Hello! My name is Lilia, and I am an internationally educated K to 12 school teacher. I am fluent in Hebrew, Russian and Ukrainian. Having started teaching in 2007, I have never stopped since. In Israel, I was a math teacher and computer coordinator. I love working with kids and explaining math, science, and other s


My goal is to help each student develop confidence in their ability to learn and to build new skills. I have an Educational Assistant diploma. I have experience working in a French Immersion school with a variety of learning levels and abilities as well with special needs. I have a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and a minor in History and am currently working towards a degree in Education.


Hello! My name is Jacqui. I am currently in my second year of the Integrated Education program at the University of Winnipeg, majoring in History and minoring in Philosophy.

My love of summer camp grew into a passion for supporting child development in many ways. I have worked at a summer camp for nine years in various roles, the most recent being the day camp director. In addition, for the last three years, I have worked as an educational assistant with the Winnipeg School Division where I was able to cultivate my excitement for learning and growth in the classroom.

Fun fact: I am currently learning Spanish and I have a bunny as a pet!

I look forward to meeting you!


Hello! My name is Justin and I am an aspiring teacher currently studying at the University of Winnipeg. I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Math, with a minor in Physics. I enjoy both subjects greatly. I love teaching, learning, and building connections with students. I have experience working with students grades 5-8, but enjoy helping students in middle school and high school. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and tinkering with computers.

I look forward to meeting you!


Hi, I’m Kayla, I am a 5th year Education student at the University of Winnipeg. I have a passion for working with children and enjoy the “I got it moments” children get when they finally reached an understanding. I believe each student is academically inclined in their own right, it is all about finding out how they learn best and building off their interests. I have experience with children ranging from grades 6 to 12. I have a passion for teaching social studies, history, and science. Everything can become a learning moment.


Hi, my name is Yanlin Shi.
I graduated with my Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba in June 2022. I started to teach Design of Biomechanical Devices and Mechanics of Materials in January 2019. I currently work as an online teacher for teaching math, physics, and science to students of varying ages from elementary-aged to adults. My teaching goal is to make the direction of learning clear to the student and increase students’ motivation and achievement levels.


Hey there!
My name is Casey, I graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2016 and I am currently in my 7th year teaching professionally. I started my career in Northern Manitoba, eventually settling down in the Southwest, teaching Literacy and English Language Arts. I am positive and energetic, and have taught students from Elementary to Senior High School. I am very passionate about education and always seek meaningful connections and creative ways to engage my students.
A little about me: I grew up in a small town, and I love the outdoors; including fishing, boating and camping. I also love animals, reading, and listening to podcasts.

I look forward to meeting you!


Nick was born and raised on the Canadian prairies and has been working on creative projects since he could hold art supplies. With a background rooted in Fine Arts and Graphic Design he has been developing an ongoing style that marries movement, colour and emotions with a complex inter-dimensional mess of lines, shapes and whatever presently sits in the back of his mind. He has learned the rules of art and certainly likes to bend and break them in fun ways. His inspiration is drawn from many sources including history, pareidolia, social culture, portraiture, cubism, expressionism, abstraction, cartoons, nature & his loving family.


Hello family! My name is Arielle, and I am a passionate teacher/tutor, I am fluent in French. I am deeply devoted to education and motivated to work closely alongside students and dedicated to see them succeed!

On a side note, I enjoy music, using it as a learning tool to spark my student’s ability to remember material in a fun and engaging way. I also enjoy nature, traveling on adventures, and teaching skills for students to become organized, valuable, and good citizens on earth.

I look forward to meeting you!


Hello! I am Jordan (he/him), or Mr. Lasuik if you prefer. I received both my Bachelor and Master’s of Science at the University of Manitoba. My main areas of study were Physics, Math, and Philosophy. I am currently getting my Bachelor of Education to become a teacher, though I already have years of teaching and tutoring experience that I gained while working for the UofM. I specialize in middle and high school education, as well as university level classes.

I like to think that above all I am a friendly person who is easy to get along with. This has always been an asset to me in helping my students learn. I believe that students need to want to learn if they are going to succeed in doing so. Having someone who can make the learning process as stress free as possible is very important. I always tailor my tutoring so that my students are pushing themselves without wearing themselves out.

I keep up on current research in the field of education so I am always learning new and better methods of teaching. I want to make sure my students are getting the very best education that they can. I find that tutoring is quite different from teaching in that you get the chance to adapt your teaching style quite precisely in order to fit the unique needs of your student, and that is what I find so amazing about it. Every student can do well when they are given the opportunity to do so!