Conor D.

Conor is an accomplished educator, who has demonstrated a considerable commitment to fostering academic success in a variety of essential subjects.

Conor has a background in the Social Sciences, History, and Politics, and studied these subjects deeply during his time at Queen’s University. Conor then dedicated himself to improving his teaching skills and pedagogical approaches by obtaining his Bachelor of Education degree at Nipissing University.

Conor firmly believes that patience is the cornerstone of any effective tutoring metholdology. Recognizing that each learner progresses at their own pace, he can provide unwavering support and encouragement specifically tailored to the learning style of each of his students.

Conor believes in the incorporation of innovtative teaching strategies, leveraging technology, as well as utilizing real-world examples to make lessons relevant and engaging for his students.

Ultimately, Conor’s dedication to the holistic learning experience, combined with his years of experience and expertise, positions him to be an effective tutor capable of unlocking the full academic potential of his students.






Israel R.

Israel is OCT Certified Teacher with an Honours Bachelor of Science from McMaster University! He Majored in Mathematics and Statistics (Mathematics Concentration) with a Minor in Physics and Astronomy. He obtained a Bachelor’s of Education from Wilfrid Laurier University with Junior/Intermediate Qualifications. He obtained further Senior Qualifications with a concentration on Mathematics and Law at OISE as well as Special Education Qualifications from York!

He has a passion for mathematics for many years and hopes to help break down barriers to make math more accessible! While understanding that content is of utmost importance, he believes that culturally responsive teaching and a Universal Design of Learning is essential to the success of all students. A core tenet of his philosophy is:

“it is OK not to like Math (or any subject for that matter), as long as you leave knowing that you can work towards your own version of success!”

In his spare time, Israel loves cooking, reading, creating and playing puzzles/games! He is compassionate, easy going, positive, reliable, creative and student-oriented! To conclude, here is a fun little riddle to think of in your spare time:

How many numbers from 1 to 30 can you make using only four 4’s (4, 4, 4, 4) and any operations!

Ana V.

Ana is a young professional & educator. She has a combined experience of 10+ years teaching all ages in varying subjects such as French, music, social sciences, and junior level math & sciences. She completed her French Immersion Certificate in 2016 & graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor in Public Affairs & Policy Management in 2021. Throughout her time at Carleton, she worked as an Economics Workshop Facilitator where she was constantly coming up with creative ways to present information to students- catering to all different types of learning styles. Ana is an incredibly skilled communicator & has a love for teaching that is evident in her work. She believes an individualized approach is the key to the success of her students. In her spare time she likes to read, sing in choir & spend time with friends & family!




Mirabelle C.

Mirabelle is a dedicated educator with a strong academic background and a passion for helping students succeed. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Studies from Toronto Metropolitan University, and is on her way to graduate from York University with a Bachelor of Education. Her studies provide her with invaluable insights into child development, learning processes and teaching strategies. Mirabelle’s teaching philosophy is rooted in a child-centered and inquiry-based approach, with a commitment to making learning enjoyable and engaging for her learners. With over 5 years of hands-on experience in childcare settings, she has worked closely with children and young learners, understanding the diverse ways they absorb knowledge and interact with materials. Additionally, she has served as a one-on-one child support worker, providing personalized guidance and support to help students thrive in their academic journey. Mirabelle’s approach is adaptable to suit individual learning styles, ensuring that her students not only grasp the subject matter but also develop a lifelong love for learning.





Suzanna N.

Suzanna’s journey as an educator started after completing the Toronto Metropolitan (previously known as Ryerson) University’s Early Childhood Education program ECE in 2012. She subsequently completed my Bachelor of Education in the Primary/Junior
division at York University in 2012. Since obtaining her university training, has been highly motivated in working with students at the primary junior level, and after working as an ECE for several years, in 2017 she became an occasional teacher for the Toronto District School Board. Since then, She has completed a series of LTOs ranging from kindergarten to grade 5 in various schools in Toronto. She has also completed a series of additional qualification courses pertaining to teaching both in special education and mathematics. She is currently on the “eligible to hire” list for the Toronto District School Board and is actively pursuing a permanent position as a full-time teacher at the Primary/ Junior level.



Andrew G.

