Eileen H.

Eileen is a Speech Language Pathologist with experience working in the education, healthcare, and private systems across Canada and the United States.

She enjoys working with children and adults with various backgrounds in-person and virtually. Eileen uses creativity when collaborating with families in order to achieve overall speech, language, and communication goals. She holds a special interest in providing services to remote communities and bringing a positive experience to families.

In addition to her MSc. in Speech-Language Pathology, Eileen’s advanced training includes Canadian Hemispheres Level 1-8 (Stroke Competency Series), MBS IMP Certification, SCERTS training, Hanen’s Learning Language and Loving It, and she is currently studying towards her Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy certification. She has taken additional coursework in the areas of trauma practices, neurological approaches for self-regulation, and articulation and language treatments.

In her spare time, Eileen enjoys a variety of hobbies, except needlepoint. She has tremendous respect for those who engage in needlepoint. She is a published author and holds a deep compassion for others and their journeys.

Eileen is a member of College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia (CSHBC), British Columbia Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists (BCASLPA), Speech-Language Audiology Canada (SAC), and is a Past member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).

Mikayla P.

Mikayla grew up and studied in Prince Edward Island, Canada. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and English. During this degree she took an Introduction to Education course as an elective; this is where her passion for education and teaching was born. She went on to complete a Bachelor of Education degree, specializing in Elementary, Indigenous, and International Education, also with UPEI. As a part of her Bachelor of Education degree she had the opportunity to travel to New Zealand to complete her practicum. This opened her eyes to new teaching methodologies and incorporating cultural awareness in the classroom. It also fostered a deep love of travel and openness to new experiences. Since 2018, Mikayla has taught in classrooms from K-9. She has experience with all subjects in the elementary curriculum, but her passion lies with literacy. This past year, Mikayla worked with students both in school and also after school as a tutor, with students who needed extra support in literacy. It was the favorite part of her day to meet with these students and build their confidence and skills in both reading and writing. Her approach is student centered, focusing on students strengths and interests. Her belief is that learning should be engaging, positive, and approachable. Mikayla loves teaching so much that she is constantly practicing at home teaching her dog, Gunner, lots of new tricks.

Akshata P.

Akshata is a passionate tutor and a dedicated learner of the above academic disciplines. Akshata is presently a university student in pursuit of an engineering degree at the University of British Columbia. Akshata has taught English, Math, General Sciences, and other subjects to students from first to university level for the last 2 years. Furthermore, she helps student find their academic goals through rigorous practice and skill-enhancing word problems. Akshata has worked for a non-profit organization in India called HelpAge India in the field of helping disadvantaged senior citizens with their involvement in the community through working with neighboring schools and the growth of digital awareness and education for senior citizens that would love to be closer to their friends and family.
Akshata would want to teach students that making small mistakes in solving word problems is a big component of the learning process and teach them that there is better development from students making the problems themselves and pushing them to the limits to find the best opportunity for them to not only learn from their mistake however possibly teach others in perseverance and find the right solution.
Akshata was a competitive swimmer in upper-year high school. Nowadays, she loves to swim, play badminton, table tennis, and other sports in her free time, hone her skills through new endeavors, and approach new environments. “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” is what she stands by.

Sarah M.

Sarah MacDonald is a Certified Elementary and Core French Teacher. She is borrowed by the mountains, but belongs to the ocean, as she grew up on the East Coast in Nova Scotia. Sarah graduated high school with French Immersion and her DELF French Proficiency Certificate. She went on to complete both her Bachelor of Kinesiology (‘18) and Bachelor of Education (‘20) at Acadia University.

Sarah has 3 full-time years of classroom teaching under her belt, with a wide range of grade levels and subjects taught. Most of her time has been spent teaching grade 6 (all subjects), and grades 4-9 core French. She has also taught junior high social studies, art, and health, as well as K-3 English Language Arts.

Sarah’s teaching experience goes beyond the four classroom walls. She is also a certified swim instructor, and spent the summer working for WETS Kelowna, and she teaches highland dance.

With this range of ages and abilities, Sarah recognizes that building relationships and ensuring students feel they play an active role in their learning is a major key to success. She understands each child learns differently and makes it a priority to engage learners in ways that make sense for them.

Sarah’s goal when tutoring is to foster personalized, one-on-one interactive and engaging lessons. She believes in developing a deep understanding rather than memorization, and often incorporates the student’s curiosity and interests to make learning more meaningful (and fun!).

In her spare time, Sarah loves to play and watch sports, explore the outdoors, and spend time with friends and family. She loves a good punchline, her cat, Rhubarb, and will never turn down a snack!

Keith R.

Keith Robinson is a professionally certified teacher with more than thirty years’ teaching experience. He grew up in Vancouver, where he developed a keen interest in marine biology. After earning a degree in Biology from UBC, he spent several years working on various research projects at sea, through the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo. In the mid-1980s, he decided to go into high school teaching, where he could share his love of science with young people. His teaching career has seen him engaged with students in high school laboratories in northern Canada, and more recently online. His repertoire includes all senior levels of Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Earth Science, and Junior Science.

During his teaching career, Keith’s expertise has been frequently sought by the Ministry of Education on matters related to curriculum, learning resources, and testing. And recently, Keith returned to university, earning his MSc at Royal Roads in Victoria.

