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The Advantages of Summer Learning

Summer is almost here and we’re excited! As the weather improves (finally!) and the days get longer, we are all less focused on schoolwork. However, it’s worth the time to consider how we might use summer downtime to polish academic skills and prepare for next year.   

Signs Your Child Could Benefit from Summer Tutoring 

  • Decrease in progress and attainment on their most recent report card
  • Decrease in motivation toward learning
  • Your child did not get enough one-to-one support for specific skills like reading, writing, math, or executive functioning during the academic year
  • Your child showed signs of boredom this year and is in need of a challenge, enrichment, and mentoring

The Advantages of Summer Learning 

Outside of the constraints of the school day and a jammed extra-curricular schedule, summertime is an opportune time for learning.  Here are some of the many benefits of summer tutoring.

  • Close learning gaps by practicing and reinforcing content from the previous year
  • Get a head start for September through enrichment and previewing key topics for next year
  • Practice and fine-tune essential executive functioning skills such as note-taking and organization
  • Explore subject areas of interest and engage in project-based, and outdoor learning – without deadlines or due dates!
  • Create some structure and add a routine to your summer plans
  • Get one-on-one attention to boost individual skills and regain academic motivation

 The Advantages of Summer Learning for High School Students

  • Complete summer assignments and preview topics for AP and other advanced classes
  • Write your college essays!
  • Prepare and take the SAT or ACT