Lydia is always searching for opportunities to integrate her love of writing with her ongoing visual arts practice. She believes that a holistic approach to academic disciplines is the most effective strategy toward fostering a lifelong love of learning in her students.

Lydia graduated summa cum laude from McMaster University’s Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts program with a minor in English. At the conclusion of her undergraduate degree, she was granted the Ignition Award for Distinction in her program. She went on to graduate from Western University’s Master of Fine Arts program, in which she was awarded the Dean’s Entrance Scholarship, Chair’s Entrance Scholarship, as well as three Graduate Research Scholarships throughout the program’s duration. She is currently a teacher candidate at Brock University with teachables in English and Visual Art.

Lydia has experience with lesson planning, differentiated instruction, and designing assessments in both senior/intermediate English and Visual Art. She is also familiar with the corresponding curricula at the junior level. Lydia’s priorities include: fostering writing strategies for legibility and conciseness, employing invisible and ongoing assessments for- and as- learning, rubric deconstruction, information chunking, and executive function reinforcement (organizational strategies, focusing techniques, task-shifting strategies, self-monitoring, etc.)

When she is not teaching or tutoring, she spends her time reading, making art, and volunteering for arts organizations in Hamilton and London, Ontario.


Jessica has an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Education. She is a certified primary/junior teacher and has taken an Additional Qualification course in Special Education. Her goal as an educator is to help support every student academically, socially and emotionally to help them reach their full potential as lifelong learners. She has experience working with students with a variety of exceptionalities both in an after school setting and within the classroom. She strives to create lessons that accommodate all types of learning styles and incorporate student’s interests. Jessica strives to create a positive learning environment where all students can succeed. Outside of teaching Jessica enjoys spending time with her one-year-old niece, watching her learn and grow.


Jill Ann has a Bachelor of Applied Science honours degree from the University of Guelph, as well as Advanced ECE and a TESL certificate. She has taught students for many years. She teaches students from Kindergarten through high school, as well as adult students. She primarily teaches English and math, but also helps with other subjects. Her passion is to help students learn and succeed.


Ryan is an OCT Certified Teacher who graduated with an Honours Bachelor in Physical Education and a Bachelor of Education from Brock University. He has taken his Biology, Special Education, and Junior division qualification courses. He is a passionate HCDSB High School Teacher with a specialist in Biology and is currently teaching Science at Corpus Christi High School. Ryan has previously been a Special Education Resource Teacher where he helped his students build skills that helped them to be successful in High School. He has tutored students from grades 4-12 in math, language, and science. Ryan believes that learning can be fun when students can see the value behind what they’re doing.


Serena has a Bachelor of Education with a variety of experience working with children in daycare, clinic, and classroom settings. Her goal as an educator is to support students in becoming confident self-directed learners. Serena is excited about teaching and inspiring children to succeed. She engages students with curriculum material in a meaningful way by ensuring her lesson plans are geared towards students’ personal interests. Serena involves children with hands-on activities, such as experiments, manipulatives, and physical activity. She strives to create a positive and engaging environment for all learners.

Serena lives in Toronto and loves to infuse her interests in visual arts, fitness, and the outdoors into her lessons. By taking a holistic approach to education, she is inspired to support mental health and well-being. Serena hopes to share her passion for education with students and help them discover their true potential.


Julia is currently a primary/junior teacher candidate with York University’s Faculty of Education, studying at the Catholic Education Centre in Toronto. She is in her last year of the teaching consecutive program. She graduated from Glendon College – York University in the year 2018, with a bilingual specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama Studies. Being immersed in the environment of education at a young age, her decision to go into the profession was heavily influenced by her mother who is a retired French teacher from the catholic board. Julia has obtained a wide array of experience, working with children from ages 3 to post-secondary. She has had the opportunity to teach overseas and seeks new opportunities to expand her learning and love of teaching. Through these opportunities, she has developed her own set of skills and more of an appreciation towards the profession. Julia is qualified to tutor students who are from grades K-6. In her own time, she loves to travel, play soccer, participate in the arts, and spend time with family and friends.


Joanna is an occasional elementary school teacher with the Toronto District School Board. She is looking forward to helping students prepare for school re-entry through Prep Academy, as she has worked with them before.

What makes Joanna a unique educator is that she went in to teaching in order to better understand how to teach her own child with ADHD, as at that time he was a very young student struggling within the private and public school systems. Many teaching years later as well as a third child, Joanna focuses on what she believes to be the foundation of learning: self-confidence.

Having extra qualifications in Kindergarten curriculum, Special Education for both challenged and gifted learners, as well as a Master’s degree in Art and numerous certifications, Joanna is passionate about teaching. Joanna knows that with each lesson, it is more successful when she has the students engaged. She focuses on students’ particular interests as well as their imagination in order to teach her lessons. Joanna believes that all students are highly capable. And all students deserve high expectations for their success, and this directly impacts their self-confidence. She focuses on making confident and lifelong learners.


Alan is a retired elementary teacher with 26 years of classroom teaching experience. Alan attained his BA with a Fine Art Major in 1987 from the University of Guelph and in 1990 received his B Ed from the University of Toronto. He is a father of three grown children and lives with his wife of 33 years in Mississauga. He is able to teach all subjects in the Ontario curriculum and has a wide range of knowledge and instructional strategies that he has developed over the years. He is able to utilize on line platforms for distance learning. His hobbies include golf, crossword puzzles, playing the piano and cooking.



Ericka has been teaching for 20 years, and continues to teach Kindergarten for the Toronto District School Board. Throughout her extensive career, she has gained the capacity to structure engaging teaching and lesson plans for students and has a deep passion and knowledge for the curriculum. It is rewarding for Ericka to see a student that is grasping and mastering the concept being taught. Ericka looks forward to the opportunity to work with your child, and help them instill a growth mindset and equip them to succeed academically. When she is not teaching, Ericka is raising her two children, Cruz and Myckaela, with her husband Lester.