Haitham majored in math and statistics, and also has a Bachelors of Commerce from York University. He enjoys helping others and found he has a knack for explaining math concepts and used that in his work for several tutoring companies during his undergraduate years as well as afterwards. After amassing considerable experience he was hired as a high school math teacher at several private high schools in the North York and Vaughan area.

Haitham believes in a patient, positive and fun learning environment. His goal is to have a positive impact on his students’ educational life and have fun doing it.


Tatiana graduated with a Master’s degree in Psychology (Honours) from Pedagogical State University(2006),Republic of Moldova. She has a Bachelor of Education (Honours) Program specializing in Psychology, Pedagogy in the English Language (2003). In 2010 she completed the Early Childhood Educator Program at George Brown College and became a RECE (registered early childhood educator). She is a Member of CECE in good standing.

In 2014 ,Tatiana successfully completed a French Program with HIGH Honours at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. She completed multiple workshops and programs related to the field of education In 2022 she successfully completed a program ” Building resilience in young students at Mothercraft Shaping Children’s Lives Through Learning. She started her career in the field of education as a RECE,continuing as an ESL & FSL Teacher ,and Childcare Supervisor. Tatiana is passionate about her teaching skills, and she is providing a developmentally play based curriculum program as a DECE ( designated early childhood educator) in TDSB(since 2014 – present) – French Immersion Program for Primary Grades students.

Since 2006 ,Tatiana has displayed a genuine interest in teaching students (age 4- 12), working promptly, building responsive and positive relationships with families and staff members. Tatiana is familiar with the Montessori approach that is specifically designed to stimulate children’s intellectual, social skills as well as emotional growth in a loving and comfortable environment. Tatiana believes that children must have freedom to explore, to choose, to be creative in order to develop their uniqueness while demonstrating their learning. She is a caring individual that interacts in a gentle and supportive manner with a tremendous amount of patience. Tatiana possesses an excellent ability to listen attentively and respectfully to all students , offering encouragement and praise. Her joyful activities and long plans are developmentally appropriate and thought based on students’ skills and abilities. Her activities could be planned spontaneously, sparking interest ,promoting exploration, self-esteem, self-regulation ,self-confidence , cooperation and participation.

Tatiana is consistent and firm when redirecting students on time using logical and natural consequences and problem solving strategies helping students to understand their responsibilities. In her teaching Tatiana uses a variety of techniques and appropriate resources when planning, moreover, asking thought provoking questions. She shows her self- confidence when taking initiative cooperating with staff members and students , and interacting greatly, seeking the ways to contribute to the program she provides. Tatiana’s professional , theoretical and practical experiences are clearly reflected in her teaching environment, when she is engaging students in a creative problem solving inquiry ,challenging them to extend their learning skills. Tatiana is aware that each student has their own pace and unique abilities to process and perceive the learning material. Therefore, her goal is to implement the lessons where all the students are included to participate easily, with comfort to acquire the knowledge and skills achieving the results to the highest of their potential.

Tatiana enjoys dancing, singing, reading, writing poems, playing sports, and watching movies and TV shows. Few years ago( 2017) Tatiana was awarded in York Centre for “SERVICE to COUNTRY and COMMUNITY – Canada 150 Award “by Member of Parliament, Michael Levitt, and for her ambitious aspirations, leadership driven by compassion, the courage to dream boldly, being an ordinary personality doing extraordinary things. Also, she had been nominated by her peers for her singing and dancing ,promoting culture and traditions in the Moldovan Community in Ontario.

Dana B.

Dana attained her Hons BA at York University. She studied English and History. In 1993 she received her B. Ed. She studied in Newmarket at York’s satelite campus just off main street in a historic building! She is qualified in Primary Junior education. With a focus on literacy, numeracy and cooperative education. At U of T she attained Senior division English as an AQ course and this lead to many occasional teaching placements in secondary schools in York Region. Her AQ courses in Spec Ed informed her teaching strategies within the classroom. She is an empathetic individual who meets learners where they are. She finds it rewarding to make a difference in children’s develipment.


Natalie is a primary/junior educator who is highly passionate about childhood development and supporting children’s educational needs. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies with distinction from Toronto Metropolitan University and her Master’s of Teaching Degree with Honours from The University of Toronto (UofT.) She also holds an additonal qualification in Technology Education in the Classroom from UofT. Natalie is ECE certified and has over ten years of teaching and practicum experience with preschool and school-aged children, including being knowledgeable on Montessoi and play-based education. Natalie is highly knowledgeable about the Ontario Elementary Curriculum and Growing Success documents which she frequents when lesson planning. Her desire is to use the skills and experience she has acquired to improve student learning and academic performance using inclusive and culturally relevant educational techniques and practices. Natalie believes to help a student reach their academic goals, it is crucial for educators to build a strong rapport with the children to understand their individual learning style and personal interests to encourage motivated learners. In her free time, Natalie enjoys cooking, going for walks, and unwinding watching T.V.

Samantha M.

Samantha is a current Special Education Teacher for the Toronto District School with over 17 years experience. She holds a Masters of Education from York University, Orton Gillingham Associate trained and Elementary Montessori Certified. Samantha is an engaging, creative educator that creates positive learning experiences and inspires confidence and growth in her learners.

Nadia M.

