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The Benefits of Standardized Test Prep

Standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, SSAT and ISEE are not IQ tests but tests of acquired skills.  These skills can be acquired and refined through practice and test prep.  Aside from high scores on these tests, standardized test prep has other benefits, including: 

  • Students learn about planning, focused practice, and goal setting
  • Test prep not only requires students to master content, but also to develop and execute a plan for such mastery
  • Leads to executive functioning development in time management, organization, and persistence, plus metacognition (thinking about how you learn and how to better learn)
  • Test prep teaches students to work in an efficient and measurable way against a deadline; a skill vital for those headed to college or into the workforce
  • Students learn to become active instead of passive actors in their educational journey
  • Students learn that hard work pays off and that they are the master of their own destiny.  This is also known as Growth Mindset 
  • Test Prep teaches discipline and emotional resilience