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Understanding Education & Mental Health During COVID-19 in Manitoba

May 28th, 2020

Education has changed considerably since the presence of COVID-19 and the need for social distancing first caused schools across Manitoba (and most of North America) to close in mid-March. The future of educational institutions is changing every day as new information leads governments to react accordingly.  The unfortunate reality is that these closures and subsequent […]

Winnipeg Is Encouraging Home Learning This Summer

May 21st, 2020

COVID-19 has changed education as we know it, as the virus has caused schools around the world to close down as a precautionary measure. Like the rest of Canada’s provinces, Manitoba has also closed down schools to help flatten the curve and encourage students to maintain social distancing.  The reality is that, while the closing […]

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Prep Academy Tutors is Open For Business in Manitoba

May 15th, 2020

Prep Academy Tutors is excited to announce that we have joined forces with new partners, Suzi and Kyle Friesen, to offer private tutoring services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Suzi and Kyle will provide students and families with exceptional tutors in-home or online in the heart of Canada — the prairies of Manitoba. The need […]

Tips for Getting Your Child Ready for Online Tutoring

April 2nd, 2020

With the right tools and resources, online tutoring can provide your child with the tools they need to keep up with their peers, get ahead, and reach academic success. Learn how you can set your child up for online tutoring with Prep Academy Tutors:

Why Calgary Parents Should Get Their Children Extra Help with English

December 28th, 2019

If you live in Calgary and have children in the public school system, there is a good chance you have already heard about the recent government cuts that will be hitting the Calgary Board of Education starting in 2020.   Many teachers have already warned that these cuts could have a negative effect on the […]

The 4 Habits All Successful Students Share

December 21st, 2019

The way we learn new information and skills may have changed significantly over the past twenty years, but no matter how many new technological tools we acquire, basic study skills are still a central part of education at all levels. Consistently, the most effective students — the ones able to rapidly master new disciplines and […]