Johnson moved from China to Canada in 2019 and can communicate in Mandarin and English. His educational journey was unique: from middle school in China to high school in Canada, from a public school to a boarding community, he is now studying life sciences at McGill University. His passion for teaching sprung out of leading his physics class when the teacher was away. He enjoyed delivering knowledge and seeing the smiles on the students’ faces. Ever since that day, he can often be found in the library or common room helping people out with math and science questions.
Johnson has also worked in a summer camp, instructing canoeing and camping skills. During his previous tutoring experiences, he has worked extensively with students from grades 9-12, teaching high school math and science. He passionately believes in the value of confidence and encouragement, and he loves having casual conversations with his students outside of class. As a result, he often becomes close friends with students, although his age may be the main contributing factor. Johnson feels honoured to accompany his students on their learning and witness them shaping their own educational journeys.



Anastasia holds a Honours Bachelor of Arts, in Psychology, and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education at York University. Her interest in Psychology was developmental studies, specifically in child development. She has always felt her passion was to be a teacher from a young age, forcing her siblings to play “teacher”. Her goal is to build a strong, hands-on academic experience in the Primary/Junior division. When not focusing on her studies or work, you can find Anastasia on the beach, somewhere abroad, or in the gym! She is dedicated in being part of evolving education, ensuring all students reach their fullest potential! Fun fact, Anastasia is bilingual in French.



Kaisy is an Ontario Certified teacher with a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University specializing in Math, Science and Chemistry as her teachable subjects.

Kaisy is a supply teacher with the school boards and has extensive tutoring experience. Science and Mathematics are a passion that Kaisy enjoys sharing with her students and she loves to help others find a specific interest that inspires learning and provides a different view of the world. Kaisy believes that the specific methodology changes, but the enthusiasm for discovering new things in a way that works for each person is the same. She is continually motivated by the confidence each student gains after accomplishing a difficult task and is committed to helping students develop a love of learning based on their individual interests and specific abilities. Kaisy is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing and camping and she recently found her new all-time favourite – Bubble Tea!



Nadia was a Montessori teacher (AMI trained) for over 35 years. She taught at the Casa level as well as Grade 1-2. She spent the last 8 years teaching Core French from the Casa level to Grade 3 at a local private school. Nadia is trained in the Orton-Gillingham Methodology and is currently tutoring students with this approach. She is passionate about Literacy and enjoys seeing the reading success of her students. Nadia also tutors adult Japanese ESL students online in Business English.

Her love of travel had her teaching ESL in Argentina and her students ranged from 10 to 70 years young! She spends time in Cuba with friends when time and resources permit. Nadia speaks French, Italian and some Spanish. When not tutoring, she enjoys spending time with her family and her dog. Gardening, hiking and reading are her favourite pastimes.


Abir is an international teacher and native French speaker.  She holds a Masters in Molecular Biology and a Bachelors degree in Medical Biotech and has had more than 6 years teaching experience at the Lycée Francais in Jeddah where she taught High School Biology & French.  It was while she was overseas teaching that she discovered her passion for teaching and working with children. She is currently pursuing her teaching degree in Ontario at the University of Ontario Francais and will be an Ontario Certified teacher very soon.   Abir loves teaching French using a conversational approach, engaging activities and workshops. During the summer months she runs a Science Camp that encourages children to learn about science using interactive and hands-on experiences.  As a tutor, Abir works one/one with students of all ages and helps them improve their reading/writing, vocabulary and math skills.  She believes that by building strong relationships with her students, she is better able to meet their needs and help them develop a love of learning.


Steven is a teacher candidate at Nipissing University – he will finish his program spring 2024 and will be an Ontario certified teacher, qualified to teach Primary/Junior students. Steven attained his undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he majored in criminology, and minored in English. He has worked as a private tutor for over five years including teaching overseas in Taiwan where he expanded his teaching methodologies and curriculum knowledge.

Stephen specializes in math, languages, and art for primary/junior grades – and very much enjoys learning new teaching techniques & using them to enhance his student’s knowledge. Steven is a native English speaker and is working towards developing his Greek and French language skills. As a teacher, Steven’s goal is to stay engaged and keep in the loop when working with his students, build solid rapport,and make connections as an educator. He strives to create meaningful, authentic, and practical learning opportunities for students to develop problem-solving strategies, and grow into critical and independent learners and thinkers. For this teacher, there’s always more to know and grow, with no room left for giving up!


Tiffany M.

Tiffany is a passionate OCT certified teacher, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Toronto. She is currently in her final year at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, working towards her Master in Teaching.

Tiffany prioritizes building strong, trusting relationships with her students to cultivate an inclusive, caring, and safe learning environment. She tailors her teaching approach to address the unique needs of each student and is committed to challenging them to facilitate their growth and development.

In her free time, you can find Tiffany exploring nature trails with her pup Milo and discovering charming hidden cafes throughout the GTA.




Brianna is an Ontario Certified Teacher pursuing her Master of Teaching degree at the University of Toronto. Since high school, she has fostered her love for math, and hence completed her bachelor’s degree in mathematics/business administration at the University of Waterloo. In her teaching placements, Brianna discovered her passion for teaching Math as she worked with students from different backgrounds and grades. She describes teaching as a rewarding career and finds great joy when her students make progress. During her spare time, Brianna works with students in grade 7-12 to help them build their mathematical skills. She is also fluent in Mandarin and is able to communicate with ELL students or parents who are more comfortable speaking Mandarin.



Zahra, an Ontario Certified Teacher, is a dynamic educator who seamlessly blends her passion for Math and English with creativity and innovation. Having completed her double major in Math and English at York University, followed by a Master of Teaching at OISE, University of Toronto, Zahra has honed her expertise in crafting engaging learning experiences. During a recent teaching practicum, she showcased her inventive teaching approach by designing a unique unit assignment for grade 9 Math students. Instead of sticking to the traditional testing strategy, Zahra introduced a creative project where students demonstrated their Math skills and learning through captivating activities such as Math magic and a codebreaker assignment. Zahra is dedicated to cultivating positive connections with her students by working collaboratively to help them reach their academic goals. Her enthusiasm for creating a kind and resourceful learning environment shines through as she infuses joy into lessons, making the educational journey both enriching and exciting. Zahra achieves this by offering students engaging and meaningful assignments, ensuring that each learning experience is not only educational but also enjoyable. Beyond the classroom, Zahra channels her energy into her passions for art and cooking, embodying a holistic and vibrant approach to education.



Anette graduated in June of 2021 from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts- Honours Psychology with a Research-Intensive Specialization and a minor in Social Development Studies. She is currently a Teacher Candidate at OISE/University of Toronto Master of Child Study and Education program and will complete her Master’s in April 2024. Anette has experience teaching K-6 both in the public school board and independent school. Her practice focuses on building students’ relationships through celebrating their strengths. Anette’s teaching approach can be encapsulated by three words- care, compassion, and respect. Anette values differentiated learning and utilizes Universal Design for Learning to help students succeed. She enjoys making learning fun for all through games and discussions. Anette strives to not only help students be successful academically but also help them be confident in being who they are.

Anette spent her childhood in Hong Kong where she attended elementary and middle school. Having this unique experience allowed her to critically compare the education system in both countries and pick out things that she liked about each system. Her teaching philosophy has a healthy balance of Eastern and Western teaching approaches.

In her spare time Anette enjoys reading and exercising as it fosters both physical and mental health. Anette is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.