Andrew is a certified OCT teacher with ten years of experience teaching in both French and English. He has taught full-time in public schools within the Toronto District School Board and the Peel District School Board for the last ten years.
Andrew is highly motivated, creative, and engaging teacher. Andrew has taught Performing Arts in French as a French Immersion Performing Arts Toronto District School Board teacher to over two hundred students in Kindergarten to Grade 5. Having taught the Performing Arts in French gives Andrew a unique perspective on French language acquisition. Students love to read, speak, and perform in French plays given the opportunity.
Andrew is currently a French Immersion Health and Physical Education teacher who teaches over two hundred students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 in the Toronto District School Board. While balancing coaching multiple sports teams, he has also led student council initiatives as well as organized assemblies for his current and past schools in both English and French. When leading student council initiatives or organizing school-wide assemblies, Andrew’s main goal is to prioritizing student voice and student engagement.
Andrew describes his main goal in teaching students is to increase their achievement in the areas of their learning. When teaching French, Andrew actively plans to individualize each student’s learning plan to acquire French language skills. Co-created goals have been proven to increase student engagement and achievement acquiring new skills and abilities. Andrew describes everyday being an opportunity to promote French language while individualizing French Health lessons and encouraging all of his students to achieve their goals.





Kayla O.

Kayla received her Honours Bachelors Degree at York University in Sociology, in conjunction with a Bachelor of Education, specializing in Primary/Junior grade levels. Kayla has also completed an Additional Qualification in Special Education Part 1 and has been certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. Kayla has always believed that education is the future, as Malcom X referred to it “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Kayla has over ten years of experience working and coaching students in different age ranges with diverse learning exceptionalities. Kayla loves on-going learning and continues her adventure for learning through embarking on new courses and obtaining different qualifications and certifications. Here are some examples of Kayla’s jobs and volunteer/co-op placement opportunities, student teaching/teacher candidacy, tutoring, mentoring, coaching dance/fitness/gymnastics, taught step by step cooking classes, camp counsellor, taught conflict resolution/problem solving/anti bullying classes.

Kayla is committed to an equitable and inclusive education system for students that provides students with universal designs for learning. Kayla has worked with diverse ranges of curriculum and in various subject areas (cross curricular) and is very knowledgeable on the Ontario Curriculum. Kayla has worked with students with diverse learning needs and specific learning styles. She believes that it is important to focus on designing teaching and learning with attention to various lived experiences, intersectional identities, and uniquely enhancing a students confidence and love for learning. Throughout Kayla’s different teaching related experiences she has ensured that her assistance with students has receive positive results in various subject areas.

Grace N.

Grace is currently in her fourth year pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Toronto. Her program of study includes a major in Human Biology, with a double minor in Science & Society, and Psychology. Grace is well immersed within the field of science as she participates in genetic research studying potential therapies for the disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and has received several awards for her academic standing and involvement. Furthermore, she has extensive experience tutoring students of various age groups, and emphasizes the importance of building a personal connection with each of her students, and attending to their individual needs. Grace hopes that her students can gain confidence in their abilities and ultimately achieve academic success.


Jake S.

Jake is an Ontario Certified teacher at the Primary, Junior, and intermediate level. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Toronto Metropolitan University in 2021, and recently obtained his Bachelor of Professional Studies in Education degree from Niagara University.

Jake currently works for the York Region District School board. He also spent several years teaching and volunteering with the York Catholic District School Board. He has over 5 years of classroom experience, and has taught kindergarten to grade 8.

Jake believes that every student has a unique learning style and adapts his teaching approach to cater to their individual needs. He uses modern teaching strategies to help his students reach their full potential. His dedication to professional development keeps him up-to-date with the latest and most effective teaching strategies and resources. Jake is very passionate about teaching and will always go the extra mile to ensure that his students succeed and grow.

During his free time, Jake likes to play sports, walk his dogs, and read.

Jeorgina H.

Jeorgina is an Ontario Certified Teacher who finished her Bachelor in Elementary Education and Master of Arts in the Philippines. She taught Kindergarten to Grade 2 in the Philippines for more than a decade. After moving to Canada, she spent 12 years working in various Montessori child care centers, after which she pursued a diploma in Early Childhood Education, and working full time now in one of the exclusive childcares in Etobicoke. Jeorgina strongly believes that each child has their own style of learning as well as their own innate capabilities- which must be nurtured and respected. For her, it is important to understand each child’s unique needs and adapt the lessons as necessary.