Alyssa is an Ontario Certified Primary/Junior and Intermediate Teacher. She completed her Undergraduate Degree at Wilfrid Laurier University as well as her Bachelor of Education at Nipissing University with a minor in English. Alyssa is a supply teacher with the school boards and has additional qualifications in Math Pt. 1 – she has worked with students with a range of learning styles and abilities.

Alyssa grew up with a deep love of teaching and she is very passionate about what she does. She highly encourages her students to participate in hands-on activities when learning new concepts. Alyssa finds that developing a positive relationship first is important and then learning will follow. Alyssa always tries to incorporate her student’s interests into lessons to create more meaningful and fun lessons. Her goal is to teach so that learning feels fun and that her students feel comfortable to make mistakes with her so that they can grow together as learners. In her spare time, Alyssa loves to stay active by playing sports or going to the gym.


Amy graduated in April of 2021 from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts and a Double Major in French and Philosophy, as well as a Minor in Italian and Cultural Studies. She is currently a teacher candidate at OISE/University of Toronto Master of Teaching program and will complete her Masters in 2023. Amy has worked with students of all ages in academic, athletic, and extracurricular environments. This past year she was given the opportunity to teach within the YCDSB as an elementary school teacher. It has provided her with much joy and valuable teaching experience. Her role required her to adapt accordingly, being able to time manage, organize efficiently, create a safe, fun, and educational space for her many students, and provide diversified methods of learning as every child retains knowledge at a different capacity. Amy can tutor French & Math at primary/junior levels as well as French, English, Philosophy and Italian to secondary levels. It is Amy’s goal to aid every child in the success of their learning. She strives to not only help students improve on an academic level but allow them to dig deeper and realize their capabilities.


Jordan is an Ontario Certified Teacher. He grew up in Sudbury, Ontario where he completed an Undergraduate Degree in English Literature as well as received a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Laurentian University. He then received a Master’s degree in New Media and Communication from McMaster University. Throughout his school experiences, Jordan realized how passionate he was about helping others achieve their goals. In his spare time, Jordan works one-on-one with children ranging from 6 years to high school. He has supported the improvement of their writing, reading, and vocabulary skills. Jordan believes in building a strong relationship with his student in order to help them achieve their academic goals as well as provide meaningful life skills that can be used outside of the classroom. As a mentor, Jordan continuously develops novel strategies for working with children and makes each experience rewarding and fun.


Kaisy is an Ontario Certified teacher with a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University specializing in Math, Science and Chemistry as her teachable subjects.

Kaisy is a supply teacher with the school boards and has extensive tutoring experience. Science and Mathematics are a passion that Kaisy enjoys sharing with her students and she loves to help others find a specific interest that inspires learning and provides a different view of the world. Kaisy believes that the specific methodology changes, but the enthusiasm for discovering new things in a way that works for each person is the same. She is continually motivated by the confidence each student gains after accomplishing a difficult task and is committed to helping students develop a love of learning based on their individual interests and specific abilities. Kaisy is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing and camping and she recently found her new all-time favourite – Bubble Tea!


Jennifer is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts at York University and a Bachelor of Education at Trent University. Jennifer grew up with a passion for music, drama, visual art, and swimming. She became a lifeguard and swimming instructor, where she discovered her passion for teaching and working with children. Jennifer’s experience teaching primary and junior grades has enabled her in supporting and building her students skills in; reading, writing, vocabulary, math skills and more. She believes that it is important to connect with her students, to better be able to understand their needs and interests. Learning should be fun and engaging for students to be successful. Jennifer helps students feel more confident as they are developing their skills, promote independent learning, and to create an engaging learning experience.


Kaveh started out with a Bachelor of Engineering from Ryerson University and began a career in mechanical engineering. He quickly discovered his real passion was for teaching while he was a tutor during his university program. Upon his graduation from Ryerson, he pursued a Masters of Science in Education at Medaille College, NY and will be an accredited Ontario teacher very soon.

Kaveh’s background in engineering has given him a strong foundation in mathematics and science and he is very familiar with the Ontario math curriculum through his many years of tutoring. Kaveh has been a professor at Centennial College and also Seneca College and he has tutored students from K-12 in mathematics, with a specialty in upper level math courses like Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vectors & Data Management. He also has an aptitude for Physics and can tutor G11 & G12 as well as 1st year university math & physics courses. Kaveh finds inspiration in all aspects of teaching and encouraging students to work to their best abilities – some of his students have pursued programs in Aerospace Engineering, Architecture and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.


