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Tips For Transitioning Back To Online Learning

With the rise of Omicron cases across the country, it’s possible many schools may be
transitioning to either 100% online learning or a hybrid model, at least for the foreseeable future.
The good news is (a) this will hopefully be a temporary measure with an end date in sight and
(b) since we’ve been through this before, it’s not a complete unknown. Parents and kids are far
more prepared to deal with the daily challenges.
We recognize that the transition will be more difficult for some students than others, especially if
those students didn’t thrive in the online learning environment previously.
We have a few suggestions on how to make that transition easier.

1) Find out how the daily and/or weekly schedule in your school district will work. Will you
be alternating in-person and online days? Or will you have in-person classes for one
portion of the day and online classes for the other portion?
2) Once you learn your school schedule, write it out on a whiteboard or large calendar so
everyone in the family knows where they should be each day.
3) Involve your kids in creating the weekly schedule so they have some control over the

1. If you’ve dismantled your child’s home workspace because they’ve been attending
school in person, now is the time to set it up again. Try to find a space that is away from
the television, other family members (if possible) and any other distractions. Involve
them in the process so the workspace feels like their own.
2. Set up a daily schedule including time for mini-breaks throughout the day.
3. Re-familiarize them with any programs/software they will use for school work and exams.

1. Stay in contact with their educators. Maintaining communication can help parents
monitor their child’s progress and keep students informed about virtual/in-class learning
plans. By staying up to date, you can support your child and prepare them for whatever
the next step in their education will be.
2. Hire a tutor: On top of planning and teaching classes, teachers are in many cases
responsible for ensuring a safe classroom environment. Teaching and support staff,
already stretched thin before the pandemic, are not always in a position to offer extra
help. Whether your child needs tools and resources to adapt to online learning again, or
to fill in knowledge gaps, a Prep Academy tutor can help.