Julie T.

Julie is a graduate student currently attending York University to pursue her Bachelor of Education. Prior to this, she attended Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) for the Early Childhood Studies program. Throughout her academic career, Julie has consistently demonstrated a passion for teaching and nurturing young minds. She carries extensive knowledge on ways to foster children’s social, emotional, and cognitive abilities, and has developed numerous lesson plans and activities during her undergraduate years.

Beyond her academic achievements, Julie has completed several placements and volunteer opportunities working with young children from different backgrounds and needs. Many of the lesson plans she implemented were significant as they promoted children’s literacy and numeracy skills. Moreover, Julie has a keen understanding of the importance of developing both fine-motor and gross-motor skills in children. Whether it is through arts and crafts or outdoor games, she is dedicated to fostering holistic growth for her students.

Julie’s approach to teaching is flexible and does not entail a one-size-fits-all approach. She believes in adaptability and altering plans to accommodate each child and their interests. She often incorporates visual arts and interactive activities to sustain engagement among her students. In her spare time, Julie enjoys cooking various cuisines and going on walks!



Laura N.

Laura is a dedicated educator currently completing her Master of Teaching at the University of Toronto as a second-year candidate. With a background in an Honours Double Major in English and Creative Writing from Concordia University, graduating cum laude, Laura has a passion for the English language and storytelling. Through education and experience, she brings studied knowledge, creativity, and passion to her teaching practice.

In the prestigious JET Programme, Laura spent four years teaching English in Japan, refining her instructional skills and gaining a wealth of experience with students in grades one to six. Laura has taught at Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School and Wedgewood Junior School in her practicums, teaching grades four and one respectively. Both students and teachers can attest that Laura left an indelibly positive mark on her classrooms in these practicums. Beyond teaching, Laura has served countless summers as a counselor and office administrator at summer camps in the GTA and Montreal, working with and creating unforgettable bonds with children and their families.

Laura brings her expertise and passion to students through Prep Academy, offering support in all subjects for grades one to six, particularly in literacy using the Direct Instruction program. She looks forward to embarking on this learning journey with you!




Amanda is a fourth-year student at York University’s Glendon campus, pursuing a Bachelor of Education in French Studies with a specialization in Mathematics, aiming to become a high school teacher. Fully bilingual, Amanda has extensive experience working with students at all levels of French, including core, immersion, extended, and full French.

As a dedicated teacher, Amanda finds fulfillment in witnessing her students’ progress and success. She has a rich background in tutoring and teaching French and Math across all grade levels, from primary to high school. Amanda’s teaching approach is immersive and tailored to each student’s needs. She begins by assessing their French or Math proficiency through diagnostic tests, enabling her to design customized lesson plans and homework assignments to ensure their success.

Amanda offers both online and in-person lessons, incorporating interactive activities such as quizzes and games to reinforce concepts learned during the session. She adapts her teaching methods and materials to accommodate each student’s learning style and interests. Moreover, Amanda maintains open communication with parents, providing regular feedback on their child’s progress.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys reading, spending time with friends, playing soccer, and staying active through workouts.



Amanda H

Christopher O.

Chris is a fun, hardworking, tutor with many years of experience working both as freelance tutor and in a center. He comes from a Math background taking all the academic levels in high school as well as Studying at York University. He specializes in all grades of Math from 1-12, as well as working with all learning difficulties.

With years of experience, he has learned a simple and easy way for kids to understand difficult concepts and makes it enjoyable. Understanding Math can be challenging, Chris likes to help make it seem easy and simple for all to understand.

Many of Chris’ passions are Music, Basketball, Football, Cooking, and Anime! One of the key strengths he possesses is patience. Math can be overwhelming and being patient with students learning concepts, makes an excellent tutor. Chris believes in building confidence with students helps them succeed and want to learn more. He is very passionate about teaching and loves helping others feel accomplished and ready for all problems!

Rayan B.

Rayan is currently in teachers college and in the process of completing his Grades 7 – 12 teaching certification at York University with English and Dramatic Arts as his declared teachable subjects.

