Tonia began her teaching career well before entering teachers college in 2002. Her formal experience began in high school when she volunteered with special needs students in a music class. Later in university she worked in the summer as an ECE for special needs children, specifically in an autistic classroom with 8 students. Her early experiences of supply teaching and volunteering in an elementary school with ESL students was another positive experience that grabbed her attention to go into teaching rather than art therapy.

Once graduating with honors in psychology followed by her OCT qualifications, Tonia worked as a supply teacher and soon after in special education. Her affinity for the primary junior grades was further developed when she taught grade 5 where she was able to teach the arts to other junior grades. Her focus on the arts and literacy continued to grow when she became a prep coverage teacher that integrated the arts (drama, dance, art) with literacy to provide a rich experience for students.

After 12 years of teaching in different schools and positions Tonia decided to change things up and began her own business helping people organize their life from an executive functioning approach. This meant helping them get clear on their values and then setting goals on what needed to change in their spaces and how they spent their time. While developing a 5 step process to help people she continued to supply teach to keep her connection with children.

Tonia loves to connect with nature, be active and find ways to be creative both in the arts and in life. Her philosophy is to live with intention. And when working with adults or children she focuses on getting to know them so that she can help them live with purpose, passion in what matters the most to them.


Tara is a graduate Masters of Teaching student from the University of Toronto OISE program, with qualifications in the Primary/Junior Division. Prior to this, she completed her undergrad with a degree in Education Studies and Professional Writing.

Tara has over 6 years of experience in acting as a teacher candidate and tutor for students between Kindergarten and Grade 8. Along with an OCT certification, she also works in after-school non-profit programs with the Toronto District School Board where she provides academic and recreational support for students. Throughout her teaching career, Tara has been passionate in advocating for students with special needs, ESL and ELL students, and students negatively impacted by the pandemic.

During her spare time, Tara loves to ride her bike around trails in the city and write non-fiction novels and poetry. She would absolutely love the opportunity to work with you and your child(ren) in supporting their learning and growth as well-rounded individuals!

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Tessa is an Ontario Certified Teacher with a post secondary graduate certificate in primary education from Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales. Tessa has had a unique career in education, having worked as an English language teacher in Thailand, to working in Montessori classrooms in Canada.

Tessa’s priority as a teacher are to instill a growth mindset in all of her students. She understands that everyone learns differently, and will strive to translate the curriculum to the needs of each individual student.

She now resides in the Roncesvalles neighborhood of Toronto. In her free time she enjoys spending time in the garden, playing soccer, rock climbing, or biking through High Park.


Christina has graduated from George Brown College as a certified Early Childhood Educator. She then went to complete her Bachelor’s degree in sociology at York University. Christina has worked as an Early Childhood Educator with the Toronto Catholic school board. While working as an Early Childhood educator she then pursued her Bachelor of Education degree at Niagara university and is now a Certified teacher in Ontario. She primarily works in the primary/junior division. Christina has the following additional teaching qualifications in Kindergarten (Part 1, 2 and 3) She also has a variety of experience teaching students (in person and online). Christina’s hobbies and interests include spending time with family and friends (especially with her 3 nephews!) baking and spending time outdoors.


Megan has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Science, Philosophy, and Education. Her teachable is intermediate mathematics. Megan has experience in public, private, and Catholic school boards. Megan believes the student-teacher relationship is important during the learning process and strives to incorporate the best learning method for the student.


Dusica is an Ontario Teacher certified at Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. She graduated with a Bachelor in Education from the University of Western Ontario. Prior to this she attended Wilfrid Laurier University where she obtained a diploma in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Geography.

Dusica has had a dream of being a teacher since she was 3 years old. She has been working with children for over 10 years now and enjoys her profession more and more each day. She believes that every student can learn if they have the right amount of support they need. Dusica’s goal is to make students fall in love with learning the way she did. Her outgoing personality helps with establishing strong connections and trust between her and her students

In her free time Dusica enjoys hanging out with friends, hiking, traveling, taking photographs, cooking, baking and the occasional movie night. Dusica loves learning new languages. She fluently speaks English, Macedonian and Serbian. She is also working on learning some Spanish, French and Italian.


Marjoree has a Bachelor of Education degree and both an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts’ degree and Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She primarily works in the primary/junior division and in Special Education in developmentally delayed and multiple exceptionalities’ classrooms. She has the additional teaching qualification in Special Education part 1 with future plans to complete part 2 and the specialist course to become a Special Education teacher. She has a wide variety of experience working with children of different age groups in different settings from day cares to Montessori, private, and public schools both in-person and online. Marjoree is a mother of a 5 year old daughter with ASD and a 2 year old son. Her hobbies and interests include playing in recreational and competitive softball leagues during the spring and summer season, fitness boxing, and travelling abroad.


Hello this is Josie Bonadie. Josie has a Bachelor of Arts from York university and some French training at Glendon college. She is studying education. She is very friendly and outgoing. Josie has over ten years of experience.


Raeanne is a passionate, caring and supportive teacher with a Bachelor of Education degree from Niagara University and a degree in Children Studies from York University. Through her courses, volunteer and teaching experiences, Raeanne has had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the diverse learning strengths, styles, needs and cultures of children. From this experience, Raeanne has learned about the importance of creating learning opportunities that are adapted to all learners and using tailored learning approaches to help every child reach their full potential. Raeanne has experience planning and teaching units, lessons and activities to help all students develop strong literacy, numeracy and learning skills. Raeanne has spent time working collaboratively with associate teachers and early childhood educators to create safe and welcoming classroom environments with a focus on positive student behaviour, health and well-being. Raeanne also has experience working one-on-one with students and using a wide range of resources, materials and tools to meet the different individual learning needs of all students. Raeanne understands that every child learns differently and is dedicated to helping all students learn, grow and succeed.


Renee is an Ontario Certified Teacher at the primary and junior level. She graduated with Honours from Guelph-Humber with her degree and diploma in Early Childhood Studies. She has several years of experience working with children through volunteering at a number of schools, working at a Montessori daycare, and previous tutoring opportunities. Currently Renee is an occasional teacher with the Toronto Catholic District School Board, where she teaches classes from Kindergarten to grade 8.

Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching, positively impacts her students and makes her lessons engaging and fun that involves the interests of the children. She wants to provide students with tools and the ability to become strong and determined individuals knowing that they can achieve whatever their dreams may be. She is very patient, enthusiastic, motivational, and positive.

Renee is a life-long leaner and is always looking for new courses to take to increase her qualifications. She is currently taking a course qualifying her to teach intermediate grades.
Outside of teaching Renee loves cooking and trying new foods, traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and staying active.