I am a middle school teacher that teaches the core subject areas. After graduating from the University of Winnipeg’s integrated Bachelor of Education program I began my career teaching early years in Thailand and Ecuador. Over the last 12 years I have collaborated with a group of colleagues in developing a student centered choice and voice approach. I have a passion to motivate students to think about the kind of world in which they want to live and engage in creating a more sustainable future.
My interest in social justice and the environment led me to complete my Post Baccalaureate degree and Masters of Education in Sustainability and Well-Being. I engage students in the learning process by building relationships and developing their competence through choice, feedback and direct instruction. I believe it is important to provide students with meaningful work in order to build independence. My overall goal is for students to become lifelong learners that contribute to society as a whole.
Outside of school I have many interests. I have studied piano and guitar; I enjoy art, traveling and triathlon! I am excited to be part of the Prep Academy team.


Jonah is a communicator above all else. He is well versed in dramatic arts, giving him insight into social skills and how to convey ideas thoughtfully through essay writing and presentation planning. English language arts, creative writing, philosophy, and most humanities courses will be given a unique spin under his tutelage.


Hi! My name is Sarah, and I am an educator who specializes in science and math. I completed degrees in Secondary Education (grades 7-12) and Science with a specialization in Science Education from the University of Alberta in 2020. Throughout my schooling, I also gained extensive experience working with children and youth through both volunteer and work positions, and thoroughly enjoy engaging with them! I love supporting students by getting to know them and working with them to learn what tools and strategies are going to best empower them to improve and grow in their studies. I am an avid believer in life-long learning, and am dedicated to learning alongside students to be able to facilitate quality educational experiences that meets their needs and goals.


Hello! I’m Jamie and I love Calculus and camping as much as I love Physics and Pinterest. I believe there is beauty and adventure to be found everywhere, and education has been one of the ways I have fueled this ongoing discovery. I chose to become a teacher after I experienced the joy of seeing my students go from anxious and intimidated to enthusiastic and resilient learners.

I’ve taught a wide range of junior and senior high Math and Science courses for the Winnipeg School Division over the past three years, but I got my start tutoring Math and Science through the University of Winnipeg Tutoring Centre. I also taught and supervised other teachers at Archimedes Math Schools, an afterschool non-profit for grades four to six. I love helping my students see all the applications and creative possibilities of learning difficult subjects while feeling less anxious. In the end, my goal is to help my students reach their full potential, develop independence, and be prepared for university as well as a life of continuous learning. I am looking forward to working with you!


My name is Thompson Okolu, I am a seasoned teacher with major experience in math and physics. I have over 3 years of teaching experience. I have a degree in education. and engineering. As a technical skill, I have experience with AutoCAD, MicroStation, and PDMS.


So far in my career, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of learners and have worked in a variety of different classroom settings. I am an Art specialist, and have had experience teaching and planning a various courses for Grades 7-12, Multi-age, EAL, Adult Education, and Inclusion Support.
I have experience teaching to groups both big and small, as well as providing individualized programming to meet student needs.


Alexander is a 24 year old education graduate from the University of Winnipeg.
He serves every grade level across a variety of subjects including: French, English, Science, Health/Physed, Social Studies, History.



Hello family! My name is Arielle, and I am a passionate teacher/tutor, I am fluent in French. I am deeply devoted to education and motivated to work closely alongside students and dedicated to see them succeed!

 On a side note, I enjoy music, using it as a learning tool to spark my student’s ability to remember material in a fun and engaging way. I also enjoy nature, traveling on adventures, and teaching skills for students to become organized, valuable, and good citizens on earth.

I look forward to meeting you!



My name is Amandine, a positive and passionate nature interpreter. Have you already met me in Winnipeg ? You may have seen me in Fort Whyte or along the Seine River, doing some volunteering. I am currently Education Assistant at Ecole St. Norbert Immersion. I like helping my students to perform at their best. If you need to reinforce what you have learned or to improve your knowledge, I am here to help you. I employ many approaches: didactic, participative or active teaching methods. I care for the youngster to bring them to their future life. I like to share my knowledge and to reinvent myself every day.

 I moved to Canada last march from France. I traveled a lot in Europa (Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Germany, …) and I lived in a camper van in New Zealand. I studied for seven years the tourism, the scientific mediation and the social economy. I can assist you in learning French, understanding the science or developing other fields as art, economics, social sciences, Latin or German.

I am eager to meet you!


French and mathematics teacher for more than 20 years