In the past, Rayan has excelled in his time working at Kumon as a Math and Reading Tutor where he taught learners in pre-school and Grades 1 – 6 and successfully helped them improve their foundational literacy (reading and writing) and numeracy skills (basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Outside of school and work, Rayan has also volunteered at the Christian Centre Church’s after school homework club, and Inner City Outreach. Here he helped at-risk Grades 6 – 8 children from the Jane and Finch area gain both the skills and confidence that they needed to perform at their very best, across a variety of different academic subjects.

When he is not busy tutoring his super cool Prep Academy students, Rayan loves to watch movies and shows (he’s a big into cinema), read comic books (he’s also an unapologetic geek) and play chess and poker (not very well though).

Iqbal F.

Iqbal graduated in Physics in 2001 and obtained his Master’s degree in Aerospace Science from the University of Toronto in 2015. He taught Physics at High School level for 5 years before migrating to Canada where he worked in the corporate world while doing Physics tutoring.

His main aim is not only to help students reach their academic goals but to enable them in understanding the fascinating world of Physics.

His professionalism, courteous demeanor and motivating skills ensure students find great value working with him over the years. He believes Physics is not hard as long as it is taught in the proper way and with the appropriate support which is exactly what he brings to the table.

In his spare time, Iqbal enjoys playing badminton, practicing guitar and listening to rock music.


Sandra L.

Sandra is a seasoned teacher with over 10 years of experience in education across multiple countries, including South Korea, Australia, Kuwait, and most recently, Qatar where she taught grade two homeroom. With a Masters in Multidisciplinary Studies specialized in Special Needs, a Graduate Diploma of Education, and OCT qualification, Sandra is adept at supporting students ranging from JK to grade 6. Her expertise extends to literacy (reading, writing, phonics), general mathematics, and sciences. Passionate about social-emotional learning, Sandra prioritizes creating a nurturing environment where students are empowered to reach their full potential. With a diverse background working with students of varying academic and social needs, Sandra’s adaptable teaching approach addresses gaps in both academic and social-emotional development, ensuring a holistic learning experience.


Bernadette M.

Bernadette is a teacher candidate at Brock University in her second year of her Bachelor of Education Degree. She graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Science and a Minor in Mathematics. At McMaster University, Bernadette worked as a teaching assistant, and was on the Dean’s Honour List. She also has over 500 hours of experience working with elementary and secondary school students from K-12 in various roles including in school tutor, teaching placements, supply teaching, private tutor, summer camp classroom assistant, and teaching assistant. Bernadette believes that every student can succeed and is dedicated to helping them reach their potential. She also enjoys working with exceptional learners and has experience differentiating teaching methods and approaches to meet all learners where they are. On her days off, Bernadette enjoys hanging out with friends, playing softball, and exploring new places. Her hobbies include painting, sewing, cooking, and gardening.


Jirline M.

Jirline has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education degree. She has additional qualifications in special education, math, reading and physical education through York university. She was a Behavioural Teaching Assistant for nine years and transferred those skills in her teaching practice for the past five years. She uses her experience to support and guide students to achieve their best while learning.


Emma R.

Emma is currently a dedicated graduate student pursuing a Master’s of Teaching at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto, and possesses a remarkable background in education and extensive experience working with children of various age groups. Holding a Double Major in English and History from the University of Toronto, Emma has consistently demonstrated outstanding communication skills, organization, and compassion- attributes vital for an exceptional educator.
As a Teacher Candidate, Emma took on the responsibility of instructing Grade One students in a Math Unit and provided support to Special Education and English Language Learner (ELL) students in reading and phonemic sounds.
In addition to her academic experiences, Emma has a background as a Math/Reading Tutor at Kumon Math and Reading Center. During her time there, Emma taught young children methods that developed fine motor skills, letter identification, combination sounds, writing, numerical identification, and basic addition and subtraction.
Beyond these experiences, Emma has contributed significantly to her community as a volunteer soccer coach, orientation leader at her high school and university, and member of various committees, showcasing a commitment to fostering positive learning environments. In her free time, Emma enjoys being outside with her dog and baking!