Nadia Graduated with Honours from the University of Guelph-Humber in Early Childhood Education in 2020. She most recently in 2022 graduated with honours from York Universities Bachelors of Education program specializing in Primary Junior education. Nadia is passionate about continuing her teaching skills ,and her own learning. She is currently in the middle of completing her masters of teaching and learning through the University of Ottawa.

Nadia is a registered early childhood educator (RECE) and an Ontario certified teacher. Throughout my time studying in post- secondary education I have completed multiple placements working alongside experienced educators and mentors in the field of education. Nadia is very passionate about teaching young children through observation, listening, and interactive active play, that is focused on the interest of children in my care. I work hard to find new ways of working with children. She strives for success/ learning breakthroughs in all aspects of children’s everyday experiences and development of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive well-being.

A quote I truly believe and make great efforts to achieve in my teaching practice comes from Albert Einstein. He says “education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. I understand that children have such great potential and are the key to the future. It is my goal to unlock this potential and to see them flourish in their new skills. I want to help them to become the best being they can be and to grow up to be members of society that are driven, motivated, and present in all that they do.

Nadia is very passionate about the ideologies behind growth mindset practices, and helping children to see the value and good they bring to the world, and the understanding that they are all capable of great success if they truly begin to believe in themselves. Nadia is also an avid golfer, dancer, and health enthusiast that really believes in the importance of healthy mental health practices and habits.

Claire D.

Claire is enrolled at Brock University for Concurrent Education. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher qualified to teach students in Primary and Junior (K-6). She has attained a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) with a focus of Child and Youth Studies and attaining a Bachelor of Education. She has 9 years of teaching experience and has completed teaching placements in the DPCDSB and DSBN boards. Claire has taught all grades K-6, has been a supply teacher and has worked as an educational resource worker. She has also taught private to large class skating lessons administrated by the city to students as young as 4 to adults.

Claire has been recognized in honour for her leadership abilities including the Michael Tambureno Memorial Award, Ted Rogers Scholarship, and Principal Award.

Claire is a compassionate and kind educator as she fosters an inclusive and welcoming environment to all students. Her mission is to make learning as fun as possible! Reflecting students interests and accommodating various learning styles is part of her teaching style. She recognizes that students need to feel safe and comfortable to reach their full potential both academically and personally. She is dedicated to ensuring that students are given opportunities to ask lots of questions, share their curiosities, and explore during their learning. Claire enjoys hiking, snowboarding, hockey, tennis, and playing instruments, piano and guitar.

Charlotte W.

Charlotte is a West-End Toronto native, who studied French in the TDSB through the French Immersion program from kindergarten to OAC, earning her a bilingual certificate. She continues to live in Etobicoke with her two young sons, who are both enrolled in the French Immersion program as well. Charlotte has many years of experience working with children from ages 0-12 in various capacities that range from Nursery Coordinator, Sunday school teacher and community program leader at her church, to volunteering in west-end schools offering mentorship homework clubs and running literacy programs. Charlotte also has a BA in Kinesiology and a certificate in Athletic Therapy and has worked with athletes of varying ages and skill levels for over a decade. She enjoys anything and everything to do with Fitness and Health, and loves to find ways to incorporate those subjects into all aspects of her life. Recently, Charlotte graduated from the B.Ed program at Tyndale University in Toronto, where she had the opportunity of working with and teaching some grade 2, 3 and 6 classes in TDSB during her three practicum placements. Charlotte’s favourite subjects to teach are math, science and language. She is enthusiastic, organized and dedicated to education, and is very excited to continue her education adventures through Prep Academy Tutoring!

Hannah F.

Hannah is an Ontario Certified Teacher specializing in primary, junior and intermediate instruction.

Hannah grew up on Georgian Bay and moved to Toronto to complete her Bachelor of Arts in History and French at York University, Glendon.

Hannah prides herself on being an enthusiastic and involved educator with a commitment to cultivating learning opportunities that are hands-on, meaningful, and engaging. She possesses a wide range of teaching experience with students from kindergarten to grade 8 in virtual, classroom, and even outdoor settings.

Hannah currently works as an Occasional Teacher with the Simcoe County District School Board and an Outdoor Educator at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto. Hannah hopes that with her teaching she can foster civic and social responsibility and encourage future stewards of the Earth. Hannah’s passion for learning has even brought her to Windsor Castle, England – working with leaders like Jane Goodall to create programming opportunities for youth.

Along with a commitment to helping student’s meet their academic goals, Hannah believes that social-emotional well-being and relationships should be at the forefront of all her teaching.

Callista P.

Callista holds an Honours BA in French Studies and is currently a Teacher Candidate, pursuing a Bachelor of Education at Glendon College, York University. Her lifelong goal of becoming a teacher has been strengthened by over 8 years of experience, working and volunteering with children in diverse teaching environments. Callista has always had a passion for mentoring and guiding youth. She understands that every student is unique and is dedicated to creating and adapting plans for individual success. Having attended a French Immersion elementary school and high school, Callista understands the importance of being bilingual in Canada. She believes that understanding and speaking another language enriches one’s life by learning about diverse cultures and respecting the diversity of global societies. Her passion for the French language is the reason she chose French Studies as her university major and chose to attend a bilingual university campus. Callista’s main goal is to instill a love of learning within each student by creating a conducive learning environment that promotes inclusivity and positivity. Callista is committed to motivating each student to achieve their personal goals and reach their full potential.



French Immersion, Intermediate English (7-8), Intermediate French (7-8), Senior English (9-12), Senior French (9-12)