Jenny is currently completing her Bachelor of Education at York University. She successfully completed her undergraduate studies in Therapeutic Recreation at the University of Waterloo. Throughout her school years, she worked with children and adults with special needs, where she discovered a passion for teaching. She has been tutoring Grade 9 – 12 Math and working as a Supply Teacher/Emergency Instructor at York Region District School Board and private elementary school. Her background and experience made her a successful tutor for all ages, and she is exceptional at supporting and meeting the needs of diverse learners. Jenny is a passionate teacher who boosts confidence and improves learning outcomes for all students.


Celia is an Ontario Certified Elementary School Teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelors of Education from OISE as well as a reading specialist as an additional qualification. She also has her Special Education Part 1 qualifications. Celia is a dedicated, creative teacher who thrives to build connections with students while supporting their learning needs. During her free time, Celia enjoys painting, travelling and reading.


Rupesh has 10 years of experience in tutoring. He has assisted students from various curriculums all across the globe. His extensive knowledge of the subject matter and distinctive teaching style makes him stand out from others. He is passionate about teaching, and his hard work & dedication always result in his students’ success.
He follows the technique called “ALBERRT” to teach his students.
A = AMICABLE. (It indicates that he deals with the students in a friendly manner, allowing him to build a friendly relationship with the students and better understand their needs.)
L= LAYMAN’S (He believes that explaining things in layman’s terms makes them easier to understand.)
B= BASICS (Focusing on the fundamentals and strengthening them helps students tackle advanced and difficult-level problems.)
R= REPETITION (He usually happens to repeat the concepts in different ways until he makes sure that the student has fully understood them.)
R= RATIFICATION ( It means he always asks for confirmation whether the student has understood the concepts properly or not then only he moves ahead.)
T= TEST ( He always conducts tests, including surprise tests.) So that he can determine whether the student is progressing in his studies. It also aids in revision.)


Cadean is an Ontario Certified Elementary School Teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. She has her Master’s of Science in Education and as well as an Honour Bachelor of Arts Degree. Most of Cadean’s experience is teaching kids from kindergarten to grade 6 in the following subjects: Language (reading, writing, speaking and media), Math, Core French, Science and Social Studies. She also has a great deal of experience teaching Kindergarten students as well as teaching kids how to read. During her free time, Cadean enjoys reading, cooking and exercising.


Andrea is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto completing a degree in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, with plans to graduate in 2023. She has IB certificates in Mathematics, Economics, English, and French. Andrea loves working with kids and has been tutoring for the past four years. She has a passion for math and has received the Waterloo Math Contest Certificate of Distinction for Top Scoring 25% of All Competitors in 2016 and 2017. Andrea also enjoys robotics and programming. She won 5th Place Overall at the FLL Robotics World Competition in Arkansas, USA (2015), 4th Place Overall at the FLL Robotics World Competition along with the programming award in Toronto (2014), 2nd Place at the FLL Robotics Provincial Competition (2014 and 2015), and 1st Place at the FLL Robotics Regional Competition in Toronto (2012-2015). In her free time, Andrea enjoys playing the piano and going on walks. Andrea is people oriented, positive, easy going, diplomatic and reliable with excellent leadership skills.


Jason has been teaching in the Toronto District School Board for 20 years. During this time he has taught with all grade levels from K- 8 across the system with proven results and success in mental health, math anxiety, organization, science, math and literacy.

Jason has an extensive background in Physical Education and has coached many teams in the TDSB, as well as running countless tournaments in all sports. His favourite players are Auston Matthews and Scotiie Barnes. With the recent shift to a virtual platform and back to in person learning, Jason has discovered, used, taught and explored new resources to let students feel welcome in their classrooms and thrive in the curriculum.


Magda has 11 years of teaching experience as an elementary French Immersion teacher. She completed her undergraduate degree, which includes a specialization in French, and her Bachelor of Education degree here in Ontario. Over the course of her career, she has worked with a variety of students, differentiating her instruction based on level, needs and goals.


Andre is a certified teacher by the Ontario College of Teachers. He currently teaches grades 4-8 core French in the DPCDSB.

Andre volunteered at his local elementary school during his undergraduate studies to gain experience before heading to teacher’s college. He is trilingual; being proficient in English, Portuguese and French with some experience speaking Spanish.

He holds a teaching degree from York University since 2014 and completed his undergraduate studies at York University in 2012. For the last several years, he has been teaching French in the DPCDSB – grades 4-8. This includes teaching some years teaching Social Studies, Science, Art, Phys Ed, Dance and Music as a Planning Time teacher alongside teaching French. He was also employed as a customer service agent answering phone calls in English and French.

During his studies at York University, A.Ferreira had the chance to complete a practicum at the TCDSB, which allowed him to gain experience teaching in a public-school setting. His experience includes a summer teaching at an international school setting where he taught during the mornings and lead day trips around Toronto during the afternoons.

Andre enjoys weightlifting, cooking, boxing, muay thai, mma and soccer.

Andre motto is thus: Mistakes are often the best teachers. Make plenty!


David taught Math and Science to grade 7 to 11 students for the last fourteen years at English Montreal School Board. He also taught grade 11 and 12 physics, advanced functions and calculus in private school settings. Now he is a teacher at Toronto District School Board. He has many years experience tutoring, both in group settings and one on one.

David is qualified to teach Math and Science at Intermediate and Senior Divisions. He is a graduate from Tbilisi State University with a degree in Science – Physics and a graduate from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education with a bachelor of Education. David has also taken additional qualification courses as part of his professional development as a teacher in Special Education. He differentiated instruction for students with special needs for many years.

David believes that any student can achieve academic success when provided with the proper materials and support that is catered towards their learning style. He quickly develops rapport with students. David is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher who makes learning engaging, fun and meaningful to all his students.


Emma holds an M.A. in Child Study and Education from University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education – a program that offers a teaching certification focused on child-centered, research-informed and inquiry-based teaching. Prior to receiving her BA in Psychology from York University, Emma worked as a buyer assistant in the fashion industry for a few years. Realizing she wanted a drastic career change, she left Toronto to work at a daycare in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut for a year, where she became passionate about working with children. This sparked her motivation to return to school to pursue a career in education.

Emma’s professional experience now includes over six years at an after-school daycare in Toronto, occasional teaching with Toronto District School Board, and more recently, teaching full-time Kindergarten and Grade 1 on a self-governing First Nation in the Yukon. Emma has experience working with diverse groups of learners, including English Language Learners, and children diagnosed with LD, ADHD, ASD, and Apraxia. Emma’s success as an educator has been contingent on the belief that a student learning need is ultimately a teacher learning need, and this defines her adaptable, reflective, and inclusive approach to instruction. She believes students should play an active, collaborative role in their own learning via on-going student-teacher conferences and assessments. She engages students in fun, interactive and experiential learning opportunities, reflective of the curriculum, demonstrating to them that learning is enjoyable and life-long.

During her free time, Emma enjoys traveling, camping and hiking with friends. She has a particular interest in cooking and baking, especially for others, and takes yoga and pottery classes in Toronto.