing in English and French,. Stephen’s primary research focus was the nineteenth-century novel. He has also received his MBA from the University of Warwick in the UK, .
Finally, Stephen has a real passion for literature, history, and philosophy, spending his free time delving into contemporary works. Stephen has recently taken a liking to nineteenth and twentieth-century history, and believes that as citizens we benefit when we have a fuller understanding of the past.