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Academic Tutoring

New York and Connecticut state curriculum standards are the goals of education and are maintained by all of our tutors. Academic tutoring is the corner-stone of our business. Prep Academy Tutors is proud to offer curriculum-based remediation and enrichment services in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Our tutors work with your child’s school curriculum in multiple ways including to fill in gaps in their knowledge, revisit challenging subject matter, cover material before it’s taught, and provide students with the tools to better understand and more confidently approach all subject matter. 

Tutoring can also be an enriching experience for students looking to learn more or get ahead. Prep Academy Tutors offers unique enrichment programs including Financial Literacy, Public Speaking and STEM to help students challenge themselves academically. Click here to view our calendar of upcoming programs.  Private group programs are also available.  

Prep Academy Tutors provides at-home and online tutoring in Westchester and Fairfield Counties in the following settings:

  •  One-on-one tutoring: By bringing education into your home, our tutors build confidence with a customized education plan that is unique to your student. Our tutors create a safe and empowering educational environment where students can learn at their own pace. 
  • Semi-private tutoring: in this setting, students benefit from working together and learning from each other. Semi-private tutoring is most effective when your child and a friend or sibling are at a similar learning stage. 
  • Group tutoring: Prep Academy Tutors offers group tutoring in Westchester and Fairfield Counties for groups of 3-6 students. While group tutoring does not provide the same personalization as one-on-one tutoring, it makes up for this with the energy, camaraderie and collaboration that comes with group learning.