No longer in the school lab, Keith Robinson continues to author online courses and to teach senior Chemistry part-time online, where he greatly enjoys connecting with students virtually and helping them achieve their goals. When he is not teaching, Keith can be found cycling and skating the ski trails around Kelowna. During down times, he reads a lot—mostly Tolkien, CS Lewis, Orwell, and Russian literature in translation.

Ravi S.

Ravi completed his Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Material Science from University of Saskatchewan. While at University, he also worked as a laboratory assistant for first year students teaching Mathematics & Physics. He continued at UofS as a Research Assistant in Nuclear materials and published several research articles. He then worked as a Mechanical Engineer at a reputed agricultural equipment company in Saskatchewan. Ravi moved to Kelowna, BC to start his new role as a Mechanical Engineer at an Electrical Vehicle component manufacturing company. He has experience teaching Mathematics to Grade 11 students. He is very passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge to those willing to learn. He enjoys spending time outdoors with family and loves exploring trails and hiking.

Malayna S.

Malayna is a Certified Teacher. She grew up in Campbell River, BC and moved to Edmonton, AB in 2011 where she completed an Undergraduate Degree in Arts; majoring in English and minoring in Psychology. After completing her first degree, Malayna continued with her post-secondary education and attained a Bachelor of Education degree. Malayna’s first full-time teaching gig was at an International Canadian Private School in Abu Dhabi, UAE where she taught grade 3 students from August 2019 up until she had to come home due to the pandemic in early March 2020. Malayna’s dream has always been to travel and teach all over the world. Malayna has also been a substitute teacher, respite worker, daycare supervisor, nanny, and worked with at-risk youth.

Malayna’s other greatest passion is the practice of meditation and mindfulness. She is a Certified Meditation Teacher and has taught meditation and mindfulness to many of her students. When she was teaching in Abu Dhabi, she started a schoolwide Mindfulness Committee where her and fellow colleagues taught and shared mindfulness and meditation techniques and practices with students at monthly assemblies. Furthermore, Malayna has a love for sports and physical activity and has coached many youth volleyball teams.

Malayna believes that by building a strong relationship with her students she is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning. She also believes in fostering each student’s overall wellness through a holistic approach. As a mentor, Malayna continues to develop strategies for working with children. She finds these experiences enjoyable and extremely rewarding. She sees herself not just as the teacher, but as a student as well; continuously learning and evolving alongside her students.

Malayna truly believes that engaging students using their curiosity, interests, and individual learning strategies is crucial in helping them gain the confidence they require to succeed. Malayna encourages her students’ learning through inquiry based learning and varied competencies. In her spare time, Malayna enjoys exploring her new home (Vernon) with her partner and their two miniature huskies Hinton and Jasper, as well as anything that gets her body moving! She is also a bit of a bookworm and enjoys exploring and deepening her spirituality. She hopes to be exactly the right support and guide for you and your family!

Harpreet S.

Harp is a certified teacher working with School District 22 in Vernon, BC. Outside of classroom teaching, she has gained educational experience by working as a private tutor and education assistant for sixteen years. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Simon Fraser University, she started to offer tutoring services in math and science subjects. Her goal is to make a difference in students learning in and outside of the classroom.
Harp is passionate about making learning fun and interesting. She finds it most fulfilling when students enjoy learning and find it meaningful. Her focus on structured instruction with purpose helps students understand the concepts with depth and clarity. She truly believes that every child can reach their potential, and a good tutor can nurture students’ curiosity to see things from multiple perspectives. Her supportive and caring approach helps students learn in many ways.
Harp understands that a healthy brain and body are crucial in effective learning and teaching. To maintain mental and physical health, she regularly plays racquet sports and spends a lot of time outdoors.


 Dr. Justina Marianayagam is a Pediatric Resident Physician at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC. She received her Doctor of Medicine (MD) at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and her Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences (French Immersion) at the University of Ottawa. She is fluently bilingual (French and English) and completed part of her undergraduate and medical degree in French. Dr. Marianayagam was awarded the Loran Scholarship in 2014, the largest leadership scholarship in Canada and through her time as a Loran Scholar has worked for a public health NGO in rural India, assessed a rare lung disease at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and worked to improve access to traditional Indigenous medicine in hospitals across the Northwest Territories. As she works towards becoming a Pediatrician, Dr. Marianayagam is passionate about supporting youth reach their full potential, especially in the North.

Zohreh K.

Zohreh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. While she was an undergrad student, she was the Robotic Team Leader of the Computer and Electrical Engineering Department of the university. So she taught several undergrad students how to build and program robots and to compete with other robotics groups at the national level! Also, she has five years of incredibly successful experience teaching math and science to students from all grades mostly secondary and high school students. She also was the math and statistics tutor at the learning center of Douglas College.

She always has been passionate about flourishing and empowering kids and youth. Zohreh sees teaching as a rewarding job specifically when it comes to witnessing her students’ progress. During these years of teaching in different settings and working with different age groups coming from various backgrounds, Zohreh has come to realize that every student has a unique learning difference so she always thrives to meet those needs by using various techniques in her class to make lessons more engaging for her pupils.

In her spare time, Zohreh loves to explore the beautiful nature of British Columbia along with her husband and her two kids. She also enjoys hiking, swimming and playing tennis with her family and friends as well as volunteering at Big sisters.