Alessia is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She grew up in Markham, and an Undergraduate Degree in Dance Education at York University. As well, she completed a Post Graduate Masters Degree in Language, Culture and Teaching. Alessia has completed a Bachelor of Education at York University with intermediate and senior qualifications in Dance, Family Studies, Drama, English as a Second Language and Special Education. In her spare time Alessia works one-on-one with children ranging from 6 years through high school helping them achieve academic success. She has supported the improvement of their reading, writing, vocabulary and early math skills. Alessia believes that by building a strong relationship with her students she is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning. As a mentor Alessia continues to develop strategies for working with children. She finds these experiences enjoyable and extremely rewarding.




Nishanth is currently employed as a Software Engineer. He graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor’s of Engineering. He is extremely passionate about math and science and is always eager to expand his knowledge in these subjects. Nishanth gained experience in mentoring students during his time as a volunteer at the IgniteCS Initiative at McMaster University.

An avid Formula 1 enthusiast, Nishanth thoroughly enjoys delving into the intricate technical details of both the engineering and the sport itself. Beyond his academic and professional interests, he nurtures a love for travel, seeking out new experiences and destinations to broaden his horizons.


Luke is a certified teacher who has over 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience. He specializes in both elementary and secondary English and through his years of teaching is able to support students in a variety of subjects. Luke has taught Business, Civics, History, Geography, and General Social Studies. He is also proficient in supporting English language learners and students with special education needs. Luke is a patient and encouraging educator with superb curriculum knowledge.

Sally M.

Sally Mastromonaco is an experienced educator of 25 years. With a specialization in English, Reading Strategies, and Special Education, she has dedicated her career to fostering a love of learning in students from grades 6 to 12. Sally’s journey in education began during her high school years in Amherstburg, ON, where she worked at the local library and discovered her deep affinity for teaching. This early experience fueled her desire to pursue a career in education. After completing her Masters’s degree in English Literature, she moved to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to embark on her teaching journey. Known for her ability to create a positive and engaging learning environment, Sally prioritizes mutual respect and active student participation in her classrooms. She believes in empowering her students to become confident learners and critical thinkers. Beyond the classroom, Sally leads a fulfilling personal life as a proud soccer mother to her 16-year-old son. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga, taking leisurely walks with her pug companion, Max, and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Muskoka region.
Sally Mastromonaco’s commitment to education and her students, combined with her diverse skill set and nurturing approach, make her a highly respected and influential figure in the field of education.


Husna is an Ontario Certified Teacher with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from York University and she received a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University with qualifications in the Primary and Junior divisions.  Currently, she is working as a Supply Teacher for the York Region District School Board. It has given her the opportunity to develop skills and gain experience working with students in Kindergarten to Grade 8.
Husna is a dedicated individual who aims to create a safe and positive environment that supports student learning. She believes that forming a strong connection with your student is necessary to be a good teacher. It is Husna’s goal to get to know students’ backgrounds and identify their unique learning needs.
In her spare time, Husna enjoys movies, music, life with family and friends, and absolutely anything related to food. Caffeine is a big part of her life and helps to maintain her sunny personality.


Meet Ms. Kirsten Baird, an accomplished and dedicated educator with over 20 years of invaluable experience in the field of teaching. Kirsten’s passion for education and her unique teaching methods have made her an exceptional mentor for countless students throughout her career. Kirsten is an Ontario Certified Teacher and has a Bachelor of Education from The University of South Carolina.

With a strong foundation in music, Kirsten brings a vibrant and creative energy to her students. She firmly believes in the power of the arts to enhance the learning experience, no matter the subject. Kirsten’s students feel valued and respected, creating a safe space where they can thrive academically and emotionally.

Kirsten is fond of teaching students how to read. She understands that reading is the gateway to knowledge and empowers her students to become confident readers and critical thinkers. Through personalized instruction, engaging activities, and a wide range of reading materials, she ignites a lifelong love for books in her students.

Ms. Kirsten Baird is an experienced teacher who excels in cultivating relationships. As a devoted wife and mother, Kirsten understands the importance of family and strives to make a positive impact on the lives of her students and their families. Through her dedication and expertise, she continues to shape the lives of her students, fostering a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom.


Ram is an Ontario Certified Teacher. Born and raised in Markham, he moved to Waterloo for 5 years to earn his Bachelor of Arts in English. In one of his co-op placements in this program, he served as an English tutor at Sheridan college, and this made him realize the field of education was the perfect fit for him. Since then, Ram earned his Master of Teaching from the University of Toronto, and is beginning his career as a teacher. In his spare time, he is a fan of sports, fiction novels, and music.


Alfiya is an Ontario Certified Teacher with over 8 years of teaching experience both overseas and in Canada. She graduated at the University of Toronto in Neuroscience and Psychology, which equipped her with a unique understanding of cognition and motivation.

She has taught students from K-12 for the past 8 years and has diverse experience in teaching ESL students, students with exceptionalities, as well as various subjects such as Primary division all subjects, English to grade 12 and Math to grade 8.

Alfiya’s passion and mission is to guide students to understand concepts in a fun and simple way, to develop and challenge their independent and critical thinking skills, and to draw meaningful connections to themselves and the society. She has a genuine interests in her students’ success and knows that they all have the ability to achieve excellence

Committed to life-long learning and a growth mindset, it is her goal to instill the same values to her students.


Madona is both an Ontario Certified Teacher and Manitoba Certified Teacher. She grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was born in Cairo, Egypt. She did her Undergrad at the University of Winnipeg completing her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). She also received her Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) at the University of Winnipeg. Her teaching specialty areas are in the Early and Middle Years. Madona taught in Winnipeg for three years from kindergarten to grade eight, teaching students with various learning capabilities. She also tutored students in various grades and subjects such as Literacy, Numeracy, Writing, Social Studies, and Science. Madona also speaks Arabic as a second language and knows some basic French. She likes to make learning enjoyable and encourages the students to ask questions and not to be afraid to make mistakes. In her spare time, Madona likes to solve jigsaw puzzles.

Fun Fact: Madona loves coffee and chocolate!



Heather is an Ontario Certified Teacher with over 30 years of experience in public education. She has taught all grades from K-8, Special Education and has supported Multi-Language Learners.

Throughout her years of teaching, Heather has learned how important it is to recognize the individual learning styles of each student. She believes that it is imperative that learning be meaningful, and that students learn best when they can make personal connections to what is being taught to them. She believes in nurturing the whole child, utilizing their strengths and interests to support their areas of need.

Heather loves to travel, read, walk, spend time with friends and family, and practice yoga. She enjoys singing and playing the guitar, and has been seen in many classrooms with her guitar, singing songs that help students remember their times-tables, the life cycle of a plant and even long division! New songs, can be written on request!