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What is Test-Optional?

Students can now opt-out of standardized testing.  Many colleges (and the list is growing) are now test-optional or test-blind.   

Test-optional means colleges allow applicants to decide whether to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of their application. It doesn’t mean that schools aren’t interested in seeing an applicant’s test scores, but if a student doesn’t submit their scores, it won’t be counted against them in the application review. Many colleges implement a test-optional policy.  

Test-blind means colleges will not consider an applicant’s test scores even if they are submitted.  Test-blind or test-free policies are much less common than test-optional policies. 

When determining whether to submit scores, students will generally be advised to submit their scores if such scores land within a particular school’s middle 50% range of test scores. Click here to read more about the middle 50% range.