Joe Schneider is an enthusiastic Ontario Certified Teacher currently working for the York Region District School Board. He grew up in a Spanish and English speaking household in Richmond Hill where he attended French immersion elementary and high school. Joe discovered his love for teaching and working with children while working as a counselor at an overnight summer camp. He spent many summers supporting his campers’ development and encouraging them to fully embrace their youth. Confident in his chosen career path, Joe then moved to Kingston, Ontario to attend Queen’s University for the Concurrent Education program. Through this degree program he gained invaluable experience teaching elementary and highschool aged students. Motivated by his love for reading, Joe focused his studies on teaching History and English at the high school level. Joe’s passion for stories led him to obtain a degree in Film in addition to his bachelor of education. Upon graduation, he was hired to teach Elementary School French for grades 4-8. It was through this experience that Joe rediscovered his love for languages. In his spare time, Joe has traveled through Asia, South America, and Europe. His ability to communicate abroad in English, French and Spanish gave him a deeper appreciation for the rich culture of each place he visited. Joe has continued to teach French for the past 5 years and has loved every moment. His teaching experiences have helped him develop unique teaching strategies to support each of his learners. Joe has experience tutoring French, History, Reading, and Writing for students ranging from grade 4 to University. Joe firmly believes in the importance of building relationships with his students. His love of books, movies, comics, and video games have helped him develop deeper connections to his students and establish a positive learning environment that adds to their overall learning experience. Most importantly, Joe has found all of his teaching experiences to be extremely fulfilling.


Simon Corcia is just finishing up his teaching degree from Nipissing University so he has spent the last year and a half living about three and a half hours north of Toronto in North Bay. He speaks basic Russian alongside English and has completed an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto with a major in History and Minors in Political Sciences and Classical Civilizations. He is to be certified to teach intermediate/senior divisions (Grade 7-12) with teachables in History and General Social Sciences. Besides reading and writing for fun, Simon enjoys cooking, gaming, and baking. Hopefully, through tutoring and learning together, Simon can find the right recipes to ensure the success of students.


Leslie has a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, specializing in Financial Analysis and Risk Management. She has extensive experience in tutoring high school mathematics and university level calculus. Leslie has been a peer tutor since high school, and recently moved to tutoring professionally. She is looking to pursue a Bachelor of Education to combine her expertise in math and her love of teaching. She strongly believes in a student-centric, goal-oriented learning environment that focuses on a positive and encouraging attitude

Prior to pursuing education, Leslie gathered a lot of experience working in finance throughout her co-ops and internships. She has worked in the technology, manufacturing, and insurance industry doing a variety of financial analyst roles. In her free time, Leslie enjoys reading and sports. Her favourite activities right now are figure skating and yoga.


I have worked in various capacities in Primary/ Junior Education for the past seven years, teaching in English, Core French and French Immersion settings. Most recently, I filled a Long-Term Occasional (LTO) role as a Virtual Grade 2 French Immersion Classroom Teacher, using Google Classroom Apps to create engaging and inclusive lessons.
As a French Immersion public school graduate, I went on to pursue my passion for the language, receiving a major in French studies at Trent University in 2013. Upon achieving my Bachelors of Education at Queen’s University, I completed French as a Second Language Part I Additional Qualification (AQ) in 2014, equipping me with tools, resources and strategies to provide high quality learning opportunities both in Core and French Immersion settings. I had the privilege of working as a Core French Teacher in Ontario for six months and a Grade 1 French Immersion Teacher in Australia for three years, where I consolidated my knowledge of, and enjoyment for teaching French as a second language. I then went on to teach multiple Grades in the United Kingdom for two years, working primarily as a Classroom Teacher for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

My approach to language learning is a focus first on speaking and listening, then to consolidate these skills through reading and writing activities. I use songs, games, stories, physical activities, and short videos to create meaningful and engaging lessons, ensuring the material is targeted to my student’s zone of proximal development. When teaching Math, my strategy is to teach strong foundational knowledge in place value/ numeracy to use as a launching point for other strands in the Mathematics curriculum. I encourage the use of manipulatives (counters, hundreds charts, bar models etc..) and visuals to consolidate mathematical skills. Last year, I introduced “Outdoor Math” to my Grade 2 class, and adapted my lesson to an at-home, outdoor environment, for example, place value counting with sticks and stones.

I understand that the past two years have been extremely challenging for both students and families; my objective is to help close the gap through quality teaching/ learning and strong communication with families. I look forward to supporting my students and their families in achieving their educational goals.